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  1. Now Christopher.. (1 Reply)

    you know you can’t add anything to the class unless you’ve done the required reading.
    The previous posts citing law cases dictated the thievery and attempted thievery of Artie T.

  2. Wow! Says a lot about you kirth (2 Replies)

    it’s about what’s right is right.

    Why should I care about cancer if I don’t have it? Why should I care about victims of violence if I haven’t been hurt? Why should I care about third world starvation when I’m here in the United Sated? Why should I care about children being educated when I already have my diploma? Why should I care about military families turned dysfunctional because of inhumane multiple deployments and call-ups for political purposes when I’m a civilian? Why should i care about transgenders struggling emotionally, physically, and socially because society hasn’t yet fully appreciated the medical science when I’m not transgendered? Why should I care about Martha Coakley and Fred Wyshak abusive prosecutions when I’ve never been their target?
    Shall I go on Kirth?

  3. Right, it didn't go down like that (0 Replies)

    instead they forced Artie T. to buy it a premium or bale. Now he’s a tool of Wall Street and the 1.5 billion dollar nut will have to come from revenue or costs or both. Lose lose for employees and customers.

  4. Thanks for pointing this out kirth. (1 Reply)

    this strange visitor from his own mind has certainly entered yours.
    It would be nice if you defend your Artie T.-is-jesus-christ position with an articulate position based on facts when addressing his well documented history of blackmail, extortion, suborner of perjury, and devious business partner
    Other than your misplaced glee what can you contribute to the discussion?

  5. Thanks for noticing fenway. I will hyper-ventilate and die... (1 Reply)

    before the first key stroke If I can ever see the chance to get Larry Lucchino, Dan Conley, Kevin Cullen and Artie T. in the same story line.

  6. You mean you are in favor of stealing? (1 Reply)

    take the law into your own hands right christopher. I think we call that anarchy. Sounds to me Christopher like you would be first to join the bolsheviks and then rather than admit you’re wrong declare your support for Lenin and Stalin right up until they take you or your family away.

    This selfish thinking of yours Christo is the root of anarchy.

  7. Krth? (2 Replies)

    Do you disagree that Artie T. drove the company by using his partners’s money and assets. Do you disagree that he has a history of illegally allocating his partners assets for his own?
    And BTW, Artie T. lost. He was forced to buy it. It’s been offered to him for years but he alsways said no.
    He lost ny friend. Only way he could win is current board voted hi back in.
    He thought he’s get that. he didn’t.
    Now he’s out 1.5 billion and has to answer to people much smarter and more heartless than him and Arthur S. put together.
    Your idea of victory is failure.
    And who walks away with 1.5 billion? The loser? I think not my friend

  8. LOL Artie Doesn't Have It Back (1 Reply)

    The banks do and he’s still a thief. It’s amazing what you people will overlook in the name of Communism.

  9. Getting $2.5 Billion makes Arthur S. a Bad Planner? Baahaaha (2 Replies)

    He got every dime plus a premium from Artie who had to leverage everything he and his sisters could come up with. No discount for the mess he caused. In return they agreed not sue him for all the damages he’s caused the company.

    This is far from over. In the future when Artie T. comes crashing down Arthur S. and his side will be reading about on a beach in the Mediterranean counting the 2 and half billion they they got from Artie T’ and his sisters’ savings.

    Anyone who doesn’t think Arthur S. won is a fool.

  10. He's Borrowed Most Off It (0 Replies)

    Mortgaged all the property so the banks now own that and he got five hundred million from a private equity/venture capitalist fund.
    The banks and the venture capitalist will now replace the Arthur S. faction on the board.

    Artie T. will self-destruct because he has no idea how to play fair with other people’s money. And these new guys are much different than his cousins. They make their livings keeping CEO’s in-line and they have no emotions.

  11. You're Wrong (1 Reply)

    Not empty shelves but closed stores. And that’s Artie T.’s fault. Without a doubt.
    He’s an extortionist.
    My God the masses are so easily led.

  12. Not agreeable to that because (1 Reply)

    she wants resources to train cops not to be dicks. Isn’t that the academy’s job and watching non dick cops work everyday.

    Maura is creating a problem we don’t have to any degree she suggests.

    How about cutting resources for cops. Too many resources seem to be the problem.
    Just tell them to not be dicks and punish them when they are. That doesn’t take money just a change in attitude.
    More resources is another way of saying power grab.

  13. Injunctive Relief Has Everyhtring to do with Irreparable harm (1 Reply)

    That’s one thing Mohegan would be asking for in an answer/counterclaim I assume. To declare that after the vote was taken and before the recount it was in its rights to treat the vote as finality with regards to the no talking to others clause.

    Most contrat litigations request injunctive relief and irreparable harm is usually the deciding factor.

    Now be a good law clerk and run a get me a pastrami on rye with brown mustard. And make it snappy. :)

  14. I Disagree, Not Trash to Mention Muara's B-Ball Hook (0 Replies)

    High percentage of women basketball players are lesbians. Just like most Broadway male dancers are gay. Facts that are woven inside our culture.
    So my subtle point is if Maura’s campaign believes the hook is to constantly showcase her basketball skills and resume is evidence of a dimensional candidate. Not about her being a lesbian but rather her not stepping outside the lesbian profile to relate to other people.

    I Stand By My Lame Joke.
    Thank you very much.

  15. Irreparable harm is the argument (1 Reply)

    and close vote or no they were on the winning side. Had they lost a close a vote I may agree. What are the damages? I just don’t get it.

  16. Check Out Petr With The Swing and the Miss (1 Reply)

    Petr, Petr, Petr. When will you learn?

    You didn’t mention district attorneys in your post. Maura acts as if she is the only elected prosecutor in line to stop it. Now that’s just for the murder investigation and criminal acts committed by police during the unrest.

    The governor would be the one sending in the state police and national guard. Not the attorney general.
    She could launch a civil rights investigation with a grand jury and all but that’s long term not an immediate response to the problem.
    Sooo, in this fantasy of hers she imagines just about every every politician and prosecutor but her losing their minds and leaving her in charge.
    The governor, the district attorneys, the mayors. Then she can justify her Al Haig moves.
    As for not liking her because she’s a woman, I say “you are wrong probable cause breath.”
    I dislike her candidacy because she is a Martha Coakley protege and Martha is a narcissistic, non-empathetic, over-zealous, prosecutor with an unhealthy level of ambition.

    And the women’s basketball line well…women’s basket ball is to lesbians what broadway dancing is to gay guys. Nothing wrong with that but she’s mistaken if her jump shot appeals to the Larry Bird voter.

  17. The Palmer Agreement was an Impossibility after the referendum... (1 Reply)

    Standard contract law. Also had Mohegan not acted ASAP it may have suffered irreparable harm in the highly competitive and fast moving casino industry. The Palmer referendum was a game changer and Mohegan acted prudently and did not breach the contract when it gave Suffolk Downs a call.
    The Palmer landowner suffered no harm and the the contract was null and void. Waiting for a recount only hurt Mohegan Sun.

    As for Wynn and Everett, right on.

  18. What Reason Will You Give The District Attorney for Pulling the Case from Him? (1 Reply)

    Why are you so sure our elected Massachusetts District Attorneys couldn’t handle this?
    Are you that sure you are better than them?