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  1. "considering neither one of them will have a big impact on whether the voters implement it or shoot it down" (1 Reply)

    Why are you so sure about that? Whoever wins the Dem primary for AG is very likely to be the next AG, and since there’s so little opposition in the general, can spend the whole campaign talking about the ballot questions. I think it could make a substantial difference, given that the vote (if the question gets on the ballot) is likely to be close, how the incoming AG feels about it.

  2. Wow - you're right. (1 Reply)

    It’s completely redesigned, and nearly useless. I have never understood exactly what the Globe was doing with its parallel-ish websites, boston.com and bostonglobe.com. Maybe they are phasing out boston.com?

  3. We haven't yet (0 Replies)

    had a chance to reduce the conversation to writing. I can tell you that when we asked Tolman about casinos, his response was basically that he had voted against Keno in the legislature, but then became convinced that “it’s already here,” and he applied the same logic to casinos. He said that MA residents are sending substantial gambling revenues to CT and RI that could be kept in-state, and that Springfield in particular could use a large infusion of cash. So, although he said that casinos are not “the best” economic development plan, on balance, he nonetheless opposes repealing the law.

  4. Oh for heaven's sake. (3 Replies)

    I don’t like the rule. At all. If you get your 10,000 sigs, you should be on the ballot.

    That change, however, would need to be coupled with backing the primary up into the spring. I’d have had no problem with Elizabeth Warren and Marisa DeFranco having a primary that was resolved in April or May. But letting it drag into September would be a mistake.

  5. Life is full (1 Reply)

    of these little disappointments. Builds character.

  6. I assume this comment is meant in jest. (1 Reply)

    If not, read the links in my comment upthread. My position on your question will reveal itself.

  7. Hey, we're in the paper. (4 Replies)

    Proof positive that the media checks in on what happens here.

    In a post on the liberal Blue Mass Group blog, Avellone said the new threshold “would limit participation in our democratic process and it would go against our ideals of fairness and equality.”

    “I’m not looking for pity,” Avellone wrote. “I’m looking for a fair shot. When I entered this race I knew that I faced an uphill battle, but the rules changed midway through the game, and the hill only got bigger.”

  8. Another post I wrote (0 Replies)

    pre-2006 convention on the 15% topic is here.

  9. I've never been a big fan (2 Replies)

    of the 15% rule (going back to 2006), but obviously we cannot change course for 2014 at this point.

  10. Totally agree (0 Replies)

    that the absurdly late primary in MA needs to be changed. Unfortunately, it seems to be viewed as a superb incumbent protection program, and therefore seems unlikely to be changed any time soon.

  11. Good grief. (1 Reply)

    Yeah, that whole move-to-the-center thing sure worked out awesome for Elizabeth Warren.

  12. Although, I should note (0 Replies)

    that some of the primaries were more hotly contested. As to those, it’s simply a function of which candidates and candidate backers choose to post here.

  13. Well, (2 Replies)

    the only seriously contested races were Lewis’s and the race in Westfield. And John Velis, for all of his many fine qualities, apparently calls himself a conservative Democrat and backed Scott Brown over Elizabeth Warren, according to MassLive. So this might not be his natural stomping ground.

    Still, we certainly hope he’ll join us!

  14. BIg missed opportunity for Baker. (0 Replies)

    He is supposed to be the party leader, and he’s trying to cultivate an image as Mr. Take Charge. Now’s his chance, and he’s blowing it.

  15. I do think there is some role (2 Replies)

    for the AG. Maybe not to investigate what happened in Florida; that does seem out of her jurisdiction. But there is still a huge question as to why the Waltham case was basically dropped years ago, even though it doesn’t seem like it was all that mysterious who was involved. Someone needs to figure out why that happened, and the AG seems like the obvious candidate.