Born in Detroit; self-employed attorney specializing in appellate law, family law, and child welfare law. Mother of two complex special needs children. Published poet.

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Welcome back BMG – and by the way, Boston is holding it’s own Inauguration for the Republic in Dewey Square 1/20/17

I hereby invite the Ghosts of Christmas Past to visit the legislature of Scrooge-A-Chusetts and Gov. Scrooge Baker

Imagine -- adequate mental health treatment instead of *prison*. Ought to be a moral and fiscal slam dunk, right? - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Would you like to shed light and air onto Pres-elect Trump’s finances? Read the “how to” in this post

Energy Transfer Partners – the “parent” of the DAPL pipeline says it will ignore the Army Corps of Engineers failure to grant an easement under Lake Oahe as “merely political” #NoDAPL

VAN JONES – Dakota Pipeline Protests as big as the Civil Rights Movement! #NoDAPL

December 4: Bumped -- for today's big win! Turns out that the President's Army Corps of Engineers has something to say. (Previous promotion comment: The president-elect is busy chatting up North Dakota Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp on this and other issues. Does the President have anything to say?) - promoted by hesterprynne

West Roxbury Pipeline Activist 22 Year Old Sophia Wilansky faces Amputation after being struck by a Concussion Grenade at Standing Rock #NoDAPL #waterisone #mediawhiteout #waterprotectorssophia

Water Cannons turned on water protectors in 25 degree weather tonight [11/20/16] North Dakota. Anybody remember this happening to the Bundy's? - promoted by hesterprynne

Trucks driving into prayer circles…No offense, but more than mere marching is going on in Standing Rock – and it matters #NoDAPL #waterisone #mediawhiteout


To support the Red Owl Legal Collective at Standing Rock use this link