Born in Detroit; self-employed attorney specializing in appellate law, family law, and child welfare law. Mother of two complex special needs children. Published poet.

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Film maker arrested, faces potential 45 year felony charge – for filming North Dakota protests – #NoDAPL

One hopes that the courts in North Dakota have far more sense than the local prosecutors. - promoted by david


New case issued by the Supreme Judicial Court appears to render all statutes in Massachusetts gender neutral and allow for paternity actions without biological connection or marriage

Music in Memory of Marc – with Charley Blandy singing – 10/20/16 could be almost like a Stamtisch

What is happening in Charlotte after the #KeithLamontScott shooting? Why isn’t my local press and other media doing its job and reporting?

North Dakota employs bearcats and armored vehicles against unarmed water protectors 9/28/16

As long as CEOs earn as much as 2000 workers some of the time, and 200+ workers all of the time income inequality will be the rule

I am tired of paying Donald Trump’s taxes – aren’t you?

The result of a whole lifetime spent in his own Trump world. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Chairman Dave Archambault II of the Standing Rock Sioux flies to Geneva, speaks to the UN Human Rights Council, and invites their Raporteur to Standing Rock!

STILL not paid! Court-appointed counsel for the indigent, for work done prior to 6/30/16 in Fiscal Year 2016!