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Highlights from tonight’s DSC meeting

Caucus schedule posted

Heads up. - promoted by david

The only one who matters is now officially “Ready for Hillary”!

Added the video, which I think is pretty good. Quite different from other announcement videos, and in a good way. - promoted by david

Banks to DSCC: We’re taking Elizabeth Warren hostage

Ed Markey investigating climate denial conflicts of interest.

Here I was thinking that the fossil fuel funding for Willie Soon's garbage was old news. But now the big media orgs break it like it's a huge story and Harvard/Smithsonian is all embarrassed. Where have they been? And agreed re: Markey. This is his wheelhouse. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

NINA comes to UMass

Notes from the Democratic State Committee

Gov. Baker refuses request for LG Murray’s phone records.

Now for something a little lighter.

An excellent diversion, which also gives me the opportunity to say thank you to all who were able to join us at Bertucci's last night. We had a terrific turnout, we raised a bunch of money, and it was a real pleasure to see so many of you in person. We'll have to do things like that more often. - promoted by david

Martha Coakley’s immediate future