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  1. Re booing, (0 Replies)

    from my vantage point inside, there was FAR less in the hall tonight than last night. No idea if they moved the mics also, but there was really almost none (although maybe that’s because a number of Bernie delegates walked out after the roll call).

  2. The roll-call rules thing (1 Reply)

    is interesting. Apparently, some states (UT, AK, and DC among a few others) have local party rules providing that their votes can only go to candidates whose names are officially nominated for president. Since Trump was the only candidate nominated, delegate votes from all those states went to Trump, regardless of how the state actually voted.

  3. "sponsored by an even more conservative Islamic cleric Erdogan exiled" (1 Reply)

    You mean Gulen? Do we really think that he was behind it? Seems a bit unlikely to me. Erdogan is looking for an easy target to blame, and Gulen fits the bill, but whether he’s really behind it … I kinda doubt it.

  4. Well, let's see. (1 Reply)

    I criticized Alito in the post you linked. And I criticized Ginsburg in this one. So….

  5. This is correct. (0 Replies)

    If she’s going to do this, she should go all-in. Half measures like the ones she is taking are the worst possible option.

  6. If the 4th on the Esplanade (0 Replies)

    went back to being a regular Boston Pops concert, ending with the 1812 Overture, followed by a much more modest fireworks display than the endless extravagance of recent years … well, that would be fine with me. If some TV network wants to pick it up, great … and if not, that’s OK too.

  7. It doesn't. (0 Replies)

    It’s a free widget from another site. Just a little snippet of javascript. Seems to work OK.

  8. No. (0 Replies)

    A Trump presidency would be catastrophic for the country and the world, and I don’t use that word lightly. So what if he doesn’t have a Republican Congress. He has the executive branch and the military, and that’s plenty to pretty much ruin the world in 4 years.

  9. Good heavens. (1 Reply)

    The rules are the rules, and they are not (or should not be) a mystery to anyone involved. It’s that important to them who gets to bang the little gavel?

  10. Images (2 Replies)

    Our native image hosting system is not working. You’ll need to post them elsewhere (Google Drive, flickr, etc.) and then link to them from there.

  11. Kaine. Ugh. (3 Replies)

    I really hate that idea, though I concede it’s possible. Still going with Julian Castro.

  12. Bernie was not effective (1 Reply)

    on foreign policy throughout the primaries, IMHO (agreeing with jconway below). His powerful, straightforward message on domestic issues like income inequality and health care was nothing like his rather superficial, not terribly convincing message on foreign policy. Hillary hasn’t moved left on foreign policy in part because Bernie has not forced her to do so – which is not the case for domestic policy.

  13. I'm glad it picked up. (0 Replies)

    I was there for about the first hour, and I can’t say that I learned much – the questions were unfortunately rather repetitive, and I couldn’t discern much in the way of policy difference between the two candidates. Both candidates agree that income inequality is a problem; both support the Fair Share/millionaire’s tax amendment (which won’t be on the ballot until 2018); both agree that investing in fixing and expanding the T is a good idea. *Yawn*

    What I also could not discern is why a voter looking for basically progressive representation would choose to unseat Jehlen and replace her with Cheung. He didn’t seem to me to offer anything especially new or creative, and Jehlen has been doing the job well for quite a while now.

  14. Kristol really is (1 Reply)

    the worst of the worst. It’s very unfortunate that anyone takes him seriously.

  15. Yeah, I agree with this. (1 Reply)

    I think the “nyah nyah” scenario’s likelihood is basically zero. Sure, there will be the odd overzealous Clinton supporter who takes that tone. Just as the odd Bernie bro sticks with the “Bernie or bust” approach. But the candidate herself? No. She’s never said anything like that, and IMHO she never will.