Bob Massie may jump into 2018 race for Governor

From long-time BMGer Bob Massie‘s Facebook page:

So: it is true, I am considering a run for governor of Massachusetts. What do you think?

Both our democracy and our planet stand at the most dangerous moments in our history; we need to hold the line against the ravages of Trumpism and then set our course for the bold transformation in our politics and economy that the moment demands. The current governor, Charlie Baker, has dawdled on many key issues. Recently he chose not to attend or comment on the Women’s March, not go to the airport to protest the Muslim ban, and not to appear at the massive demonstration in Copley Square in defense of our constitutional rights. He cannot and will not stand up to Donald Trump, which is completely out of line with the past history and current temperament of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Trump’s cabinet and cuts are going to harm many poor, working class, and middle class people here and yet today they have no advocate in our corner office. We need to build a comprehensive movement of rebellion and renewal in this state, and a race for governor could form one part of a strong collective push for economic justice and climate sanity. Do you think we could work together to create a different future?

So far, Jay Gonzalez is in for sure, and Setti Warren seems all but declared.  Dan Wolf?  Others?


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  1. Bob Massie has an amazing story

    Mr. Massie has accomplished a long list of amazing things in various fields. And hey, he just might empathize with the importance of health care, seeing as he has had all of the following: HIV, Hepatitis C, hemophilia, and an organ transplant (the latter curing two of the former).

    Around here we seem to be focused on relationship with the legislature, perhaps given the details of relationships of the past few governors. I have no idea how Mr. Massie would get along. I also don’t know how much that matters when compared to other important qualities and characteristics of our governor.

  2. Amazing Orator

    I was a big supporter of Massie when he ran for Senate, before Warren jumped in. Massie was an excellent orator when he gave his speech at the state convention, and literally got everyone on their feet. We need not just someone who is Progressive, but can communicate a progressive message effectively to the public. Bob Massie is that candidate.

  3. 2011 Convention Speech

    This is such a great speech. You should watch it!

  4. Good news

    The more the merrier!

  5. He's also an Episcopalian priest

    Being a member of the clergy used to be a stepping stone to office in the early days of the Commonwealth, and it’s still common in the African American and Latino communities in Chicago though not as common here. We will need plenty of faith based opponents to Trumpism in the years ahead, and I hope he touches on that perspective as well.

  6. Per PoliticoMA this morning...

    …Rep. Geoff Diehl, a prominent Trump supporter, is considering challenging Senator Warren. At least a state rep would be more respectable opposition than Curt Schilling IMO.

    • Not sure

      A forgettable guys whose main accomplishment was sending campaign leaflets out through schools?

      sabutai   @   Mon 13 Feb 7:40 PM
      • I'm not saying he would be a strong candidate.

        That remains to be seen. My only point was that a state legislator makes a lot more sense as a senatorial candidate than a retired MLB pitcher.

  7. Diehl's quite popular with the GOP grassroots

    As the only elected official to stick with Trump. His State Senate bid was unsuccessful but that’s also a Brockton heavy district. It’ll be a good test case to see how popular a Trumpist agenda truly is.

  8. Please Dan Wolf

    A businessman who understands life outside Route 128. If we can find a campaign manager who understands door-to-door (I’m sick of “grassroots”) campaigning, we can start to restore this party in Massachusetts.

    sabutai   @   Mon 13 Feb 7:41 PM
  9. Thrilled to see Massie back

    When Bob addressed the Convention during his Senate run, I was in the front row prepared to take a few pics. I knew him as an immensely thoughful, low-key conversationalist. I was not prepared for the roof-raising speech he delivered. Most inspiring thing I heard all day.

    As has been noted: a terrific life-story, impeccable progressive credentials, genuine business smarts, and an ability to both bring a crowd to its feet and, on the retail level, to make you feel like the most important person around one-on-one. Don’t underestimate him–he’s the complete package, and in an era in which “authenticity” is is key, he shines.

    I was sad to see him drop out when Warren jumped in, though it was obviously the right move. I would have loved to have seen the two of them debate, not to see any fireworks, but to see two really smart people discuss the issues.

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