Who are the Corporate Sponsors of the St. Patrick’s Parade?

I think it would be a great idea to have all sponsors on record. I’m willing to make some phone calls.

The vote was 9 – 4, from the Allied War Veterans Council so far the Globe reported that Ed Flynn voted Yes, it would be interesting to know.

Asked what he thought was driving the decision of the nine members who voted against including the gay veterans group, Walsh said, “I hate to say this, it’s discrimination, that’s all I can say, it’s discrimination…this is so wrong what happened here.

Enough already.


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  1. It will be interesting to see whether . . .

    . . . the controversy affects the St Patrick’s Day breakfast.

  2. CNBC Ryan Ruggiero had the list of Sponsors so far that are going to of have pulled out

    Ryan Ruggiero’s twitter
    S. Boston Stop and Shop
    Dedham Savings Bank

    • No luck in getting a sponsor listing ...

      Usually you at least see a flyer. Ryan Ruggiero’s twitter has been a good source. Teamsters Local 25 is dropping out as well.

      It’s a least got them back at the table, an emergency vote has been schedule.

      This is such an embarrassment. Don’t forget, this council put OutVets at the end of the parade last year, away from the other veterans. It’s a shameful display by the group.

  3. The Allied War Veterans Council

    making it shameful to be Irish for six decades!

  4. Strange

    I thought gay participation in the parade had become more or less normalized. This is a strange step backward — or maybe Trumpward?


    When a legitimate thought is about to occur ; in this case — honoring ALL our veteran heroes equally— the Trumpist mind ( such that it is ) will shut the whole thing down.

    I say this both as a Gold Star brother and a proud member of the LGBT community.

    Fred Rich LaRiccia
    Bay State Stonewall Democrats
    Board of Directors

  6. CNN picks it up



    Yesterday, the parade sponsors reversed course and announced they would allow OUTVETS to march.

    General George Washington, who gave us the Purple Heart to honor those patriots wounded in battle, was right : “The United States gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance.”

    Fred Rich LaRiccia
    Bay State Stonewall Democrats
    Board of Directors

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