Trump-Russia Links in a Graph

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I would embed this if I could.


Since we are certain we do not yet have all the actors and connections, we really cannot draw any conclusions. Still, there may be some utility in the exercise, and the data can be updated as new information becomes available — as it has, nearly every day.


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  1. Сделайте Америку отличной снова

    Без текста.

  2. For your convenience

    Known or possible links between Team Trump, Russia

  3. It's a good start, but this is a very tame

    graphic. Here’s some context missing from the lines and the Russia circles:

    1. Kislyak thought to be a spymaster as well as a diplomat.
    2. Russian business may not synonymous with Russian mafia, but it’s pretty close. The Russian government enables both.
    3. The Russian energy sector is heavily mobbed up.
    4. The Russian mob is acutally the Eurasian mob. “Members” come from countries that were previously part of the USSR. Religion is not divisive. Semyon Mogilevich is the biggest boss, and he’s Jewish. The Russian mob has typical organized crime enterprises like drugs and human trafficking, but it also has significant investments in energy and arms dealing. Mogilevich married a Hungarian and purchased the entire Hungarian armaments industry.
    5. Paul Manafort has strong ties to the Ukraine’s pro-Russia faction. His wife is Ukrainian. He tried to do an $800 million deal with a Russian mobster.
    6. Donald Trump was close to Felix Sater, a Russian mobster whose father is an underboss for the Russian “boss of all bosses” Semyon Mogilevich. Sater had a business card that said he was a senior advisor to Donald Trump. Sater did time for stabbing a commodities broker in the face with a broken margarita glass. Sater ran a pump-and-dump stock scheme out of Trump tower. He was indicted, fled the U.S., and later made a deal with the FBI and CIA. In exchange for information, he avoided prosecution.
    7. As far as anyone can tell, Carter Page is a nobody who has been trying to make big deals in Russia and failing. He tries passing himself off as a Russia expert, but until his association with Trump, he was a complete nobody.

    Trump’s involvement in Russia goes back to attempted business deals in the 1980s. In the 1990s, he had a lot of friends in the Russian mafia living in Trump Tower. In his last bankruptcy, American banks were extremely reticent to loan him money, and he found a revenue source in Russia.


    why should our Allies believe we would protect them ?

    Fred Rich LaRiccia

  5. Good to see the Trump organization isn't neglecting China

    China swiftly approves nearly 40 new Trump trademarks, including hotels and escort services

    China’s Trademark Office published the 38 preliminary approvals on Feb. 27 and on Monday, after already registering one Trump construction trademark earlier in February. The office approved applications for hotels, golf clubs, shops, real estate companies, restaurants and even bodyguard and escort services, according to public records. They will be formally approved after 90 days unless there are official objections.

    • Less than meets the eye, though

      According to sources like the Washington Post, these are “defensive” trademarks.

      China uses a “first-to-file” trademark registration process, and that results in widespread “trademark-squatting” like these. The purpose of these trademarks is to prevent other entities from using the Trump brand without authorization.

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