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There’s still time to help elect Jason Lewis!

About those cancellation notices

Obviously, this is all anecdotal, but it's still worth reading. The bigger point, I think, is this: does the GOP want to run against a crappy website, or against what the Affordable Care Act is actually doing? Because the website is going to get fixed. - promoted by david

Why I support Carl Sciortino for Congress

Let the testimonials commence! Is Carl your candidate? If not, who is? - promoted by david

If We’re Going to Talk About Money in MA-5, Let’s Be Honest

Analysis?! Heaven forfend! Thanks for a great post. - promoted by Bob_Neer

In CD-5, Vote Your Aspirations

Good advice. So, which of the candidates best lines up with your aspirations? Why? - promoted by david

Rob Eno Wants to Drive on Unsafe Roads Because AMERICA

Next stop: TYRANNY!! - promoted by david

DEADLINE FRIDAY: Tell DPH to protect my health, not Pharma profits

Let’s Take a Look at Richard Tisei’s Record

What I’m hearing on the doors

The candidates, press and moderator need to hear this message loud and clear. Bad sign: the moderator is David Gregory, confirmed DC Villager, who has never lived in Massachusetts, to the best of my knowledge. Someone explain to me why we need a ringer from DC? - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

We Need to Defend the ACA

You're right. We do. It's far from perfect, but it's a lot better than the alternative. - promoted by david