Flynn resigns

amid Russian election blackmail corruption.

The question remains :  What did Trump know and when did he know it ?

Fred  Rich  LaRiccia


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  1. Not just Mr. Flynn

    It appears that the intelligence community has transcripts of at least one call showing that Mr. Flynn lied to Mr. Pence. Current reporting suggests that knowledge of what was actually discussed might extend to other transition officials:

    The current and former officials said that although they believed that Pence was misled about the contents of Flynn’s communications with the Russian ambassador, they couldn’t rule out that Flynn was acting with the knowledge of others in the transition.

    This is a dangerously dishonest administration. The question is what, if anything, our government will do about it. My gut says “absolutely nothing”.

    • Wrong question, right answer

      The right question is what will the people do about it? And I hope the answer is continuing to put pressure on the weak kneed Democrats to hold the line while simultaneously registering millions of new voters and running thousands of new candidates across the country at every level of government. The stakes are too high for the people to stay home.

      • "The people" are irrelevant right now

        The next step is up to the GOP, especially in the house. “The people” have little or no ability to change any votes of anybody in the House or Senate. Sure — if those millions of new voters thousands of new candidates materialize early in the 2018 campaign season, maybe.

        Today, our elected representatives are the only vehicle for handling this.

        I agree with where you’re going. My point, though, is that two years is an eternity at the pace things are coming apart right now.

        • See my other thread

          I’m with you in this far deeper than you may realize. Suffice to say that midterm is going to be the last best chance we have to save democracy itself in this country.

          • "Midterms" coming sooner than you think.

            Rachel Maddow pointed out tonight that Tom Price’s seat is now open due to his HHS appointment and mentioned there will be likely at least a couple others to open up this way. She was incredulous that the DCCC doesn’t seem all that interested in contesting this seat. Yes, it’s been solidly GOP for some time, but Trump won the district by only 1.5%. I’ve long been an advocate for contesting every seat even without the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in. Certainly now of all times we should try everywhere.

            • Josh Marshall has a good write up in these races

              The Price seat and Montana at large if Zinke is confirmed. And you know these are by-elections ;)

            • Yes

              Strongly agreed. I hate to continually bash them but getting the national party to start taking this down ticket stuff more seriously and urgently is so critical.

              I get more enamored with groups like Sister District Project and groups that organize direct donations. I can’t say that I’ve felt giving to the national party a valuable exercise or use of funds for ordinary folks.

              No claim that local parties/candidates are perfect but I’ve long believed they are generally a better use of what funds I do have.

              Its seems like working around the national party on these points is the best short term strategy until those with better connections can whack their heads enough to wake them up!

  2. Plausible deniability

    There’s no particular reason to assume that Pence was misled by Flynn. It’s also possible that they both decided to deny that Flynn had discussed sanctions, not knowing that there would be a leak.
    Once their story proved to be false, Flynn could not plausibly deny that he had discussed sanctions with the Russians. But unless there is a similar transcript of the conversation between Flynn and Pence, the latter can plausibly deny that he was informed about it.

    • Worse than that

      The administration was told about this, and showed transcripts, a month ago. They did nothing. As multiple sources have pointed out, Mr. Flynn — for all his faults — has thirty years of experience in the military and knew he was about to be named as national security adviser. It is inconceivable that he didn’t know that his December telephone conversation with Mr. Putin would be monitored.

      The evidence points towards Mr. Flynn following orders. Mr. Pence was kept in the dark by design, and I suspect with his knowledge.

      This approach of this administration towards security is absolutely appalling (just look at the fiasco with the N. Korea missile development during Mr. Trump’s dinner with Mr. Abe).

      • After some things I heard tonight...

        …I’m just about ready to start an impeachment dragnet. I know in the minority we can’t force it, but there need to be a few designated House Dems who talk about nothing else and create public demand. My top candidates for this treatment are Flynn, Comey, and yes, maybe even Trump himself.

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