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“Why can’t you be a f***ing gentleman?”: A bad day for the House

Today in “even a stopped clock is right twice a day”: Kirsten Hughes nails it on DeLeo and term limits

Evan Falchuk’s brilliant Olympian gambit


Disgraceful: Marty Walsh agreed with the USOC to restrict city employees’ speech

BMG pizza party/fundraiser Friday at 6:30! Senators Eldridge and Jehlen join your editors!

WARNING: In keeping with our national dialogue, the only topic of discussion permitted will be deflated footballs. But hey, we've got progressive fave Sens. Jamie Eldridge and Pat Jehlen showing up Fri night - and at least a dozen other of your favorite BMG characters. We'll all be deflating each others' dinner rolls. Who else? -Charley Bumped, for glory. -Bob - promoted by david

Interesting throwback: in 1981, firefighters and others blocked highways to protest layoffs; no arrests

Oops! Governor Baker rescinds appointments of two of his max-out campaign donors

Boston wins! Or loses, depending on your point of view.

Comment of the day: there’s more to the ATM/casino issue than meets the eye

UPDATE: Senator Jamie Eldridge reports: "I am pleased to inform BMG readers that in the last hour, both the House and Senate removed the two amendments concerning ATMs in casinos from the Bank Modernization Act (H.4110), so now it is a clean bill!" See the comments for more details. - promoted by david