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  1. Oh Paul, Have You Not Learned Anything From My Musings? (1 Reply)

    You see grasshopper, the self-centered Globies only care about themselves.
    They created a stereo-type about Boston’s white under-class to satisfy its on needs. Had Judge Garrity ordered full de-segregation through metro-Boston that would have directly affected the liberal elite that live in the toney suburbs. Then you would have heard a differnt tune because the Johnny one-note song of Southie and Eastie residents etc are all racists because they don’t want to send their kids to anywhere besides their neighborhood schools would not serve their self-interest.

    When Mattapan or an frican American or black people in general don’t tow a line that keeps the liberal elite at a safe distance and doesn’t upset their day to day routine the these people turns on them.

    So Paul, point was a larger one highlighting that all they care about is themselves and they pit poor and lower class whites in Boston against the African Americans. Easy to pat themselves on the back when they do it because it’s doen from a distance without empathy or understanding. Simply selfish reasons.

  2. Will There Be Unlawful Wire Tapping Complaints Brought Against F & R Auto Sales? (0 Replies)

    They recorded then releaeed it to the public.
    All sorts of things in there.

    BTW I gave the names of the individuals in the video but the BMG editors took them down.
    Any thoughts on that?

  3. Also Tells Us Explicitly That The Defendants'.... (1 Reply)

    appeal raises “substantial question’ of law”.
    That means a lot more than you want it to mean Johnk.
    It may mean they did not break any laws.
    You understand that it mau mean that, don’t you?

  4. Thank God Tom Menino Didin't Have to Hear This (0 Replies)

    It would have killed him. The new mayor getting everyone whipped up on a new Boston and now the OLYMPICS. Menino didn’t need this.
    Much like the shit bum who gets arrested and relatives say, “Thank God his mother is dead.”
    Only different.

  5. Marty Just Put Weld and Everyone Else On Notice, It's His Town Now (0 Replies)

    The people like Weld weren’t expecting it.
    Did you watch the video johnk?

  6. Thank You TBD (2 Replies)

    i’m glad you agree. As you and I both know the Commission is really controlled by the Tri-Lateral Commission which is now made up of an alien (a grey) a member of the House of Saud, and George Bush, Sr.
    And you must be as concerned as I am TBD when the reptoid replaces the grey on the Commission in 2018.
    Thank God you and I are on the same page on this one TBD. Thank God. I’ve been preaching this for years. Finally someone agrees with me.

  7. Hey fenway, you have to pay attention (1 Reply)

    talk about walking into the middle of a movie and talking like you know what it is about.

  8. The specific perjury he was indicted on.... (1 Reply)

    was him saying he did not know specific details of districts.

  9. the us attorny manufatured the perjury... (1 Reply)

    out of a lengthy transcript. Did Finneran know the details of 162 districts. Know. Did he know of some. Yes. He never denied this.

  10. Symbolic? (0 Replies)

    How can you ask reps and senators who voted for casinos to not fix the small stuff like the ATMs.
    The Gaming Commission is corrupt. The Everett license is corrupt.
    Fighting the ATMs makes you guys look like anti-abortion extremists and hurts credibility.
    The only issue left is the corruption at the Commission.

  11. This is no a slip in. (1 Reply)

    this is house keeping. This ATM rule is senseless and won’t help habitual gamblers.
    Debit cards have max daily withdrawals. Credit Cards too.
    This is like trying to ban cell phones. Times have changed.
    To call this somethig being slipped through is an insult to things being slipped through.