The Affluenza President.

Trump attorney Sheri A. Dillon said that Trump ”should not be expected to destroy the company he built” when asked if he was going to put his investments, his assets, into a blind trust.  Ms. Dillon wants us to believe that doing so would destroy it, without telling us why or how.  We are simply to accept the spin that without his control, or the control of his hand picked people and his sons, his empire of hotels and golf courses would be destroyed.  I’ve been to a few hotels and golf courses and it’s difficult for me to understand how they can be destroyed if put in a simple blind trust.  But there is the alleged size of this company, and I say alleged because Trump has still refused to offer any proof of what he has, what he owes, and all the strings attached.  The argument seems to be that this is such an huge fortune, it would be unfair to ask Trump to risk losing it…….unfair?

I am a man of limited means. I have a small number of investments, like many people my age, somewhere under a million dollars.  It’s all the money that I have worked my entire life to save up.  It’s my one and only nest egg.  However, if I were being sworn in to office instead of Trump on Friday the 20th, I would be expected to put those investments in a blind trust, and I would do so without hesitation because all those ahead of me did so and so should I.  That would be fair.  And besides, I would  not be putting it in undue peril.   It would be in a blind trust, with a person or persons who were professionals in this area.  Even if disaster struck and they lost it all, I would still have what I was able to save on my $400K a year (plus expenses) president’s salary and a lifetime pension of over $200K a year.

Is Trump attorney Sheri A. Dillon telling us that Trump could not afford to live on $400K a year and  a lifetime pension of over $200K a year?  I mean, that would be his fate if in fact his empire was destroyed.  Is there ANY American who could not afford to live on $400K a year and  a lifetime pension of over $200K a year?  Is it unfair to ask Trump to live on this amount of money?

I doubt that attorney Dillon is trying to make that case.  Instead, she and the Trump people are trying to tell us that this is SO much money, things need to be different.  Trump is SO wealthy, so used to privilege, so accustomed to the finer things in life that it would be an undue hardship for him to even consider losing it.

John May loses everything and it’s no big deal.  He can manage.  Donald Trump loses everything that somehow that is different.   I’ve worked hard all my life for what I have.  Trump says he worked hard for what he has.

So tell me, Attorney Dillion, why is he being held to a different set of rules than me?    You say it’s because of the amount of his wealth.

The last time I heard someone make this argument, the argument that people living in extreme wealth and privilege need to be coddled with a different set of rules, was when Ethan Couch received to 10 years’ probation for DUI, killing four pedestrians and injuring 11.    We all know how that turned out.

Americans knew that this was an unfair ruling.  Americans know that the special treatment Trump is receiving because of his alleged wealth is equally unfair.

Americans may have different political views, but we all believe in fairness.  Remind your Republican friends about this and ask them if wealthy people like Donald Trump and Ethan Couch deserve a different set of rules. Ask them if they think that’s fair.

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  1. One problem with your concern, John:

    Trump has said that he will not be taking the presidential salary.)))(as two other presidents who also did not: Hoover and JFK)

    • "Trump has said . . . "

      Those are three words that make the rest of the sentence meaningless.
      On the other hand, Trump did work against the Russians at the UN a few weeks ago. And worked with someone who boasted of having secret US government information.
      I’m less skeptical than I was that the Russians have their hooks in Trump, but I suspect that the Russians aren’t the only ones.

    • He should take the salary.

      I don’t want us to get used to the idea that Presidents can work for free because that could lead to only voting for rich people who will save us money.

      • Agreed.

        He works for us. The salary may help remind him of that, and just might help him feel an obligation to do what’s in the interest of his employer.

        • When you think about it,

          aside from his television job as a reality TV character, this man has never had a job. Apart from that, he’s spent his life gambling/speculating with his daddy’s money.

    • Also, there's still the conflict issue.

      That money should not be available to him during his presidency.

  2. Okay, but even still, he'd be eligible for the $200K a year pension.

    He claims to be worth $3.7 Billion. Let’s say he lost 99.9% of that in a blind trust. That would leave him with a bit more than $3,500,000 plus a nice pension. Is there any American who could not retire well on that?

    Again, I ask my Republican friends: Do you favor different laws for rich people like Donald Trump and Ethan Couch?

  3. If Trump is so concerned about destroying his companies by putting them

    in a blind trust, then why did he run for the presidency? He or his lawyers knew that placing business holdings in a blind trust was not only the long-accepted practice in assuming the presidency, but it may well be a legal requirement of the office.

    Trump likes to say he made sacrifices by working hard to earn his money. If so, he should be willing to make the sacrifice required of being president, which is that he temporarily give up control of his money. He can’t have it both ways.

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