Can Someone Tell Me Why We Should Care About Evan Falchuk? I Don’t Get It

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the guy’s a self-promoter.


I’m open to opposing opinions.

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  1. Wow Ernie, This Is a Great Post

    Iwish I could recommend it

    eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Wed 15 Feb 10:16 PM
  2. Um, cash?

    That he’ll now share?

  3. Upon further consideration

    We should care about this point he makes in his op-ed.

    First, third parties are not the answer. The time to act is too short, the stakes too high, and the rules too skewed, for a third party to lead this fight. Still, we must keep fighting for economic security, protected civil liberties, and fiscal responsibility.

    • We Need Evan Falchuk To Tell Us This?

      Gather round folks. Evans gonna tell how good Tom Brady is.

      eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Thu 16 Feb 3:49 PM
      • But he speaks from the perspective...

        …of having been a third party candidate for Governor and having attempted to get said party permanent status. So this is the voice of experience, which as far as I know he doesn’t have when it comes to Tom Brady or anything related to the Patriots or the NFL.

      • Not us

        But maybe Jill Stein et al.

        • His discussion with Nader is pretty good

          Disclosure that I’m a former employee and current friend of Mr. Falchuk:

          From WBUR yesterday.

          I think the most consistent criticism we got both during the campaign and enrollment drive was was “why don’t you join the Democratic party and advocate for reforms from inside it rather than build something new?”. We are all taking this invitation to heart now and I appreciate the welcome.

          Evan inviting Ralph Nader to be a Democrat and pointing out Clinton isn’t “just as evil” as Trump were personal highlights. This doesn’t mean the Democrats are perfect-frankly my hope is that we can create and join existing vehicles to push progressive primary candidates locally and an inclusive populism nationally.

      • Yeah, we already have someone to tell us things we don't need to know. . .

        although, if Evan can spell, he might be an upgrade.

      • It's useful that

        The person who tried the hardest to create a third party in my living memory, then decided it was actually a terrible idea.

        Now I can just link this article to every self-described progressive who says what we really need is just a new party.

        Also, self promoter or not, Falchuk’s efforts on the Olympics helped save the city and state from a serious mess that would have cost billions. (Obviously, a lot of other people deserve a whole lot of credit, too, but darned if Falchuk didn’t cause the Mayor’s Olympic efforts some bad news days, at the least.)

  4. It's also the Sanders effect

    Independents and outsiders who felt unwelcome in the Democratic Party were our primary supporters. They mostly supported Bernie and then split between Clinton and third parties for the general. That campaign showed them that their voices could be heard from within the Democratic Party and the spoiler effect, particularly in swing states, showed them that Stein or Johnson aren’t viable vehicles to oppose Trump going forward. There was some risk to this and harsh feedback-but I’m excited about the energy and commitment these volunteers are gonna give to some great local candidates.

  5. I don't know much about Evan Falchuk,

    but I’m glad to have another person on board. We need all the help we can get.

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