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Karyn Polito, Tank the Gas Tax, and Per Diems… Ready for a laugh?

MA GOP: State Rep Candidate Dan Allie Signs “No New Laws” Pledge (!) (?)

Join us on the Irish Riviera this weekend…

MAGOP St. Paddy’s Day Breakfast Disaster

Republicans, forever keepin' it classy. - promoted by david

Hey Mike Sullivan: DO YOUR HOMEWORK

A worthy Republican successor to Scott Brown's feckless 2012 candidacy. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Winslow bringing “GOP Steals 2016″ project to Mass

This is a truly terrible idea. I'm disappointed (again) in Rep. Winslow for signing on to such a nakedly partisan effort. - promoted by david


And congratulations to you, BMGers - you, along with many other dedicated MA folks, made this happen. - promoted by david

Another special election, another opportunity to intimidate voters.

From the comments: "Andrew Breitbart’s recent visit (discussed on BMG earlier this week) was a fundraiser for Empower Massachusetts — to sponsor the work they’re doing 'to ensure fairness in our elections.'” - promoted by Bob_Neer

Join Me in Organizing for a Progressive Massachusetts

Good stuff. - promoted by david

Brown’s Camp has registered

The Globe has picked this up, giving due credit to BMG. Another scoop by chrismatth - congratulations! -David

Evidence that either Scott Brown is so incompetent he doesn't even have his own campaign under control, or he's not being honest when he says he doesn't support negative campaigning. With his own staff undercutting the top banana's message in this way, a cynic (not that there are any here) might wonder if some of the $10 million might also be trickling away into various private pots managed by the consulting team. -Bob - promoted by Bob_Neer