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  1. Ahhh, That Reads Like Exactly Like They Weren't There (0 Replies)

    After the bombing and they got everyone to a hospital incompetence, ego, bureaucratic shenanigans, and testosterone combined to produce at least two of the greater cluster fucks in police work.

  2. The Law of The State Says He Can Stop a Death Sentence (1 Reply)

    Besides the courts make him upload the law. Not telling him to go rogue. Why didn’t he use the law he had?

  3. There are degrees of frauds and they are not mutually exclusive (0 Replies)

    i van hate hillary and donald and vote for Hillary. Could never vote for trump but if I could blank it if she and her people continue to suck.

  4. Right Dave, I should shut-up and get in line (1 Reply)

    We can all vote for Hillary but don’t tell me she’s all that.
    Like I’ll pay money and go to my nieces dance recittal be cause I have to. Don’t tell me she’s a fucking Rockette while I’m there.
    Same for Hillary. Voting for her because I have to. (meaning have to stop Donald Trump)

  5. He struggled when he should not have then came up with the wrong choice (1 Reply)

    Struggle with what? was he going tone lynched?
    I’m not buying it. He seems more and more like a dick. The kind of kid you wouldn’t hang out with. Eddie Haskell
    He’s Hillary in boxers.

  6. Kaine Cannot Claim Same As Abortion Stance (0 Replies)

    Kaine people want us to believe his decision to kill the 13 death row prisoners is the same as politicians who strongly support safe, clean, and accessable abortion clinics although morally against them.
    NOT TRUE at all.
    Check this out from the NYT

    For Mr. Kaine, now a senator and Hillary Clinton’s newly named running mate, no issue has been as fraught politically or personally as the death penalty. His handling of capital punishment reveals a central truth about Mr. Kaine: He is both a man of conviction and very much a politician, a man of unshakable faith who nonetheless recognizes — and expediently bends to, his critics suggest — the reality of the Democratic Party and the state he represents.

    He opposes both abortion and the death penalty, he has said, because “my faith teaches life is sacred.” Yet he strongly supports a woman’s right to choose and has a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood. And Mr. Kaine presided over 11 executions as governor, delaying some but granting clemency only once.

  7. Why couldn't he dave? (1 Reply)

    the law says he can commute. That law has as much weight as the death penalty law.
    Can you show me where it’s said he has to favor one over the other.
    Sorry, this should have been a lay-up. He was governor from 2006 -2010. Modern times on the anti-death penalty front. Not like we are talking about a 1970s irish catholic politician who is a against the death penalty.

    Kaine is a guy who had the legal power to stop 13 executions and did not. Kudos to him I guess for putting th kibosh on frying a retarded guy. So I guess he has at least an eighth of a testicle.

    He’s selling bullshit when he says he had to follow the law. He had the law and he ignored it.
    It paid off I guess,because he is the perfect chump for Hillary tops around the next few months and then win or lose never heard from again.
    Plus he speaks Spanish.In Hillary’s world that’s like having a friend with a boat..

  8. Why Not (1 Reply)

    he has the power then use it. No different than a veto really.
    Are there any contingencies on the VA law?
    The governor was given an easy test and failed. He was afraid people would be mad at him. So he let 13 people die as he proclaimed he’s against the death penalty.
    WTF is that?

  9. And much different than anti-abortion officials who have to follow law (0 Replies)

    Kaine would not have been violating any laws by stopping the 13 executions.
    13 people dies at his hands.

  10. He was a Partner in law Firm when doing housing work (0 Replies)

    If you were governor terry would you stop the executions? Only answer if you are a strong anti-death penalty advocate like Kaine says he is.

  11. ? (0 Replies)

    Not sureI follow what ur saying

  12. I Disagree Christopher (0 Replies)

    SAs governor he did not need a legal reason to do it although I’m sure he could have done it. He was all powerful in deciding whether these people live or die.
    Never ever an easier choice for a anti-death penalty “Jesuit educated” politician to save a life.

    I’m bothered by this.

  13. That's Called a Job Terry (0 Replies)

    He chose not to work 80 hours a week for a big time law firm. He was still lawyering and getting paid for it.
    He had the opportunity to live what he preaches. He chose the easy route.

  14. Are we allowed to discuss differences we have within the party? (1 Reply)

    or is is this a shut-up and get in line sort of thing?
    Not sure what you want here Tom.

  15. Guess What? (0 Replies)

    Nobody here cares.
    Go yell fire somewhere else.

  16. Excuse Me Terry, Fantasy Reasons? (0 Replies)

    Explain rather than get my name wrong. What are my reasons according to you? I spelled them out in another post but in this post I suggest that one outcome will be the dark and needless cloud Fred Wyshak holds over the MA legislature.
    You know Terry, because

    federal prosecutors have in recent years been driving military tanks through the loopholes in braidly written laws.

    I know you gave me the jab to show you are an intellilectually superior a-hole you exposed yourself as a self-impressed obtuse wannabe.

    Reading comprehension is bloody important Terrance.

  17. I Stand Corrected and Thanks For Proving My Point (1 Reply)

    the Commission will consider all the circumstances to determine whether the recommendation was accompanied by pressure, in violation of § 23(b)(2) of the conflict of interest law.

    So a politician can violate the law by reccommeding a person for a job and some nameless/faceless bureaucrats and prosecutors consider all the circumstances and make decision if the political is corrupt.
    Why would an official do anything for anyone when so many unknown things can be used as vehicles to accuse someone of corruption.

  18. Whatever (1 Reply)

    you know more than the each member of the United States Supreme Court.
    Complain to them.