HEADLINE: State Prison Boss Harry Spence (Trial Court Boss) Allows Inmates (Hacks) To Take Over Prison (Suffolk Registry of Probate) So, With Help of Boston Globe, He Can Kill (Remove) The Prison Warden (Registrar Felix Arroyo)

Note to Felix, this time it’s class with a heaping dose of subtle, quiet, unspoken  racism. You know, racism.

Remember your predecessor? She was  a member of the unwashed and she had no fairy godfathers and she was a tad cray cray. Gave the dinks in the nice offices in Government Plaza the opportunity to get their hands in the probate clerk’s office. Now they’re after you.

You’re not cray cray Felix, so they can’t exploit that. But you are not white and you come from the hood and… well you might as well be Irish but then all the Irish couldn’t assume the worst of you because of subconscious internal racism. And this is a numbers game.

Two in a row. Point made.”we can’t have an elected official with a face and a name in charge, Home Depots can’t run efficiently if the store manager is responsible to the customers and not headquarters”

But… what Harry Spence and the Globe don’t tell the public is Harry has the power to help Felix get the staff in line. In fact, because of the power structure of the court system Felix can’t easily move his staff around and/or remove them. Without support from above they have all sorts of ways to screw their boss Felix. They have zero loyalty to him. They were hired buy one of his predecessors and they believe they are there for life.

Where was the help Harry?

Harry manipulates the power he has to undermined chief clerk magistrates and elected officials. He can’t 100% control them and that makes him mad.

You Felix, like 99% of us, are beneath the likes of Harry Spence and his ilk who believe the court system should be run like Jiffy Lubes. Oil changes, I mean court cases, are all the same. One size fits all. Efficiency my boy, efficiency.

I’m with you Felix. Spence and the Globe know they can kill you easier than the average white schmuck because of racism.

(it’s sort of like this but different – Felix isn’t crazy but Harry – Fred McMurray – made this happen.)


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  1. I'm with Felix

    the registrar not the cat.

    eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Fri 17 Mar 12:47 PM
  2. Great scene

    “I’m a lot drunker than you are, so it will be a fair fight.”

  3. How does one get noticed?


    eb3-fka-ernie-boch-iii   @   Fri 17 Mar 7:23 PM

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