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Rep. McGovern Arrested During Sudanese Protest

I heard a radio report that John Olver was also arrested. MA is well-represented in the county lockup today! ;-) - promoted by david

What’s in a name?

(Excellent post - very helpful.  Thanks Noah! - promoted by David)

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About last night…

(Barney Frank's capitulation on health care says to everyone who ever voted for a Democrat, "F--- you. We're worthless, but vote for us anyway." - promoted by Charley on the MTA)

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Bess Lomax Hawes

BREAKING: Specter Is A Democrat??

Science Friday: the Prisoner’s Dilemma

Science Friday: Coffee

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Science Friday: NASA

(Good idea. - promoted by David)

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Science Friday: Stem Cells

Illinois Governor Blagojevich arrested for selling Obama’s seat