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What is a Progressive?

New Hampshire Predictions?

Correcting The Record: The Accomplishments of Hillary Clinton

Senior Massachusetts Republicans weigh in

It's fair to point out that Baker had a significant pay-to-play problem a while back, and Christie appointees just decided that Baker did nothing wrong. - promoted by david

Massachusetts Presidential Caucuses

In Defense of the “Establishment”

An interesting argument for a snowy day. Related: the 2004 "date Dean, marry Kerry" argument, or this, yesterday from Paul Krugman: "Mr. Sanders is the heir to candidate Obama, but Mrs. Clinton is the heir to President Obama." - promoted by david

In Case You Were Looking for Confirmation That Trump is the Crazy Candidate…

Live Blog of the Last Dem Debate Before Iowa

Your detailed rundown. Thanks Christopher. - promoted by david

Paul Kirk endorses Bernie Sanders

Interesting. - promoted by david

State of the Union open thread