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Dear Beacon Hill,

Say it again: If you're gonna raise taxes at all, make sure we see a result. Make the public notice what it's paying for. Used to be that politicians cared about every pothole; our legislature seems to be content with leaving them everywhere. Don't rest easy, legislators -- even reputed progressives: We blame you. -- Charley. Bumped. - promoted by Bob_Neer

We Break from Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

I am Batman!

Post hoc ergo propter hoc. --Charley - promoted by david

Legislative Misconceptions on Transportation

To quote Ryan's pithy bottom line: "Roughly speaking, if 50% of constituents think leadership's plan isn't enough and the other 50% are against raising taxes one damn nickel, 100% are against leadership's plan." - promoted by david

Ladies and Gentlemen, we really do have a primary

Progressive ideas and priorities for this coming session

An excellent exercise. - promoted by david

Why the Herald-esque posts aren’t helping us

The Fiscal Cliff: Another Manufactured Crisis begins anew.

Hey, look over there! It's not the decisive re-election of Barack Obama we should be discussing, it's the fiscal cliff! - promoted by Bob_Neer

Obama up 1 in Florida Marist poll, yet Suffolk abandons state

Today’s Podcast: Scott Brown’s Record w/Progress Mass