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Please, Raise my taxes

US House committee votes to regulate derivatives

Where do the premiums go?

(Media Matters serves Glenn Beck. He has now lost 57 or more advertisers. The makers of Becks Beer, which also foams at the mouth, are no doubt fearful about what their 3Q sales reports will show. - promoted by Bob)

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Congressman Frank proposes “death panels”

Disband the NTSB, FAA and FDA

September is Massachusetts Regionalization Month

Health Care Reform or Bust

(I thought this was supposed to be $5 Million Meehan's moment? Markey I imagine will stay put, since he's got a good gig. His moment was 2004 (sigh). Lynch I don't see winning a Dem primary. I don't see this being a re-coronation for either Vicki or Joe Kennedy -- either would have to legitimately outshine the pack. Capuano's a dark horse, a pretty compelling speaker, with some potential baggage. So far I call Coakley the front-runner. - promoted by Charley on the MTA)

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