Tonight’s Inaugural Metrowest Stammtisch **POSTPONED**

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Hi fellowBMGers,

I was planning to host the first Metrowest BMG Stammtisch tonight (at Battle Road Brew House in Maynard), however, the Maynard DTC, of which I am a member, is meeting at the same time – it was postponed from last Thursday due to snow.  I am hoping to reschedule for one week from today – Wed. Feb. 22nd @ 7pm.  I know JohnTMay expressed an interest, so I’d like a show of hands to see who else would be likely to attend next Wednesday.  Thanks!


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  2. ditto

    Posted mainly to promote. That said, I am curious about your town.

    Incidentally are you a Maynard lifer or a transplant?

    It seems to have a lot of things on my millennial checklist:

    -Walkable downtown with a strong local businesses
    -Good schools
    -A local cinema with art, foreign, classic films
    -Microbrew in a restored industrial space
    -And the houses are wicked cheap

    What is the thing I’m missing for why it’s overlooked and the houses are cheap? An Amityville Horror? I know Woburn its b/c of the water, but whats the hidden factor in Maynard?

  3. I can make the 22nd.

    Thanks for the update!

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