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  1. Yes, Let Them Eat Cake.... (2 Replies)

    after the full buffet we’ve been feeding them.
    Never enough is it.
    Can yo comment on the main point, that currently this area is well served by public transportation.
    BTW, I forget to mention the Purple line and the buses to Leachmere.

  2. Reddington says it all about creating a perjury charge against her. (0 Replies)

    If she testifies there is not a thing on earth she can say, no matter how truthfully, that Wyshak won’t create an indictment from.
    That is what he does. He manufactures evidence and scripts his witnesses.

  3. Umm, That's Not Vindication Fred... It's What Everyone Already Knew (0 Replies)

    Sure she can delete personal e-mails. And Charles Manson could have sent his roomates down the street to borrow a cup of sugar from Sharon Tate. If that was the truth then Manson would be innocent.
    Problem here is once again Hillary and too cute by half. She wasn’t some mid-level manager at the RMV trying to also run a home with 3 kids and mean-well-but-doesn’t-get-it-husband.

    A President Hillary Clinton is a president that we can’t trust. And that’s based on her record. Like this e-mail shit we have to deal with.

    Let’s not forget the Clinton Foundation and all the international moiney flowing into it when she was secretary of state.

    But if the guy in charge of a state motor pool buys fan belts friom a third cousin Fred Wyshak will indict him.

    I don’t trust this woman at all.

  4. Thanks (0 Replies)

    I think Bill Simmons will tear into the NFL when he gets to HBO

  5. Petr, Please Do Not Comment on My Posts (1 Reply)

    Your comments add nothing and do not follow logic. Please go away. Find someone else to troll.

  6. Tom, Please Don't Comment on my Posts (1 Reply)

    You do nothing but troll me and it takes away from thje debate.

  7. Dude, That was Law School Innocence Projects do - Law Students (2 Replies)

    Boy, are you reaching. The Law School allowed them to do with the backing of the Innocece Project. THAT’S A FACT.

    Why are you in denial? It’s bizarre. Do you want to start calling chairs tables?
    I mean this could not be more clearer.
    Get over it and quit trolling me.
    You Troll

  8. Question Petr (1 Reply)

    Since you “take the Innocence Project very seriously” (emphasis mine) and now that you know it has put its good name behind Connolly, (you saw the quote from the director) has your view of the Innocense project changed? Has your opinion of the Connolly case changed?

  9. Miami Law in the News (1 Reply)

    The University of Miami School of Law’s Innocence Clinic also got involved, filing a 15-page motion for post-conviction relief in 2013. The trial court never ruled on that motion. About seven UM law students worked on the case for 18 months, said associate director Craig Trocino. “It’s a huge victory for Mr. Connolly and everyone who worked on the case,” he said.


  10. Here's Howie Carr Complaining About It. Now Go Outside and Play Petr (0 Replies)

    Really dude, this is why I BMG can suck. Trolls lookin gto catch me on anything. Really Petr, is this necessary? No more. It’s September, you need to be reading To Kill A Mockingbird and checking out the hot new transfer from Riverside High in your world history class.

    Off with you, off with.

    Wait, I have an idea. Hold on


  11. Thanks for reading Petr and confirming 2 of the the 3 points. Here's a link to confirm the 3rd (1 Reply)

    The Miami Innocence project is part of Connolly’s legal team and has done much of the preliminary investigations and legal research which has helped in the fight against the Wyshak/Margolis federal government’s Bradying of Connolly.
    (Remember, you heard it here first. It means getting targeted then destroyed by The Man. Could be your boss)

    Despite team Wyshak being sworn in as Florida special state prosecutors so they could retry Connolly on a murder he was acquitted of in the Moakley Building the Florida Appeals Court is split and the language from the dissent is direct.
    Unfortunately, if you read the opinion you will see that with the help of Team Wyshark/Margolis the have created a persona that John Connolly is the most evil man ever to roam the earth. Whitey Bulger is the second because Connolly created him.
    The result oriented Florida Justice judges who decided against him have been bamboozled into having to keep Connolly in jail despite the facts of this case. A

    Anyway, I googled it and here is the very first hit. The Innocence Clinic’s Facebook page.

    Ernie, with a microphone in hand, extends arm outward, opens fist, microphone drops to floor, and Ernie walks away.
    I think that’s how the kids today say $#@^&.

    Thank you, Thank you very much.

    And keep reading Petr.

  12. Hey Bob, (1 Reply)

    when can I start blogging.
    Defaltegate and the hearing on the injunction the Pats will apply for get soon in Norfolk superior must be addressed.

    For the love of God, man, Tom Brady needs me.

  13. To Sum Up: Stan Rosenberg Wasting Everyone's Time (2 Replies)

    First Off: There is no legislative body closer to the people then the house of reps. It protects us from the elites taking over. There is deep historical and political thought that speaks of the neeed for a house in the federal and stae governments.
    So David Bernstein can take his elitist view of government and his cry to abolish the MA House of Reps and keep it in Virginia, the place he calls home.

    As for Stan the man Rosenberg I have obne question. What are his bargaining chips? Why on earth would the House ever give in to Senate’s wishes to change the rules of the joint committees and change the “money bill” staus quo.
    Oh wait, Blue Mass Group and the Boston Globe say it’s unfair and the House, the closest to the people, should just give up some power because , why again?
    Oh, Stan’s a liberal’s liberal so he is a good person and anythibg he wants is for the good of man.

    Stan Rosenberg has done nothing but insult the House since he became Senate Prez. He wass a failure as a chair of Senate Ways and Means because and so far I see no reason to believe he will be any better as Senate prez.
    He does like the celebrity of the job and that’s not good either.

  14. Great read David. BTW (1 Reply)

    when will I get my posting privedges back?

  15. You all know Cullen is an obtuse fraud from Malden, right? (0 Replies)

    Guy hasn’t had a creative thought since he called figured he could everyone by pretending he’s from Southie and has cred with the darkside of life.

    He doesn’t. he’s just a tool for certain people.

    Everyone knows that, right?