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Let’s Not Be Afraid of the Truth Behind the Marathon Bombing and Collier Killing

Red Sox Owners Get Paid By Samsung for Pimping Big Papi at White House Yesterday

Question: Am I Wrong Knocking Red Sox For Not Hiring African Americans?

Walsh’s Gunslinger Beats Up Crosby’s Toady at Mass Gaming Commission Hearing, Read the Transcript – Globe Owner John Henry Talks the Talk of the NAACP but Walks the Walk of the KKK

Middlesex D.A.s Never Requested Dangerous Hearing for Jared Remy. Blame Lies With Prosecutors

Globe Crosses Line By Publishing Jarod Remy Story Two Days Before Custody Hearing

Herald Libel Suit Exposes Sinister Relationship Between Law Enforcement and Media – Raise You Hand If You Think Larry Lucchino is Behind Globe’s Story on Jared Remny

Marty Walsh Brings In a Gunslinger and Turns the Table on Steve Wynn’s Gaming Commission aka Mass Gaming Commission

In related news, the "Repeal The Casino Deal" legal team (of which I am a pro bono member) filed its first round of papers in the SJC yesterday, seeking to overturn the Attorney General's refusal to approve an anti-casino ballot question. - promoted by david

Terry Murray and Bob DeLeo are Tough Mother Fuh (Shout your mouth) – Dan Kennedy’s Strange Response to Herald Libel Verdict – Steve Grossman Should Go Wait in the Car – The Yiddish Sal and Les Gosule

Patrick Purcell is apparently still working his way through the $225 million he got for Community Newspapers. As to the two dysfunctional copies of this post below: they are mysteries. - promoted by Bob_Neer

The South Boston Breakfast – Open Letter to Steve Grossman – Judge William Young v. Fred Wyshak – Bob Quinn – Steve Crosby Should Be Investigated – Dan Conley Lives In His Own World