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  1. Good for you Christopher (1 Reply)

    good for you. should I have said petr gets my briefs in a bunch?
    or under pants in a bunch?
    Help me out. I don’t want to sexist. God no.

  2. I'm following you here (2 Replies)

    seriously, I don’t get your point.
    My pint is quite simple. We can’t convince those who look favorably uponTrump that he can is really a danger to them unless the true reasons he is dangerous to them (especially financially btw) are not drowned out but the shit reasons he sucks.
    That’s my point.
    I’m not sure what yours is.
    Help us out here, will you Petr?

  3. I cannot stand that I am forced to reply to petr but... (1 Reply)

    he is such a dumb ass I have no choice.

    adherence to behaviour considered ‘normal’ doesn’t mean Donald Trump is doing something sane or deserves any type of fig leaf for his motives.

    No it doesn’t but it weakens the legitimate reasons the guy is dangerous to most every American. With all the noise out there, those yelping about this shit (like petr) are doing the enemy’s work.

  4. Sounds like Trump fired him for noticing his call.. (1 Reply)

    but he doesn’t need a reason. If there is an investigation or maybe an investigation into The Donald by the NY USA then that will come out in the wash.

  5. I agree Ernie, We Need to get on message (1 Reply)

    seems some people on our side need to calm down a little if we are gonna beat these bastards.
    Keep up the good work Ernie!

  6. Oh, Thanks Fred.... (0 Replies)

    Good to know you’re willing to talk it out and look for the root cause.
    The Democrats need more like you Fred grooming the next Katherine Clark.

  7. This argument is not helping (3 Replies)

    Do you really think the average Trump voter doesn’t know this? Do you believe there are Trump voters who will change their views after reading this?

    Why aren’t the inclusive and enlightened people of the Democratic Party trying to figure out why these people are mad?
    Instead in to one big one-ups-manship on clever arguments condemning Trump voters. That is a losing battle plan.

  8. You should be a story in Washington Tom (1 Reply)

    not sure what that means but sounded like a great come back to your headline

  9. Disagree Hester (0 Replies)

    You’re taking the constricted view IMHO.
    It’s not about her voting down any of the cabinet members. Jesus Christ, talk about a constricted view.
    No Mam, it’s about what the newspapers are writing, the news is showing, and internet is saying.
    I suggest that seven out every ten times she is in the national spotlight she should advocating for the 99% and telling the people in simple terms how Trump’s economic policies are royally screwing them.
    In the process she will be articulating an economic policy appealing to Joe Six Pack in Pembroke and the Democratic base.
    Instead I see too much of her trying to be the loudest singer in the chorus.
    It goes beyond the senate confirmation hearings.

  10. How do you know CharleyMTA is not talking to David or Bob and Might Be Leaving BMG? (1 Reply)

    I don’t. Just needed click bait because the new system doesn’t let people know when you post.
    This will get in the comment section.

  11. We Need Evan Falchuk To Tell Us This? (4 Replies)

    Gather round folks. Evans gonna tell how good Tom Brady is.