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Kudos to Pres. Obama and Mrs. Obama for having their kids work at minimum-wage jobs.

In 2007, someone predicted what is happening in Iraq today

Barak Obama in 2011 said “We are leaving behind a sovereign, stable, self-reliant Iraq”.

Is CA congressional candidate Carl DeMaio the future of the Republican Party? His victory on Tuesday suggests so

“No American politician ever confronted anti-gay prejudice more courageously than Ronald Reagan”

Liz Warren and Ed Markey back drone strikes on American citizens by supporting David Barron’s judicial nomination

Dan is right on this one. Here is the vote. Killing citizens without charge or trial based on secret laws is the power of kings. If history is any guide, it promises trouble for our country. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Bill Maher warns us that we may lose our freedom of speech in our own homes

When it comes to race relations, a hockey player named P.K. Subban is the perfect role model

Due to high demand of natural gas, new pipeline construction being proposed in Northern Massachusetts

It’s all tied up in New Hampshire, Scott Brown 44% Jeanne Shaheen 44%