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We Should All Cry After Seeing Charlie Cry Tonight

An emotional moment. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Savvy Election Insight. Not.

I Have Seen The Light! We Cannot Allow Charlie Baker and His Welducci Crew To Take Back Control Of The State and All Its Business. The Gaming Commission is Great Example of How These People Work

I Was Hoping CRUX Would Be Relevant, Uplifting, and Progressive. It’s Not. CRUX SUCKS!

Holy Effin’ Sh!t! Feds Just Indicted Steve Crosby’s Former Business Partner’s Business Partners For Doing What It Is That Everett Does (Hey Globe$ox, Why No Link To The Indictment?)

I am reminded of the hilarity of Thomas Farragher's column yesterday, in which he posits a casino as the cure for the "stain of municipal corruption" in Springfield. LOL. - promoted by david

Check Out The Globe$ox Wet Kiss, Again, to Steve Tocco of ML Strategies (Mintz Levin) For Being The Self-Proclaimed Smartest Man In Boston Right Now

Hey Kevin Cullen, You’re Being Served! Accusing Bill Bulger of Hiding Money for Whitey? HMMM. I’m Suggesting You May Be Paid By The Feds? Do You Get Envelopes From Wise-Guys? Your Obsession Is Past Bizarre and Now Officially Troubling. It’s On!

Anti-Casino Folks Need To Reach Beyond Their Base

This is good advice. Jeff Jacoby's somewhat unexpected "Yes on 3" column is a decent place to start. - promoted by david

Attn. Activists: Why Waste Your Time on Martha Coakley When You Can Be Helping the ANTI-CASINO Referendum?

Promoted not to say that you shouldn't help Martha Coakley, but that you *should* help the anti-casino ballot question. - promoted by david

Time to Reflect on Who Martha Coakley Is and Volunteer For the Anti-Casino Referundum.