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  1. You should be a story in Washington Tom (1 Reply)

    not sure what that means but sounded like a great come back to your headline

  2. Disagree Hester (0 Replies)

    You’re taking the constricted view IMHO.
    It’s not about her voting down any of the cabinet members. Jesus Christ, talk about a constricted view.
    No Mam, it’s about what the newspapers are writing, the news is showing, and internet is saying.
    I suggest that seven out every ten times she is in the national spotlight she should advocating for the 99% and telling the people in simple terms how Trump’s economic policies are royally screwing them.
    In the process she will be articulating an economic policy appealing to Joe Six Pack in Pembroke and the Democratic base.
    Instead I see too much of her trying to be the loudest singer in the chorus.
    It goes beyond the senate confirmation hearings.

  3. How do you know CharleyMTA is not talking to David or Bob and Might Be Leaving BMG? (1 Reply)

    I don’t. Just needed click bait because the new system doesn’t let people know when you post.
    This will get in the comment section.

  4. We Need Evan Falchuk To Tell Us This? (4 Replies)

    Gather round folks. Evans gonna tell how good Tom Brady is.

  5. How about answering' the question (1 Reply)

    and I’m talking about her being beaten by a Democrat. The above analysis is useless.

  6. Question Fred Rich (1 Reply)

    You were/are Katherine Clark’s campaign manager?
    Can you conform that?

  7. Many Repubs Like Lindsey Graham Have Called Him put on this (1 Reply)

    John McCain also.
    Just Mitch McConnell and 2 Lts have not. But hey, Mitch’s wife works for Donald.

  8. i meant 1101th (0 Replies)

    it self corrected to 11th for some reason

  9. Thanks for pointing this out Fred (1 Reply)

    I just added a post specific to this issue. Perhaps you can add something of substance there.

  10. BTW2 Fred (0 Replies)

    I hope you didn’t take money from Jen Migliore fort hat shitty campaign. Isn’t Saugus in Katherine Clark’s district? They went with Trump, didn’t they Fred?
    And how many people in Wakefield and Saugus and Framingham and Woburn held their noses and voted for Hillary.
    Yes spree Freddie my boy, you gal Katherine can be beaten. Happened before and can happen again.

  11. BTW Fraud, I mean Fred... (2 Replies)

    Katherine Clark could be beat in Wakefield by a another Dem.

  12. Hey Fred "Rich" Lariccia, What have You Against Free Speech? (3 Replies)

    I comment that this is my 1100th post and you downrate it. Am I not allowed to voice my opinion? I’m not making anyone read it.
    Why would you downgrade me for simply speaking.
    Wouldn’t it be better if you commented on the substance of my opinions and not my ability to express them. Isn’t that what an educated professional adult would do? I mean you claim to be one, don’t you?
    Who are you again Fred? I know you claim to be some sort of big shot but what exactly is it that you do or have done that makes you never buy Renuzit>

  13. 62 million sexists, Aye petr? (2 Replies)

    This is why we have President Trump? 62 million sexists who wouldn’t vote for Hillary because she’s a woman. Is that it petr?
    God help us all.