My name is David Kassel and I am Director of Communications for the Massachusetts Coalition of Families and Advocates (COFAR, Inc.), on whose behalf I often blog and cross-post on this site. I have also taught public budgeting, statistics, and program evaluation as an adjunct instructor at a number of local colleges and universities. I'm the author of "Managing Public Sector Projects," which is available on Amazon. My email is davekassel@charter.net.

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The Globe’s advice to the Dems

I heartily agree with Dave and several commenters that the worst thing in the Globe editorial - and it is awful - is advising Dems to "avoid[] special interests" and then only mentioning public employee unions as a special interest worth avoiding. Really, there aren't any others? What about giant companies demanding big tax breaks and then not even living up to their side of the deal, for God's sake? Don't those count as "special interests" worth standing up to? The Globe's pervasive anti-union bias is really getting tiresome. - promoted by david

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