Hoping for the best…

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We seem to be back up again.  We’re working on the problems, which are quite stubborn.  At the moment, comments are disabled, but posting appears to be working normally.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: We’ve enabled comments.  As of this moment (Tuesday at 11:20 am), things seem to be working normally.  Let’s see what happens…

FURTHER UPDATE: OK, it appears that not quite everything is normal.  Specifically, user posts are not visible in the usual right sidebar.  You can actually post, we just can’t see the link.  If you want to post, please do so and let us know, either by emailing us (blue at bluemassgroup dot com) or posting a comment here.  We can then front-page, which I think should work and should allow everyone to see the post.


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  1. Test comment


  2. BMG flight check....

    Read enabled… — check

    Comments enabled…. — check

    Snark enabled…

    Testing: “is this what life is going to be like with legalized marijuana? — check


    Testing: #!#^@#S@# The Donald! — check


    Testing: “Won’t someone think of the children!?!?!” — check


    implacable tincture of anti-dystopian — yet somehow transitive– loquacity in epistolary manner. –Check.

    Flaps –check

    BMG flight 2017 you are cleared for take-off…

  3. "We are here, we are here!"

    Excellent. So it begins (again!)

  4. It was Putin, wasn't it...


  5. I'm glad you're back!

    We need you, especially this month!
    One of the things about venerable websites, and BMG is one of the most venerable, is that they become crufty and sclerotic over time. Check out this page speed test result, and this one. Time for some radical spring cleaning!

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