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  1. Thanks for continued support Tom (0 Replies)

    I couldn’t do this if it were not for my devoted readers like you, Christopher, petr and the gang.
    Hope you come and see me when I’m performing in your area.

  2. You have me confused Charley? (0 Replies)

    As for the substance of the diary … the idea that Markey and Clark in Massachusetts are somehow responsible for the downfall of the Democratic Party, is goofy.

    How do extrapolate that from what I said.

    You know Charley. if you are going to come back to me and comment after years of ignoring me please make it on point. Unfortunately for you you read what you wanted to and then came in here with nothing but smug remarks.

    Lame is what Lame does Charley.

  3. It's Not What The Text Means to Me, It's Your Hi-Jacking The Text and Using it to Claim The Democrats Have Moral Superiority (2 Replies)

    but as a reminder that the stance of the Democratic Party towards the least among us is a direct consequence of the teachings of Christianity. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it impossible to reconcile the highlighted portions of the above text with the hostility towards women and minority groups that laces the endless attacks on my party and its last campaign.

    Question Tom, would you steel a loaf bread to feed your starving family? Tell me what you would do Saint Tom.

  4. BAA ha ha ha ha (1 Reply)

    means nothing. Nice to let her think she can’t be beat though. Makes it easier for a competent opponent.
    Saying Katherine Clark can’t be defeated because she licked Sheldon Schwatz is like saying Alabama cannot beat Boston College because B.C. walloped Wagner.
    I see a lot of votes in a lot of places that gave her the vote the first time around after the special election, but now that she’s had time to let them know who she is….well..
    Someone can give her a fight. Regardless, these numbers mean nothing when analyzed.

  5. Sorry Tom, I Think This Moral Superiority Is a Turn-Off to Many Moral People (2 Replies)

    also “working class” is now synonomous with not able to make ends meet, not sure where you will get the money to retire, worried about the burden their kids will have with college debt (if they want to do better than working class)
    This is the attitude that will continue to kill the Democratic party unless we start empathizing with working class people who do not live in progressive urban neighborhoods.
    Tom, you may be a good guy but you come across as an elite self-centered moralist who sees everything as black and white. When a voice like yours dominates the conversation like it has in many corners of the Dem party defeat is close by.

  6. And then take a look at the voters in.... (0 Replies)

    Revere, Medford, and Malden. A boat load of votes in those cities, (isn’t Arlington a town? A podunk town? Like with selectmen and elected dog catchers? The pulse of the 5th.)
    as I was saying, a boat load of votes for a Democrat running against the Democratic party’s status quo which Katherine Clark, and the stereo-typed Arlington voter, represents)

  7. I'm Offended that you are not offended Pablo. But seriously... (1 Reply)

    what is the data you are mining? Don’t bother if your argument is based on Hillary and Clark’s recent primary numbers.
    As we all know the demographics of Arlington are very similar to Cambridge, without the riff faff. Although Arlington has its share of riff faff)
    These are world class elite liberals. Every other car is a Subaru sporting a faded co-exist bumper sticker on the back along with the “Greenpeace”, “Bernie” or “Hillary”, “Amnesty International” “Ski Killington” and “ACK” bumper stickers.
    Now take a look at Framingham. Big freakin’ town. Biggest town in the country. So big it shouldn’t be a town. It should be a city. In fact that’s in the works. I bet there’s more people in Framingham than Arlington. I’m not gonna look it up. I’ll wait for the data.
    Then take Natick. Right next door to Framingham. Both these towns are full of Dems. But guess what? They ain’t no Arlington Cambridge Dems. And neither are the ones in the heavily populated streets Waltham and Watertown.

    A more moderate Dem who would work her ass off, have a well organized campaign, send out the right message, and raise some money could take it from Clark next September.

    Clark has been a headline grabber and celebrity seeker since she got there with little legislative skills.

  8. Wow Christopher, You Were Just Served (2 Replies)

    We would all be much better served if bloggers here actually fact-checked their own stuff rather than attack others. Volume, ten or twenty posts per day, does not equal quality.

  9. I Have a plan (0 Replies)

    You guys give me a million dollars and use it to go get help.
    Who’s with me?

  10. "Disagree with her on gun control"? (0 Replies)

    nope, not an issue for me. There is nothing I have ever written that should cause you to say I disagree with her on gun control.

    She is lame because she is one of these overly ambitious country bumpkin shooting stars who gets eye rolls from her colleagues. You know other overly ambitious people only they know how to do it right. Like not spending a day of your time or assigning a staff member to stand at the aisle and hold a place for them so they can get 2 seconds of face time on TV when the Pres walks in the chamber.
    Doesn’t matter what her positions are she’s a lightweight from Colorado who never buys Renuzit.

  11. Who Cares? (0 Replies)

    Seriously David, you’re better than this.
    We can not pick all day with these Bozos. Don’t fall in to the trap/
    I think we should be posting more about all the back tracking Donald is doing the is week.
    Suddenly Obama Care has some good things according to Donald and he says he’ll too busy to go after Hillary.

  12. Hey Tom, I Hear Trump Will De-Fund The Green Line Extension (0 Replies)

    OMG you may have to keep on taking the bus. Only a racist sexist would be against the Green Line extension.

  13. No room for discussion here? (1 Reply)

    Thanks for reading Tom.
    Tom don’t you have a book burning to be at?

  14. Ahhh, That Reads Like Exactly Like They Weren't There (0 Replies)

    After the bombing and they got everyone to a hospital incompetence, ego, bureaucratic shenanigans, and testosterone combined to produce at least two of the greater cluster fucks in police work.