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  1. You Think They're Bteer Than Us Tom? (2 Replies)

    Harry Truman was Harry, Abraham Lincoln was Abe. But we have to call these two by their surnames.
    Mr. Cruz, Ms. Palin,

  2. You Haven't given a reason for her not to run. Question (1 Reply)

    wht is the downside if she runs tom?
    i just don’t see a big downside.
    Would you be disapointed is she ran and won?

  3. The Voice of Poor Losers (0 Replies)

    Now I want to win it to shove up Chicago’s ass.
    Hey Chi-Town how many unarmed people did your cops shoot today?

    They shoot like a five a week.

  4. Liz isn't Ross Perot Tom. So like I said... (1 Reply)

    that reasoning sucks IMHO. Dave from Harv. says it correctly.

    This woman has a ready made experienced highly sucessful and very large group of people experienced in this stuff and will pull readsy to go to war.
    You write as if she’s Ross Perot.

  5. Tom, That's some effed up reasoning there (1 Reply)

    I can’t follow you. Liz will melt or turn into a pumpkin is elected?
    I just don’t follow you. If she has personakl and family reasons Okaye. But all the “liz fans” not wanting her to run are having trouble making the case in political terms. Like you.

  6. Absolutely Believe it (1 Reply)

    You have no idea what corruption is. Not the phony perjury charge against Finneran (no money involved) Not the bullshit probation scandal (which may get flipped)
    Not Bulger, Not Charlie Flaherty,

    Bot much. Corruption is not a city hall employee leaving early on Friday. Corruption is not ethics violations.
    Corruption is whne a public official takes money to guarentee a result regardless of the public interest.
    And it does and is happening. There are lcoal cops and inspectors anf other big fish in small ponds who play games.
    Hello Everett.

  7. Why Does That Matter Methuanpro? (0 Replies)

    What’s your point. Do you disagree with tom or you shut a devoted fan of his you feel ripped-off. Like you thought you were getting a new Saturday Night Live but it was a repeat. Is that it?

  8. You are Absolutley Rigth Christopher (0 Replies)

    Seriously. Why would they do this. I ask the same question and the best I can come up with is that certain people at tom levels of the hidden bureaucracy believe it is all about the protecting the image that the feds never make mistakes.
    If the bombers were being recruited to be informants the FBI agents recruiting them were more likly than not good people fulfilling a good policy made by other good people within the bureaucracy.
    Like anything else in life things can go bad. In this case the recruits turned around and commited acts of terrorism. It happens.
    But instead of letting that come out and put a minor ding on the reputation some higher-ups responded with damage control which resulted in more deaths. But whio cares?
    That’s my opinion.
    Nobody’s fault but the fact it would be a headline turned it into the circus that resulted in officer Collier’s death.
    That seems more likely than the shit they are selling down at the courthouse.

  9. David Uncovers Evidence that Boston Media Controlled By U.S. Attorneys (0 Replies)

    Thanks David,
    yes, the local media didn’t report on it because it made the US Attorneys look like real clowns. Worse than Bill Buckner. That’s part of the deal they have. Never bite the hand that feeds you.
    Now add this with all the stuff the local scribes did not report and what the highlghted in the Bulger trial.
    Whtey Bulger’s victims came out of the trial not trusting the US Attorneys and thanking Whitey’s lawyer’s for seeking the truth. They felt as if he was working for them.
    At the same time Globe and Herald writers and the papers themselves are makeing money by further creating the fiction behind the Bulger trial. Same as they are doing here.
    The local media, especially the GLobe, cannot be trusted in telling the people the truth about the Moakly Building and if that anecdote above doesn’t showcase it I don’t know what to tell you.

  10. Of Course te Legislature has To Stay on Top of it (1 Reply)

    But let’s not make Moran and Aaron the point people. Seems more like they want to cause problems for Marty Walsh than work together.

    Plus we need Senate input. Joint committee. Sen. Dorcena Forry or Petrucelli perhaps with anyone but those two chairing the House side. And don’t forget the the reps and sens outside of Boston, oustide of 128, outside 495, past Worcester, and past Springfield too

  11. Charlie, Bob, and David (0 Replies)

    I believe this cooment is a personal attack and against the rules. I am sure whe you see this you will want to delete it.

    Please don’t. I can take it. I am not a putz.

    Thnak you

  12. Not sure I follow you Bob (2 Replies)

    So you are saying referendum or no referendum?

    When do we have it and what does it say? Precisiely?
    Should we have a referendum everytime they have an event on public property. The Phantom Gourmet B-BQ feast on the Plaxa/ The North End Feasts?

    I’m trying to seperate uses of public property for private events in return for rent. Tha;s what the Olympics are as far as the city is concerned regarding footing the bill for venues.
    Then it’s just regular game day in Boston only on steroids. Marathon, World Series, B,C. Football, Dental convention, Tall Ships, Stanly Cup, Harvard Graduation, Head of the Charles, Shriners convention, and Fouth of July all happeneing same time for several days.
    We can do that.

  13. No you didn't. Tell me what neighborhoods willbe destroyed (1 Reply)

    That was your point. So the facts don’t back it up so I guess the only point you made is that I am right and you are wrong.

    Goodie goodie goodie

  14. Why Do The Charge Money to Ice Skate on Boston Common? (0 Replies)

    I really don’t see their point in objecting to this other than seeing their names in the paper.