Which community is your best political fit?

While searching to see if there were already quizzes about MA politics as JConway suggested in another thread, I ran across this interesting one which asks just a few questions to determine which community you would most likely find like-minded people.  I thought it would be interesting if folks tried it and put there results in the comments.  I suggest putting the first ranked community in the title of the comment and the second to fifth ranked in the body.  I’ll do mine as the first comment to make this post visible.


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  1. Monterey...

    …followed by Shutesbury, Truro, West Tisbury, and Ashfield.

    I also tried NH and VA since I am familiar with those states and have done political work therein. My top choice for NH was Lyme and for VA was Richmond. I thought my NH choice would be more like Nashua and I am very surprised that no NOVA community made the top 5 in VA.

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