Climate Mobilization April 29: Bus tickets from Boston area available

Just a quick note: The People’s Climate Mobilization is happening in DC on 4/29. 350Mass and other local orgs are getting buses (probably the lowest-carbon way to get there) from a number of places around Greater Boston. They’re on the red-eye schedule — leaving Friday night, getting there early Saturday morning; leaving DC Saturday night, getting back early Sunday am. (For me, that actually works perfectly.)

The word on locations, from an email from 350Mass’s Emily Kirkland:

Current drop-off / pick-up locations: based on ticket sales, it’s looking like Alewife, Franklin Village, Worcester, somewhere on the North Shore, Brookline, JP, downtown Boston, and possibly somewhere on the South Shore. No matter what, we will try to set up pick-ups and drop-offs that are reasonably convenient for almost everyone! More soon.

(I’ll be on an Alewife bus.)

Today is the last day you can get a ticket for $85. After today it goes up to $110.

Look, there’s a lot happening every day, as our government seems to be crumbling around us. But look at Trump’s proposed budget: The EPA suffers absolutely the worst cuts of anyone. And I’m afraid that because the EPA handles long-term, de-personalized risks and crises, that the current political juice of the Indivisibles, etc., will not rescue it from GOP devastation. But they deserve support, because they save lives and health too — very effectively!

We need political mobilization. We need bodies. We need voices and phone calls and signs and energy and all that. Please come to the march. Get your ticket.


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  3. It occurs to me ...

    I don’t even know who the climate leaders are in our caucus, in the way I know that Warren leads on taking on banks, and Ron Wyden leads on privacy. I’m not sure what that says.

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