My name is David Kassel and I am Director of Communications for the Massachusetts Coalition of Families and Advocates (COFAR, Inc.), on whose behalf I often blog and cross-post on this site. I have also taught public budgeting, statistics, and program evaluation as an adjunct instructor at a number of local colleges and universities. I'm the author of "Managing Public Sector Projects," which is available on Amazon. My email is davekassel@charter.net.

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Dinosaurs could have prevented their extinction had they been armed

The extraordinary thing about Ben Carson is that, for all of his soft-spoken kindly doctorishness, he is actually worse than Donald Trump on just about everything. - promoted by david

State Public Records ruling on release of hospital report is a win for the public

#transparency - promoted by david

Requirements reduced for ‘Real Lives’ law contractor to DDS

A bold and brilliant political move by Chris Christie

Virtually no one waiting for DDS care getting into state-run DDS homes

Governor’s MBTA panel provided virtually no support for its recommendation to restrict the Pacheco Law

More thought-provoking work from Dave. - promoted by david

MBTA commuter rail contracts rose by a greater percentage than in-house bus costs

Dave continues to hold the Pioneer Institute's feet to the fire. More debate = better. - promoted by david

The Pioneer Institute does acrobatic logical twists re the Pacheco Law

It's worthwhile to take a really close look at Pioneer's work and see how it stacks up. As I've said, privatization is no panacea. There was a little thing called the Big Dig that was done by private companies. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Will the Olympics do for Boston what it did for Greece?

After all, war in Ukraine followed the Sochi Olympics, not to mention WWII which followed the Berlin Olympics ... - promoted by Bob_Neer

Family and guardian rights bill gathering momentum