My name is David Kassel and I am Director of Communications for the Massachusetts Coalition of Families and Advocates (COFAR, Inc.), on whose behalf I often blog and cross-post on this site. I have also taught public budgeting, statistics, and program evaluation as an adjunct instructor at a number of local colleges and universities. I'm the author of "Managing Public Sector Projects," which is available on Amazon. My email is davekassel@charter.net.

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What does it take to get an indictment when the police kill someone?

All of the contradictory testimony in the Ferguson case, all of the doubt about what actually happened ... there was none of that in the Eric Garner case. There's just video of a bunch of cops choking a big black guy to death for no evident reason. It's sickening. The NY Times editorial says it pretty well:
What is clear is this was vicious policing and an innocent man is dead. Another conclusion is also obvious. Officer Pantaleo was stripped of his gun and badge; he needs to be stripped of his job. He used forbidden tactics to brutalize a citizen who was not acting belligerently, posed no risk of flight, brandished no weapon and was heavily outnumbered.

Any police department that tolerates such conduct, and whose officers are unable or unwilling to defuse such confrontations without killing people, needs to be reformed.
I'd just add that the NYPD doesn't appear to be the only institution in need of reform.

There is a rally tonight at 7 on Boston Common. Almost 5,000 people have responded to the Facebook event that they are going. - promoted by david

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