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  2. All of the NH plaintiffs (0 Replies)

    had been informed that they were under investigation by NH AG’s office for violating the statute. They clearly had standing.

  3. Yeah, I saw that quote, (2 Replies)

    but it really doesn’t make sense. Of course there’s something they can do about it: they can identify violations and refer them to the DA for prosecution, which is what happened in New Hampshire. It would obviously be a terrible use of resources, but at least before yesterday’s decision was announced, there was no theoretical reason that they couldn’t enforce the statute.

  4. Beat me to it (1 Reply)

    This result is really important. I think jconway is being overly negative about Clinton’s performance. I’m with Bob: I thought overall she was excellent. She baited Trump successfully, and she generally took the high road when he was losing his shit. He cannot be prevented from doing what he’s going to do in situations like this, so we have to accept that he will get in his “good lines” about trade or whatever. But she was superb on the birther question, well prepared on stamina and related points, and I thought very effective in showing that she would be a steady, reliable world leader, while he would not be.

  5. It's not really either (3 Replies)

    It’s an odd hybrid, because of NYC’s odd shape. Click the image for a larger view.

  6. Instead of complaining about it, (1 Reply)

    why not do something about it? Write a post! I live in Jehlen’s district – of course that’s the race I’m going to pay the most attention to.

  7. Is there any proof (2 Replies)

    that it originated with the Timilty campaign?

  8. Edited for content. (3 Replies)

    Lying is a very serious charge against anyone, and certainly against someone running for office. It needs to be meticulously documented; if it’s not, that language weakens your argument, and also (not incidentally) can expose you and us to legal problems.

  9. Never said otherwise. (1 Reply)

    I said that we do know where most of the MTA money comes from (unlike DFER). Implication was union dues.

  10. Sad to say, I agree. (1 Reply)

    I wanted to watch, but Kerr’s “your husband’s group” strategy, or whatever he kept saying, was so awful that I couldn’t.

    That said, I think it’s a huge win for Jehlen that this event happened at all, simply because I think it made Cheung look weak and ineffectual for Jehlen to debate the representative of a dark money organization that is bankrolling the effort to defeat her. It was a clever move of Jehlen to seek out the debate, and more savvy operators than Kerr et al. would have refused it out of hand.

  11. I talked to him before (0 Replies)

    he was famous. My interview with him is from the previous day.

  12. Yeah, (1 Reply)

    I agree. But, bearing in mind that she is famously not an electrifying speaker, I thought she did well. It’s tough when your performance is the culmination of a week that has included Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Rev. William Barber, Michelle Obama, and your husband, all of whom can orate with the best of ‘em.

  13. Wow. (0 Replies)

    That’s just … embarrassing.

  14. Re booing, (0 Replies)

    from my vantage point inside, there was FAR less in the hall tonight than last night. No idea if they moved the mics also, but there was really almost none (although maybe that’s because a number of Bernie delegates walked out after the roll call).

  15. The roll-call rules thing (1 Reply)

    is interesting. Apparently, some states (UT, AK, and DC among a few others) have local party rules providing that their votes can only go to candidates whose names are officially nominated for president. Since Trump was the only candidate nominated, delegate votes from all those states went to Trump, regardless of how the state actually voted.

  16. "sponsored by an even more conservative Islamic cleric Erdogan exiled" (1 Reply)

    You mean Gulen? Do we really think that he was behind it? Seems a bit unlikely to me. Erdogan is looking for an easy target to blame, and Gulen fits the bill, but whether he’s really behind it … I kinda doubt it.