Born in Detroit; self-employed attorney specializing in appellate law, family law, and child welfare law. Mother of two complex special needs children. Published poet.

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How does a month in jail because you could not pay a fine sound? Like debtor’s prison, maybe? Happens every day in our state.

Okay all you wonks. What are the best senate and congressional rep races to taking back majority status?

I agree with Bernie Sanders [...]

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When I say Hillary needs to court the folks who registered to vote because of Sanders and having a rebirth of Hope, I am NOT attacking Hillary I AM proving I have both feet on the ground and spend time in real trenches

Meanwhile, untreated inmates die on the floor of their cells. Yes. Access to justice is important.

Woman – not me, honest, grills Gov. Baker on Braude show for not paying attorneys for the indigent – and get this, he really is not Mitt Romney – he apologized!

Boston’s 700 displaced people from the closing of the Long Island Bridge in the Boston Globe spotlight – remember them?

Our internal refugee crisis. An absolute obscenity in a city of plenty. Shame on the Mayor; shame on all of us. -Charley
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Guess what? The attorneys who do court appointed work for the indigent do not even KNOW when they will get paid for work done in June of 2016! No wonder there is a shortage of attorneys to take court appointments and do that work.

Too much money for bad, even fake-looking results [ankle bracelets that don't work and ruin not improve lives]

You should know about the death of Bob Spangenberg and that he mattered

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