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  1. Start your own blog (0 Replies)

    really, talk about ….. I don’t know what. Someone help me out
    What are we talking about here?

  2. Run Liz Run (0 Replies)

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  3. Could You Point to Sullivan v Times Offenses I Have Committed TBD? (1 Reply)

    And the dividends one is not an example. I corrected it.
    Show me the my wrongs that are libelous. Even for the lessor standard of non-public figures.
    Let me hear it big guy.

  4. Tell Me The Secret Service Didn't Open a file on John Teehan aka Johnt001 in case Sen. Warren Gets Nomination (1 Reply)

    really dude. At best you were a pain-in-the-ass and at worst a potential crazed stalker.
    This manufatured event seems more like a staged event the Red Sox would put on for the fans where the players mingle a little then leave.
    They had to be there because it was important to a faction of the party hard cores. This was work.
    But back to John T.
    Slow it down. Sloooooow it down.

  5. Baqaahaaahaaa self-praise is no praise TBD (1 Reply)

    wgat details about Basile are u talking about. Telll me what u added and what i missed about Basile.
    As for MB excuse me, he paid paltry dividends to shareholder and used the rest to help himself, friends, family, and employees. He’s a narcicist my friend.

    But who cares. I want to hear more about you TBD. You sound to me like a loser and if I did Id you it would make sense.

  6. Now I'm Confused TBD. What the hell was your point about Basile? (0 Replies)

    I am real happy for you that you “know about Basile than” me. Good for you. But what the hell was your point? I explained my point )patronage secretary is not like other jobs). But dude, what the hell is your point? That Basile supported Baker? Duh, no shit Sherlock. So again, what was it you brought to the table?

  7. Chris my friend, I will provide citations this one time to satify your ignorance (1 Reply)



    Fron the Forbes Magazine article

    The biggest story in New England over the past few months couldn’t have been more of a labor-management fairy tale if Hans Christian Andersen had used his dip pen. If you believed media accounts, thousands of employees of Market Basket, the ubiquitous, $4.3 billion (sales) regional grocery chain, risked their livelihoods to strike–and essentially shut down their employer–not for higher wages but to protest the ouster of their beloved leader, Arthur T. Demoulas (the friendly “Artie”), who’d been deposed by his evil cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas (the more ominous “Arthur”). The wicked board of directors finally caved to a buyout of the family-owned business, Artie returned in triumph, and everyone went back to work.

    It’s a great saga. Too bad it’s not true.

  8. There's nothing new in that list (1 Reply)

    same ole same ole.
    What exactly should Boston be doing? Perhaps new to the previous stricken places you refer but to Boston? Sorry, the busing crisis was an overblown manufatured splitting of the lower classes by the elites who did not have a stake but chose to needlessly further divide the city out of hate of Boston’s white working class and mostly Irish Catholic population.

  9. Question Kate (2 Replies)

    in the Holiday spirit isn’t the joy the party brings with renewing acquaintances, seeing old friends, and making new ones more important than which political VIP is showing up. This party seems more like an exercise in massaging an ego than having fun.

    Screw Liz Warren. Okay, a party is not the same without her dancing while wearing a lampshade and swigging from a half-empty tequila bottle but there are other less famous folks just as fun.

    Blogging the list of VIPs going to your party is off-putting. It’s not a fundraiser ot a concert.

  10. Wal Street Journal to start (2 Replies)

    the national ones reporting the dark side of Artie and wondering why the local media did not.

    Kirth, really dude, is Artie sucking your you know what every night? Why the love for this evil man if you have no relationship.

  11. Exactly.... (0 Replies)

    shit for dividends relatively speaking. AND why do you iognore the court proven facts that Artie is a thief and an obstructionist of justice.
    The who fight was over Artie T holding back money.
    I satnd by my exagerated point of fact about dividends and my non-exagerated point of fact of Artie being a thief.
    Like shooting scmucks in a barrell

  12. Wow Chris, You Have Me. I'm a teamster (0 Replies)

    That’s what I am because only a teamster would write what I write. Only someone with a grudge and the Teamsters have the biggest. They didn’t get two billion clams like Artie S. They didn’t even get to unionize the MB workers. Nope, they are pissed and this all about fanning union flames. Because that’s what I do.
    Thanks chris. And remember to look for the union label.

  13. Because his persona of a good person is a myth (1 Reply)

    he is a thief that habitually tried to corrupt the justice system by paying for perjury.
    The courts determined these things, not me.

    Bey he paid big money to lots of people to make sure the local media played up his false narritive while mentioning as little as possible his evil side.
    The local media was a laughingstock nationally for portraying Artie as a cult of personality.
    Money gets things done even for thieves.