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  1. Then You Better Talk To Marty Walsh About That Because (1 Reply)

    he wears it on his sleeve and will tell anyone who will listen about himself. He made it part of campaign. I’m just repeating what the mayor wants everyone to know.
    Get a grip Peter. You are so wrong on this. Only repeating what the mayor has stated publicly many times.

  2. Point out the Speculation peter (1 Reply)

    You made some heavy attacks about me speculating. So back it up my needled friend. Show me the speculation.
    Or apologize.

  3. No, Shame On You peter Porcupine You Sanctimonious But Ignorant Finger Pointer (2 Replies)

    The mayor has been very upfront about his allegiance to 12 steps. It’s been widely reported (including the cell phone thing) plus everyone and his brother knows it.
    There also many people in recovery just like our mayor. Sorry for living life and exposing myself to these people, but they exist. In fact early in the mayoral campaign well before anyone could remember his name I siad keep an eye on Marty Walsh because of the AA factor.

    Anyway that is not what you makes you a dick, what makes you a dick os pretending you know the AA code. The rules of recovery. The 12 steps and stay away from 13th step. (that’s hooking up with another 12 stepper, usually not a good thing)
    You don’t talk about people from AA. But you do have friends from AA. Nothing wrong with that.
    But, if I was to write thatI see Marty Walsh every Friday night BC High meeting that would be bad. Get it?
    And guess what, the mayor being at that meeting has been written about so no foul there.
    So really don’t freakin’ lecture me or the BMG editors on recovery etiquette.
    And yes I do know plenty of guys like the mayor as far as keeping busy and doing the right thing.
    Really? How ignorant can one person be?
    Apologize Peter. Get out when you can. You can’t have a defense for your ignorant yet superior attitude.
    Typical Republican I guess. Keep your he’d up your ass so you don’t have to consider the world as it is and not as you want to be.
    Skarooo you!

  4. Sucks Doesn't it Tom (0 Replies)

    You write a comment that make know sense and Elizabeth Warren’s No.1 political guru writes a comment agreeing with me.
    And BTW you stating that Hillary’s reputation of dishonesty is only the result of 20 years of right wing propoganda sounds like the rantings of a Holocaust denier.
    How’s that right wing conspiracy done making Obama out to be a liar, cheater, corrupt, adulterer, bushwhacker, pole dancing..?


  5. Thanks for letting us know TBD (0 Replies)

    I was not sure if you were of the segment within the pie chart of progressive gems who would be trust fund babies.
    But now knowing that you are not one logically causes me to conclude that they don’t exist.
    I gotta say, that’s one great fucking defense against my post. In fact, it’s the best defense.
    Well earned name, well earned.

  6. Full funded pensions at fixed rates are different and a soon to be thing of the past (0 Replies)

    it’s the ones where the market and your investment portfolio dictate your return. When your re a small player you get the worst deals and pay for the big guys greedy deals.

  7. Yes, He So AA He Can't Lie (1 Reply)

    This guy is a walking talking poster child for that one a hundred 12 step guys.
    What you see is what you get and the y live the life. First thing is they have to keep busy.
    Not like have a hobby but have something to do every single second of your waking day. We all know people like this.
    Next is he has been top level goto person in AA. That means constant calls from drunks trying to dry out and mother and wives of drunks who won’t dry out. (druggies too)
    Is it true that he won’t give up his cell phone because too many people from AA have it and some will fall off the wagon and reach out to him for help. Not mayor help but AA help.
    Plus with ll the stuff he’s been doing to keep the unions from getting all the work it doesn’t make sense he would tell subordinates to illegally game the system for the unions.
    But it’s really the the AA stuff. I know guys like this and the live to be honest and busy.

  8. Yes It Is Always About Me Christopher (0 Replies)

    You just don’t get it, do you?
    Don’t fight it Christopher. Come and join us. You’re among friends here.

  9. LOL Mark Without Stats What I Say Doesn't Matter (1 Reply)

    Rather than concentrate on knocking those whom point out some well known facts that you don’t like why not pay attention to them and not require the deepness of Paul’s comment.
    Real people do not Hillary. Why is that so hard to understand.
    Many real people hate Tom Brady. I understand why. I love Tom Brady and disagree with them but I understand.
    IN the same sense why do so many BMgers refuse to admit that many Dems to not like Hillary, do not trust Hillary, and do not want her to be our president.
    But that doesn’t mean they re voting for Donald Trump or will not vote for Hillary because of their contempt for him.
    But pulls, stop attacking people for not liking Hillary.She is not good person.IMHO

  10. Endorsing? Where Do I Suggest People Should Vote For Trump (0 Replies)

    Critical reading and analysis does not exist among the Hilleryites.

  11. Hey Mark, 'm The One Predicting Liz Warren for VP (1 Reply)

    I said that long ago my friend.
    You insists on sticking your head in the sand. Hilary a very flawed candidate because too many people from both parties do not like her. This is multiplied by the country’s disdain for the “establishment”, especially Wall Street. The country is crying for an outsider and the Dems nominate the most inside person there is. Now the country is being told that that the flaws are only talked about by sexist and anyway she’ll never be as Donald Trump.

  12. DiSarro was Killed By Frank Salemme and Steve Flemmi (1 Reply)

    Finding this body means that Salemme and Flemi perjured themselves most likely. This is another hole in Wyshak’s dike built to protect serial killers like Flemmi and Martarano.