Platform Convention update

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The state party has determined that the platform convention on June 3rd may last longer than we will be allowed to stay in the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, so the decision has been made to relocate to the DCU Center in Worcester Рsame date.  Lowell will host the Democratic Campaign Institute in January of 2018.

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  1. Here is information...

    …about hosting a platform hearing.

  2. Lord love a duck

    Can’t we just limit the number of platform updates?

    • You mean amendments from the floor?

      There is a process in place requiring delegate signatures and such, but people are going to want to be heard.

      • Yes

        Whatever is making the process. I can certainly imagine that people want to be heard, but if it means moving the venue, that’s quite something.

        • It is something

          This is a specific case of the state Democratic party working extra hard to ensure that the rank and file get their chance to raise their voices.

          State Democratic partymen and partywomen — thank you. You just added 2-3 hours of my day (extra travel time plus added time at the convention), but it’s worth it.

          Put another way — imagine if the state party said “Well, we don’t want to go through the hassle of moving the site, so I guess we’ll just limit the ability of our membership to change the platform!” That would not be better, I can assure you.

  3. DCU is a larger venue as well

    From what I’ve seen & heard, there’s been a big surge in non-nominating year caucus attendance. Having the convention in a bigger venue is another side benefit of moving from Lowell.

    • Seats to fill is finite though.

      While maybe some communities are having an easier time filling their slots (though that has yet to happen at caucuses I have personally attended), we’ve known all along how many potential delegates there are. Plus Tsongas has always had plenty of room to spare.

  4. Platform changes?

    Are there any significant platform changes being proposed, that anyone has heard?

    sabutai   @   Tue 14 Mar 1:18 PM
    • Process hasn't really started yet.

      The link I provided has information about holding hearings, which will be publicized next week. If there is a lot of sentiment for a change that arises from these that will likely be included in the final draft.

      • Hopefully

        Last time there was a major change, it wasn’t bottom-up. Hopefully this time will be different. Good luck to those holding hearings.

        sabutai   @   Tue 14 Mar 1:58 PM
  5. shrewsbury st

    If you drive in from Boston take Rt 9 till you go over Lake Quinsig and at the top of the hill take Shrewsbury st toward downtown. Check out Funky Murphys, a great place to eat.


    Exact times and locations still TBD, but hearings have been scheduled around the state.

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