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Half-Man George Regan Is Spokesman for Bill Linehan. Why? – I’m With Kirk Minehan – RICO Case Against Arthur T. DeMoulas Much Easier Than Probation Case – David Bernstein Takes on Harvey Silverglate…..Baaahahaha

They Killed My Spirit. I Have No Fight In Me

Do These Facts Change Your Mind About Arthur T. DeMoulas? I Bet They Do.

I’m All In With Elizabeth Warren for President. Someone Needs To Start Kickstarter Campaign to Raise $$ From the 99 Percenters

One Question for BMgers, Ten Questions for Team Arthur T. DeMoulas, and Five Questions for Team Pravda and Politburo Working For Team Arthur T. (I mean local media and politicians carrying his water)

Hey Arthur S. DeMoulas: Who Is Doing Your Public Relations? Fire Them Immediately

Arthur T. DeMoulas’s Money + The Great Larry Rasky + Our Lazy and Incestuous Local Media = Another Disgraceful False Narrative Using Selective Facts

A Pit In My Stomach

Couldn't agree more. And, on this topic, check out the "reasonable" independent MA-Gov candidate Jeff McCormick's statement on this topic. He opposes Governor Patrick's action because
the world is filled with many people who suffer from hunger, terror, war and injustice. Massachusetts can not be the savior for all of those people.
No, we can't. But if we can save some of them, surely that is what we should do. - promoted by david

Something Not Right About The Market Basket / Arthur T. DeMoulas’s Fight to Win His Job Back – Grossman Better Excite His Base and Attack Coakley

An Open Letter to Linda Pizzuti Henry (She Should Know a Few Things About Her Husband’s Newspaper)