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Out of Touch Hillary’s New Idea Is to Put Bill In Charge of the Economy (These Clintons Really Do Think Their Shit Don’t Stink)

Hillary Trumps Trump and Plays The UFO Card. Game Over – Did You See The List of Names George Regan aka The Half-Man Floated as the Next Board Chair of Suffolk University? Baahahaha

Ernie’s Derby Ticket – Do Not Read Unless You Wish To Make Money

Hillary Delegate Selection Brings Out All The Frauds in MA Democratic Party – Should City Hall Turn Over Subpoenas to Globe? (if there are any)

Marty Walsh and THE FEDS – Wynn, Mintz Levin, Commonwealth Magazine and THE FEDS – The Globe and THE FEDS – (Special Treat: Ric Flair Video)

A thought experiment

Seems to me fair to ask whether prosecutors were a little overeager to accept what Dookhan was giving them. - promoted by david

Hillary Clinton Has Same Problem as Jim Marzilli

The “Can We All Just Get Along” Mantra in Politcs Is A Rhetorical Device To Silence Criticism. It’s Anti-American

A Hillary/Liz Warren Ticket? How About a Liz Warren/Hillary Ticket?

Do Some Candidates and Their Supporters Have An Unhealthy Enthusiasm?