A male white working class suburban voter over the age of 40 who thinks Donald Trump couldn't look more like a con man if he was holding a bottle of snake oil in one hand and dealing out a game of three-card monte with the other.

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It’s Just My Opinion, But You’re Wrong

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

Who's smarmier - our current President of former FBI agent John Connolly? - promoted by hesterprynne

Let ICE Do It and Show Us The Money

Trump Takes First Actions, Forgets To Help Americans: The 1st Few Days

Popularity, Propaganda, and the President

Two Stories of Abuse; Two Perceptions; Too Many Similarities

The Ongoing Fight For Fair Voting Laws

Voting rights ... State legislatures ... Hmmmm ... - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Taking The President-Elect Seriously, Not Literally

On Spin, Reading Beyond The Headlines, and Keeping An Open Mind