Caucus climate – 2017

Odd number years are generally sleepy times at a party caucus. I am an annual participant at these events in Arlington, when anyone with the audacity to show up would be rewarded with the opportunity to pay $75 to spend a pleasant summer day in some distant arena, leaving several seats unclaimed.

Until this year.

At Arlington’s caucus yesterday (Saturday, February 11), we had 98 people in attendance, lots of new faces, and a contested race for our 37 delegate seats. We broke out the paper ballots, and spent the entire moning and an hour into the afternoon awarding delegates and alternates with an opportunity to make the coveted trip to Lowell.

It should be a fun time in Lowell this year! Lots of energy, lots of passion for progressive ideals, and the chance of energizing meaningful change in the elections of 2018.


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  1. Did anything in particular drive attendance, do you think?

    The only caucus I’ve attended so far was pretty typical for an off year. I trust the Arlington DTC made and kept copies of the sign-in sheets in order to capture contact info and keep them involved?

    • Of course

      We have a database of the folks who showed up, and we will work to keep them involved!
      We had a mix of new folks, many want to have a voice in crafting a more progressive Democratic platform at the convention.

      • Hoping to see information shortly...

        …regarding the platform drafting process. Last time there were hearings throughout the state chaired by various DSC members, myself included, to which Dem voters were invited to give input. I hope we use that model again and will post info when it’s available. Meantime, I really hope the state party shares with local committees the contact info for add-on delegates. I have advocated that every year I’ve been on the DSC, but I don’t think it has been happening:(

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