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  1. Hopeful! (0 Replies)

    This will require everyone’s patience and sense of adventure. It is kind of a new toy — there will be things to be figured out and adapted to.

  2. I am amazed ... (1 Reply)

    at how un-reconciled America is with this whole business of bearing and raising children. It’s like it’s a complete afterthought, some two generations after women entered the workforce in large numbers.

    On the other end of things, the new TrumpCare treats *pregnancy* as a “pre-existing condition”:

  3. Dumb and tone-deaf (0 Replies)

    Yup, count me as against this one, for the same reasons Hillary’s Goldman speeches were dumb.

    Obama’s got to realize he’s still in the public eye and still a representative of the Dem party. Part of the Dems problem is *internal* (i.e. intra-left) marketing.

    Nobody needs $400k for a speech. That’s nuts. Sell books, be a college president, run a foundation, whatever. Just don’t be *greedy.*

  4. Ossoff (1 Reply)

    Since you bring it up: Ossoff says he grew up in the district, and lives a mile-and-a-half outside the district, so that it’s easier for his girlfriend, who is in med school. Not exactly a carpetbagger. He’s no Scott Brown (or even Katherine Clark).

  5. Fascinating (0 Replies)

    … And Florida sounds as bewildered as any of us. I do think, as everyone in the center and left does, that inequality is the linchpin — and it’s been intentionally, explicitly, ideologically engineered! IOW, it ought to be fixable.

  6. Would love to hear more -- (0 Replies)

    Feel free to write a post giving more details. Would be very interested to read.

  7. I do remember a guy once ... (1 Reply)

    Who talked about “governing for the long term.”

  8. soft on climate = soft on nat'l security (0 Replies)

    cf also Rich Barlow’s piece at WBUR:

    With his recent executive order rolling back Obama-era climate policy, Trump is looking like a national security wuss.

    According to a 2012 Homeland Security Department report, “The risks posed or exacerbated by a changing climate — such as intensifying or more frequent extreme weather events, natural disasters, and sea ice changes in the Arctic — may either directly or indirectly affect core homeland security missions.” The following year, Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III, head of the Pacific Command overseeing 400,000 troops from California to India, called climate change “the most likely thing that is going to happen … that will cripple the security environment.”

    I’m interested now in how we rebuild post-Trump. I think a lot people have been jolted out of a false sense of security, and now really see the threat. The polls are shifting. Here’s hoping for a slingshot effect.

  9. Holy cow (0 Replies)

    That’s an amazing resource, and yes, lots of powerful people float through Boston/Cambridge and it’s a great way to learn and make yourself heard. Hmmm … Stay tuned to this space …

  10. "education and job skills" (1 Reply)

    Necessary-but-not-sufficient … surely not something to be ignored. I’ll take MA’s problems over those places that have not made such investments. But “playing to our strengths” — high-skill, knowledge jobs — may well be exacerbating inequality.

  11. yes and (1 Reply)

    Great points, especially the need for decently-paid service work.

    We also need a strategy on housing that concentrates on increasing supply and affordability. Our zoning laws make that extremely tricky, as well as profit motive to create housing only for those that can pay big $$$.

    Greater Boston is becoming Silicon Valley, without the monotonously nice weather.

  12. Markey, yes (0 Replies)

    Sheldon Whitehouse is a man on fire (huh). Brian Schatz from HI. Merkley from OR. Guessing that Kamala Harris (CA) will be. Less prominent but active are Klobuchar and Cantwell.

    Markey has been the Little Red Hen on climate for literally decades. As for what he’s done lately … Well he’s in the minority, and yet last year he helped pass — yes, pass, with bipartisan support — a toxics bill.

  13. She was a addicted (0 Replies)

    To a drug. A powerfully addictive one, and one that felled millions of others too.

    Yes, people who do things “wrong” in life deserve care. How organ transplants get prioritized is a very difficult question indeed — generally by prospects for survival, currently — but I can’t get with this playing God via moral judgment that is so popular on the right..

  14. The definition ... (0 Replies)

    Of fascism that I learned in college is that it is at once corporate, anti-labor, racist, populist, nationalistic, and anti-democratic.

    So you know, “fascist” works pretty well. Bannon’s done his homework and he fits the bill.

  15. Even yet still more Perriello (2 Replies)

    A podcast for the New Republic. He’s great. This is the Dem sweet spot: Actually progressive, not corporate, nor brittle lefty, down to earth, Main Street, communitarian. Perriello/Buttigieg 2020.

  16. Part of the economy (1 Reply)

    Public or private, it’s a part of the economy. And if you think parochial business interests aren’t a defining factor in this issue, imagine if MA went single payer and imposed price controls on Partners et al. The fur. Would. Fly.

  17. "Doesn't want it" (0 Replies)

    Some Dems would be great with Medicare for All. Some not. And that’s probably a true reflection of the feelings of their constituents.

    Particularly if some version of Trumpcare gets passed, it’s a good time to talk principles of cradle-to-grave health care for every last person.

  18. "Even worse" (0 Replies)

    I think 24 million more uninsured is a difference in kind, not degree.