VIDEO: McConnell demands Sen. Warren’s silence on Sessions

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Just Sen. Warren read from Coretta Scott King’s blistering 1986 letter opposing Jeff Sessions’ nomination as a federal judge.

Well, that was too hot for rabid power-monger and Destroyer of Democracy Mitch McConnell. This is sickening:

Having been found by McConnell in violation of the rules impugning the character of another member, she will apparently not be allowed to speak any further on Sessions’ nomination.

Do they think they can shut her up? Or any of the rest of us?


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  1. Own goal.

    A huge one by McConnell.

  2. "It's a tradition not to attack another Senator"

    Tell that to Sen. Summer ;)

  3. *Tell that to Sen. Sumner


  4. #redcard

    Sen. Warren said this evening sometime tonight before/after the video she posted reading the letter written by Coretta Scott King, that she was “red carded.”

    Does anyone have an image of the Senate “red card” I want to make and wear one if possible. The symbolism of a red card censoring intelligent, historic, relevant remarks with the backdrop of the Kremlin and the advent of Valentines Day. We are surely living in the Gaslighting States of America.


    to all those Fascist deniers in the progressive community this is further proof of its insidious corruption of our democracy.

    Fred Rich LaRiccia

  6. This is bad on so many levels....

    …for the Republicans. The image is now of a man telling a woman to sit down and be quiet, of a (sort of) southern white man telling a black woman, wife of a civil rights icon no less, that her words on this subject aren’t appropriate, of the Senate basically saying you can’t say anything negative about another Senator. (It’s not as if the letter were personal, hateful, or slanderous.) On the upside for Warren, it probably puts the controversy over her Carson vote in the rearview mirror, not to mention elevating her status even further among the left.

    • We now have a flock of albatrosses.

      to hang on the necks of the many Republicans who are running for office in 2018, most notably Charlie Baker. As bad as this stuff is, it is also political gold. Let’s not waste it.

      Senator Warren did not impugn his character, she revealed his character.

      And this action reveals the character of the Republicans, EVERY Republican, from my local state senator Richard Ross, to Governor Baker and whomever this racist group decides to run against Senator Warren in 2018.

      All of them. All of them.

  7. It burns

    Oh, poor Republicans Senators – does the truth burn you like vampires in sunlight?


    because the attack came from a con puke House member during the State of the Union address.

    Fred Rich LaRiccia

  9. A Gross Misapplication of the Rule

    Rule 19 is designed to prevent ad hominem attacks. “Senator Smith is a corrupt idiot and only supports this bill because he is on the take,” is the sort of thing Rule 19 is intended to discourage.

    In this instance, Warren was speaking about Sessions in his capacity as the nominee for Attorney General. It defies logic that a Senator should not be allowed to discuss his qualifications. It is a gross misapplication of the rule.

  10. Be careful what we wish for

    I appreciate the “albatross” argument. That only works in an America that has a functioning political system with actual elections and actual checks and balances.

    My concern here is that our current GOP and President has made it VERY clear that they are perfectly happy to impose tyranny on the rest of us.

    The reality is that Ms. Warren was silenced in the Senate. The terrifying order about immigrants is still in limbo — there is precious little evidence to indicate that anyone other than Democrats will do anything if the appeals court rules against the administration and the administration simply ignores that ruling.

    It appears to me that we are watching American democracy crumble just as surely as we watched the 9/11 towers collapse.


    when progressives start fighting this existential evil we’ll restore our democracy and moral leadership in the world.

    Fred Rich LaRiccia

  12. Can somebody explain this to me?

    I’ve heard from several sources today that a few other Senators, notably of the male variety, DID manage to read the CSK letter on the Senate floor without being called to order today. How are the rules different for them? Was it just a matter of McConnell not being on the floor to notice, or a different part of the legislative day? Sure the GOP at least pretends to have a better excuse than it’s OK for a man to read this letter, but not a woman?!

  13. I had a text only post about this...

    …and since this is now up it’s OK if it doesn’t get promoted, but I bring it up as an excuse to mention that I have found another way to see all posts during this period of technical difficulty. If you go to the archives drop menu on the right of the front page under the recommended list and click on this month, it will show all diaries which have been submitted. This includes my own aforementioned diary.

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