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A modest proposal to reduce gun violence and mass murder

Paging Stomv

Wither Elizabeth Warren’s American Indian Heritage

Is Elizabeth Warren the sole Native American on the HLS’s faculty?

Harbinger of a TARP bath on GM?

Why no posts on Libya?

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The Globe Endores Mary Connaughton

(Failing upward: Rush may well be promoted from being one of the worst state reps to being one of the worst State Senators. - promoted by Charley on the MTA)

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National tsunami to drown Democrats

Massachusetts health care performing badly?

Can we have a REAL scientific debate now?

(I find the existence of climate change deniers absolutely fascinating. If they are wrong, and climate change is real, the consequences will be calamitous for our society. If they are right, and climate change is not real, we will still have undertaken a shift to energy sources with many advantages for our economy,  environment, and our health. Given this equation, the motivation for anyone who is not directly employed by the fossil fuel extraction industry to argue against climate change is hard for me to understand. Maybe it is a stalking horse for Republican fearmongering, and that is enough. Do you have a conflict of interest, Shep., do you think this will serve the broader interests of the G.O.P., do you just like being a contrarian on BMG as a matter of principle, or is it something else? In any event, let it never be said that this issue cannot be debated on BMG.   - promoted by Bob Neer)

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