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Yesterday’s Suffolk poll had some good news for lesser-known MA gubernatorial candidates

A look at MA Governor polls adjusted for name recognition

More evidence that Arroyo, Barros, and Richie endorsements had a profound effect on Walsh’s victory

New article: A remarkable neighborhood effect in the Boston mayoral election

Really interesting breakdown. Richie's endorsement looks like a big deal ... any bets on where it goes? - promoted by david

Boston mayoral polling averages: John Connolly has clear lead, Walsh in second

Analysis: Partisan rankings for tomorrow’s three State Rep. special elections indicate likely Democratic wins

New article: Knapik resignation leaves opening for Democratic Senate pickup in 2nd Hampden and Hampshire

New article: The GOP will have trouble reproducing 12th Essex success in 16th Worcester special election

Boston mayoral poll suggests strong regional support for Rep. Marty Walsh

Analysis: Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren followed different paths to statewide victory in Massachusetts

Numbers! Charts! - promoted by david