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  1. No (0 Replies)

    I’m asking if it will take Four convicted felonious speakers in order to call the Massachusetts Democratic Party one of the most corrupt political organizations in the United States. That implies there were three.

  2. The proper term in Massachusetts (0 Replies)

    The proper term in Massachusetts is Public Records Request.

    If you are having trouble with one, the guys ate http://www.muckrock.com are available to help.

  3. Not implying lockstep liberals (5 Replies)

    Implying that your words need to match your actions. Did your rep vote for this leadership? If they did and they are a Democrat tell them you won’t help them if they do it again.

    And to David’s point about “Bad Apples”. When do we get to separate “isolated incidents” after FOUR speakers are convicted on federal charges. After more Democrats go to jail for bribery?

    When David? When it becomes more than a handful of cases, and the rules are set up to protect them it becomes institutionalized. But I guess I doth protest too much.

  4. yes especially John Adams (0 Replies)

    I mean he didn’t write and push for the Alien and Sedition Acts or anything.

  5. She's here illegally (0 Replies)

    I’m glad the law is being followed. My uncle was deported, he should have been.

  6. Only face to face (0 Replies)

    I’d advise Dan Winslow to only do this face to face on video. Then he can collect the bounty from Ernie Boch Jr…. ;)

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