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D.C. Dems hurting efforts to beat Sen. Brown

I agree with Doug, as I often do. Scott Brown won under very unusual electoral circumstances. He hasn't been an effective Senator and can definitely be beaten by a state-wide grassroots campaign. History is full of well-financed incumbents upset by little-known challengers who exposed their inadequacies. Brown himself showed the way. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Update on Expanding Gaming Legislation

Patrick Campaign response to RGA / Baker Negative Ads

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Charlie Baker’s Trouble with the Truth

While the Health Care battle rages on in DC, Reform in MA is being threatened by Cahill, Baker

(What's the real face of the "Tea Party"?  The earnest, concerned citizens depicted in today's Globe sitting around in a pub in Lowell?  Or the horrific ugliness described in the articles below? - promoted by David)

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The Charlie Baker (half-)Story

Why I Support Steve Pagliuca

Despite Victory In MA, Still Much Work To Do

(To be clear, the Globe "endorsed" both Menino and Flaherty.  The editorial starts off: "Tom Menino has ruled Boston for 16 years, and the city is better for it. Menino speaks to all the communities of his increasingly diverse city. His determination to maintain a vibrant downtown while spreading resources to the neighborhoods is fundamentally the right approach to governing Boston.... Menino, with his record of steady improvements and his recent commitment to some important reforms, has earned the right to be one of the two finalists." - promoted by David)

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A Calm, Sustained Vision for Challenging Times

We Hear You

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