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Listen Up People. We Are Americans! We Eat With Our Right Hand, You Got That? Right Hand. – Note to Maura Healy

Apparently Joe Biden’s Thinking About 2020

IT’s Time For BMGers To Pick Sides! Bubblers or Safe Spacers?

BMGer says Arlington is Home To “The Everyman” of the MA 5Th – Globe Needs Another Co-Conspirator As Next US Attorney – Globe Practices Transparency Through Incompetence

Donald Trump Is Almost Right: Make “Yankee Doodle” Great Again!!

Sometimes it Takes a Real Hard Punch In The Face To Get the Attention of Arrogant Condescending Douche Bags. Just Saying – Ed Markey and Katherine Clark are Vulnerable to Primary Challenegrs

Oxymoron of the Day: “Trump Won Because The System Is Rigged”, Not Because All His Voters Are Racists or Haters or Whatever Pejorative You Want To Throw At Them – But There is Good News

Is Judge Wolf A Saint, Sinner, or Jusr Plain Ole Dick? Just Wondering – President Kaine in ’18?

Soo, Will a Democrat Take On Hillary In Four Years? I Mean We Are All Voting For Her But Let’s Face It, She Is Not a Good Person and Neither Is Her Husband. In Fact They’re Narcissistic Duplicitous Hogs. And Tim Kane Sucks Too!

Standing Ovation for Debbie DiMasi