A limerick is a humorous poem consisting of five lines.

Kind of an “Old School” Tweet.


I was inspired today.



Our so called president tweets

His actions help to defeat

Any mention that he

Could possibly be

More than ignorance, slime, and deceit.



Our so called presidents friend

Steve Bannon is trying to send

A message that he

In reality

Has his hand up the president’s end.



Our so called president’s ties

Are too long for a man of his size

But they help cover up

The size of his gut

And that little thing between his thighs.


Our so called presidents Ms Conway

Is upset that she can’t have her way

Press and Media won’t buy

Her deception and lies

Alternative Facts and Hearsay




Our so called president’s claim

Regarding the swamp he would drain

Just another big lie

From a dishonest guy

Selling out is the name of his game



Our so called president’s school

Had policies that were deemed cruel

Out of court he agreed

To pay for misdeeds

Those who still trust him are fools.

Our so called President was brief

A Blind Trust would give him relief

From emoluments clauses

And financial pauses

He’s lying, and should be impeached.



Our so called President‘s Wall

Will be miles long and ten feet tall

That is all that we know

And it’s all just a show

And we’re going to pay for it all.

Our so called presidents tone

Towards judges whom he won’t condone

Show he has no command

Of the laws of the of our land

It’s an Oval Office and not a throne.

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  1. Today's Entry

    Our so called president’s DeVos
    Education Czar, That’s how it goes
    Her qualifications?
    Huge Campaign Donations!
    A cabinet seat is bestowed.

  2. Did you write these?

    If so, nice job. I’ve been wondering where johnt001 has been hiding. He was good with limericks.

  3. I don't tweet.

    Donald Trump is a stone cold sexist
    the rest of him is old racist
    he says what he thinks
    but what he thinks stinks
    his thoughts are of the basest

    Kelly Ann Conway has an alternate fact
    to make a new form of attack
    neither clue nor idea
    other than fear and to smear
    Which makes her a true GOP hack.

    Sean Spicers tongue has gone numb
    From lying while being so dumb
    up really is down
    frowned the pallid spokesclown
    who can’t tell when he’s swallowed his gum

    Steve Bannon would be quite ridiculous
    even with a fashion more meticulous
    if not for the wars
    he’s steering us towards
    for his own perverted stimulus.

    Steve Bannon has snakes crawling under his skin
    serpents writhing and curling within
    eaten up with hate from inside
    freighted with weight to divide
    and become Trumps venom, and sin

  4. Let's all clap for Donald!

    Our so called president viciousness
    Paranoia and explosive wickedness
    Has one notable physician
    Bring forth the decision
    That Donald’s infected with syphilis

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