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  1. Goddamn it (0 Replies)

    at least i had the $2.00 exacta
    big whup

  2. BTW Jim (1 Reply)

    Nice Op-Ed in the Globe by your brother and Nancy Gertner.
    We are becoming a fascist state run out of the Moakley building

  3. That's Easy Jim (1 Reply)

    The FBI supervisor was John Morris and the informant was Whitey Bulger. The Globe proudly disclosed Whitey was an informant many years ago.
    John Morris was the leak. This all came out in the multiple hearings and trials after Whitey fled.
    Morris admiited leaking the info and admitted taking money from Whitey.

    I personally heard Kevin Cullen on public radio agreeing that Whitey should have been killed because of the globe story. Every idiot knows outing an informant is a death warrant.

  4. Hillary's Gonna Win So Shut Up and Take It. (1 Reply)

    Do not, I repeat do not, question our decision to force feed Hillary on the party.

  5. Because that stuff is boring right now central (0 Replies)

    The legislature has been a big yawn. How much longer can Dempsey wait to be speaker? How long will the federal investigation last which means Deleo has legal bills which can paid out of campaign account. he needs to be speaker so he can still raise money so he can pay lawyers to keep an eye on the corrup Fred Wyshak.

    As for the sexist part of voters I suggest if you replace eother candidate with Elizabeth Warren you wouldn’t say that.
    Many people just don’t like Hillary.
    JIm Marzilli has same problem.

  6. Wrong Terrence (0 Replies)

    You have me wrong. I’ve been put on this earth to bother people like you. Party affilliation not a factor. Get over yourself.

  7. You just defined Hillary's Establishment Problem Mullaley - Self-Privledge (4 Replies)

    BTW. The pro-Hillary wing of the party IS the Democratic Party.

    That’s the establishment talking. Anyone who votes in a democratic primary is a Democrat for the purposes of this election. Your vote does not count twice event though you believe you ARE the Democratic party. This thinking is why people do not want Hillary.
    Talk about self-privledge.

  8. No, That's campaigning (0 Replies)

    Is it negative to point out Hillary’s votes? Is it negative to point out out the Wall Street $peeches?
    I say no. What say you Mullaley?

  9. Good For You (0 Replies)

    but it doesn’t make you better than everyone, as you believe

  10. Please tell me what negative campaigning is? (2 Replies)

    Seems to be a pretty broad definition. Depends upon whom you support I guess.

  11. How Do We Keep Hillary Honest? (1 Reply)

    Stay on her, that’s how.
    The reasonong that she is the nominee no matter what so therefore do not knock her is so against American and political principles. The pro-Sanders wing of the party has to stay on Hillary, as do others.

  12. ? What the hell did you learn from that Fred (3 Replies)

    seriously dude. I have no idea what the hell Petr said.
    Suppose long ago one of the candidates voted to stop federal funding of all abortions. Suppose it was Hillary. Would it be negative to point that out?

  13. Kirth, Get With the BMG Program (1 Reply)

    She earned the right to be president and only a lying moron would suggest anything to the contary.
    Get with the BMG program

  14. I think Hwang will win but who knows? (0 Replies)

    It’s a special election making it all about who gets their vote out? The SEIU will do that for Livingstone but that’s about it. Plus his own “machine”.
    The guy is a Martha Coakley protege who doesn’t have the base he needs and from his endorsements he seems to have joined a voting block that demands unity on all issues yet often cares more about headlines than accomplishments.

    Rizzo knows how to get his vote out and will work on additional votes from East Boston and Winthrop.

    Hwang state house background, savvy ad, (and isn’t Marty Walsh behind her too) makes me think she has been pounding the pavement and will turn out a retty good vote.

    Turn out prediction 10,000

  15. Fred, You Have Two State Reps? (2 Replies)

    Is Wrong or Broduer your rep. I don’t get it Plus you are on a the board of directors of some lefty group. Why would a repub rep waste his time with you. Are you a cnstituent of Wongs?