Trump purge of critics begins

Trump’s billionaire Wall Street flak, Stephen Feinberg, is going to be his personal emissary to purge all critics from the intelligence community.

Jason Chaffetz, Chair of the House Oversight Committee, is investigating media whistleblowers on Trump corruption, NOT Trump’s Russiangate.

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  1. I have mixed feelings

    I still think, given the history of our intelligence agencies, that Trump’s mistrust of them is the best thing about him.

    However, he has shot his credibility here. A better idea would be a bipartisan commission with some teeth.

  2. You should be leery of IC purges

    David Frum has astutely pointed out that the Cold War (and presumably GWOT) gave the President great powers to reorganize the national security establishment from the executive without having to go through Congress. He can fire all the agency heads that are conducting this investigation and replace hen with lackeys with little oversight. What little oversight we have comes from the House and Senate Intel committees who meet in secret, and their GOP chairs seem very uninterested in pursuing this matter.

    Jim I get the legitimate rissues you and others on the left have with the IC, but far from reigning it in, Trump could easily make it a personal police force and not one that owes its only allegiance to the true security of the state. And our President may very well be an internal threat to that.

    • Yes

      But every president comes to view the IC as their personal toy, I think.

      That’s why our Congress should step in. But they won’t because they’re a bunch of useless toadies.

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