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How About Commonwealth Magazine Praising Its Boss Mintz Levin For The GE Deal?

Hmm. It does seem that at least a disclosure might have been in order. - promoted by david

Excuse Me BMGers But Paul Kirk Endorsing Bernie Sanders Means A Lot. A Real Lot. Tells Judge Smails, I Mean Hillary, That Ted Kennedy Never Liked Her

I Predict One of Two Things Will Happen At the Democratic Convention

Why Doesn’t The Globe Tell Us How Smelly The Mass Gaming Commission Is? – Who Needs Who More, WGBH or The Boston Globe? – Congrats to Dave Portnoy

OPEN THREAD For Residents of Someville: Please Tell Us How Tough It is Now to Take The T Into Boston and Whata Green Line Ext Would Do For You. Let’s Hear The Horrow Stories!

John Henry Tweeting Insults At WGBH is Actually Sad – Somerville Yuppies Making My Case Against Green Line Extension

I Don’t Know If The Green Line Extension Was Needed 30 Years Ago When Approved But It’s Certainly Not Needed Now. Late Night T Service Is Needed Now, Much Cheaper Than Green Line Ext. and Helps Everyone, Not Just Developers and Yuppies

Sure would be nice to keep or even expand late night service. Does it have to be either/or? - promoted by david

Hey John Henry You Cheap Bastard, How About An Extra Grand For The Pawn/Workers Who “Volunteered” to Deliver Your Cruddy Paper?

The Green Line Extension Is a Waste and Mostly for The Haves. Extend the Blue Line to Lynn and Beyond. Help the Real Folks

Controversial, to be sure, not to mention that the GLX is still (I think) required by a court order. That said ... how can it possibly be that expensive to lay some new surface tracks and build a couple new stations? As Mike Dukakis cogently observed, "it's not a complicated project." - promoted by david

Now I Remember Why I Don’t Trust Hillary, The People Around Her, and Her Democratic Sycophants