Five Republicans Are Looking at Virginia Senate Seat

Do they know something we don’t? When I heard Laura Ingraham was thinking of running, I assumed someone was whispering in her ear, hoping she’d run to tie up Kaine from raising money for other races.

But now the field seems pretty large for a challenge to an incumbent.

“It’s something [Fiorina is] taking a very strong look at,” a Virginia GOP operative told Politico before the election. “She’s not just name ID, she’s got serious definition. People have seen her, they know what she can do.”

Reps. Rob Wittman Dave Brat and Barbara Comstock, former Gov. Jim Gilmore and state Del. James Massie are all considered possible candidates. Conservative pundit Laura Ingraham has also expressed interest.


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  2. Why not?

    The VA GOP is still a strong party and VA was considered a mostly red state not all that long ago. Plus, it took longer than it should have on election night to call VA for the ticket that included Kaine so maybe they are sensing a weakness.

  3. Jim Gilmore!

    Hasn’t won an election in 18 years. Run Jim run!

    Wittman isn’t enough of a crazy conservative to win a statewide GOP nominating contest in Virginia. As for Brat & Comstock, their 2018 re-elections are going to be a real question mark, so I can see why they’d be looking for better things to do.

  4. What they know

    There’s going to be lots of money pumped into this election, so win or lose this is literally an opportunity for both fame and/or fortune.

    If they follow the election returns they also know that anything is possible. So, win-win.

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