Cosmetic Moves That (Might) Matter: Nunes Recuses Himself, Bannon off NSC


Better. (Or just cosmetic? I don’t know. Either way I’ll take it.)

A few months ago, I would have said this was KellyAnne Conway, making Trump understand that symbolism matters, and these are small concessions to make (yes they couldn’t tell Nunes directly, but White Houses have pull). Now … I don’t know. Trump himself maybe? KAC seems off her game lately.

But again … I’ll take it. Any thoughts?

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    Technically they’re tied with Baltimore, who beat a much better team in their first two games, but still. Only 160 games left.

  2. I'll take it

    The Bannon thing was definitely not something he consented to and should be viewed as a demotion. The Nunes thing is proof that the GOP leadership probably iced him in private while supporting him in public. I think Trump is outsourcing a lot of his foreign policy to Kushner, Kelly and McMaster which should be disconcerting. Tillerson and Matthis seem totally irrelevant and sidelined.

    Trump still has his core base but current polls appear to show he has lost the confidence of the swing voters who defected to him. I have yet to see any done on a state by state basis, but this shows that Democrats have an opportunity to go on offense to offer alternative policies that can put the GOP on the economic defensive. Expanding Medicare and a Jobs Corps would be my top priorities and there may be enough GOP votes for that to land on Trumps desk.

    • I agree with JConway.

      Nothing to see really. Could it matter later? Maybe. It prevents Ryan and the GOP from taking more hits on HPSCI, but that’s about it.

      Nunes is/will be under investigation for releasing classified information.

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