Taking a Closer Look at North Korea

I found this interesting, from the Guardian.

There is widespread belief in the US that North Korea is so hard to deal with because Kim is insane; John McCain, for example, recently called him “this crazy fat kid that’s running North Korea”. But there is a simpler, and more convincing explanation for Pyongyang’s behavior – and one that Trump, a firm believer in brinksmanship, should understand: it makes strategic and economic sense for North Korea to act this way.

The details make North Korea sound less insane, but more thuggish, and definitely still dangerous.

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  1. I'm expecting a postal order

    Video would be better, but here’s the text.

  2. More on North Korea

    Getting a bit scary.

    China has warned that “conflict could break out at any moment” as tension over North Korea increases.

    But don’t worry, President Obama is a master at de-escalating — oh shit.

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