Senator Warren shut down by US Senate!

In terms of outrages this ranks right up there.  Within the past hour Senator Warren was participating in the Democratic talk-a-thon against the nomination of colleague Jeff Sessions for Attorney General when she read from a letter written by Coretta Scott King in which Mrs. King opposed Sessions’ previous nomination for a federal judgeship.  My understanding is that Warren was reading the letter from the Congressional Record since the letter was entered into the Record during the deliberations over the previous judicial nomination.  Senator McConnell decided he did not want to hear it and so interrupted Warren to raise a point of order based on Rule 19, accusing Warren of impugning the motives of a Senator, which said rule forbids.  The presiding Senator ruled that Warren had in fact violated the rule, which Warren promptly appealed and requested leave to continue.  McConnell objected and it was put to a vote which went against Warren.  Our Senator is now barred from speaking further on this matter.  Apparently, material in the Congressional Record is off limits on the floor of the Senate!

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Wed 29 Mar 3:23 AM