Born in Detroit; self-employed attorney specializing in appellate law, family law, and child welfare law. Mother of two complex special needs children. Published poet.

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As long as CEOs earn as much as 2000 workers some of the time, and 200+ workers all of the time income inequality will be the rule

I am tired of paying Donald Trump’s taxes – aren’t you?

The result of a whole lifetime spent in his own Trump world. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Chairman Dave Archambault II of the Standing Rock Sioux flies to Geneva, speaks to the UN Human Rights Council, and invites their Raporteur to Standing Rock!

STILL not paid! Court-appointed counsel for the indigent, for work done prior to 6/30/16 in Fiscal Year 2016!

PRESS RELEASE from the Red Warrior Camp in North Dakota

Joint Statement issued by the Department of the Army, Department of the Interior and Department of Justice halting the DAPL pipeline on federal land and pledging to bring the Sioux to the table

National Lawyer’s Guild reports continuing use of canines by private security, lies, and intimidation in North Dakota – protest camps hit 5000 in residence,

Where is the Boston Globe coverage of #NODAPL the Dakota Pipeline Protests? Anyway, join me in signing the #NODAPL Petition

SPREAD THE WORD – the Native American Protesters in the Dakotas are RIGHT – there is NO easment

GUESS WHAT – investigative delegation sent by the UN reviews the US as to gender bias – and we FLUNK.