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  1. More Unfounded Allegations Ryan? (0 Replies)

    As opposed to “founded” allegations like Arthur T.’s father and later Arthur T.
    committed civil fraud and wrongfully deprived a group of stockholders of hundreds of millions of dollars.
    Ryan, you believe they don’t deserve anything because Arthur T/ worked hard to grow the business and he’s nice to employees. Is that your argument.
    The majority shareholders should not be able to exercise their rights?
    Do you think Arthur T. is legally in the right?

  2. LOL So I You Agree You are Wrong (0 Replies)

    Sorry Ryan, you lose if this was a debate a club. You accused me of lying about the allegations that were never arbitrated.
    Now you agree, right?
    Ryan, how come the business and corporate law that apply to every other shareholder in a close corporation and and every other corporate officer should not apply to Arthur T. and Market Basket?
    Because he’s a nice guy and you believe his cousins are assholes.
    This isn’t Russia, is it Noonan?

  3. Attention Kirth, Ryan, SomervilleTom, Fenway, and HR Kevin (1 Reply)

    Why do you make it so easy for me to show everyone how stupid you are?
    All but one of the allegations in the document I linked to happened in 2013. The document was filed in September, 2013.
    Not “several years ago”.
    These matters were never arbitrated. More shit being thrown around by Arthur T.

    And you want my post deleted because Arthur T. disputed it with a blatant inconsistency.

    Go back to your mothers’ basements and stick with video games, will you please. You’re not equipped to play in real life and this proves it.

  4. I Agree Christopher (1 Reply)

    A founder of a company should never have his company stolen from him by a greedy board.

    Exactly what did Arthur T’.'s dad did to his partner/brother/Arthur S. and family. He stacked the board with greedy people like him and stole the stock his brother earned.
    What would you say if the member of the Walton family who were working for the company (receiving salaries of course) decided that since they do all the work their cousins should not receive stock dividends and other such ownership rights?
    The guys a thief. Just like John Gotti. Gotti was very good to the people in the neighborhood like Arthur T is to his employees.
    The guy’s still a thief.

  5. Who Cares? (1 Reply)

    Need a kickstarter like program to show her there is money pledged from the 99%.

  6. KIckstarter is Grass Roots (1 Reply)

    bot a PAC. Has meaning and will attract regular people.

  7. I Have No Idea What You're Talking About (1 Reply)

    me? a mistake? Good sir, I laugh at that suggestion. Hady-ha-ha

  8. And Let's Ignore the Fact That The Court Said He Stole Hundreds of Millions of Dollars (1 Reply)

    Is he Robin Hood? Is the entire Market Basket experience based on Arthur T spending other peoples’ money?
    Arthur T. could be like the long time trusted bookkeeper who it turns out stole hundreds of thousands over the years but gave most of it away to be liked.
    Maybe that’s what we have here. But what we have ain’t normal my friend.

  9. So Go Back To Work and When it Happens Strike (1 Reply)

    I’ve never seen a strike based on “talk of”. I’ll support a strike and boycott if there are unjust changes. Will the prices and service change.
    Don’t forget the empty stores costing them money.
    No, I’m sorry Ryan, there’s too much special treatment going on and now is the time to work not strike.

  10. I've read no evidence of that. (0 Replies)

    Plus it’s still in the family.
    Arthur T has had years and years to make his employees believe that his cousins are the most evil doers of all time.
    Arthur T. seems to leave bodies in his wake. lawyers, emplyees.
    And it was proved in court he cheated his aunt and cousins out of hundreds of millions of dollars.
    John Gotti was loved in his neighborhood too.

  11. That's My Major Point and That Makes Arthur S. a Selfish, Spoiled, Narcissistic, A-hole (1 Reply)

    One thing. those getting fired have plenty of years in and they have good retirement package that is not affected by firing (like government jobs) Also, I wouldn’t be surprise if Arthur T. is throwing some cash around in envelopes to keep people happy. We’re talking Lowell here people.

  12. Why? (0 Replies)

    Arthur T is a weak selfish man.

  13. The Law is being Upheld Retired veteran (0 Replies)

    The law requires due process to return these kids to where they cam from. So everyone is following the law. You don’t like that law I guess. If you respect the constitution and the Fourteenth Amendment and the oath you took in service to our country you should be out front supporting this move.
    Why not?
    That doesn’t make sense. Your opinion violates the law. And as we all know, two wrongs do make a right.

  14. Hey Hey LBJ How Many Kids Did You Kill Today? Question for retired veteran (0 Replies)

    a few more if any of those little bastards get anywhere near The National Security Mission. Who will protect the National Security Mission? Oh wait, the Chicopee police of course. That’s a local problem.
    And where will our troops train? The base will have to shut down now.

    And the waste of money. If only the liberals spent money in an efficient and transparent way the military when it buys pencils, mattresses, and rifles. And if only they spent money on perks for their bigs hots like the military does for it officers.

    Question for retired veteran: Are you a WW2 vet? Iraq 1? Other than those two wars our military hasn’t one shit. Oh wait, Grenada. We won that one.

    Anyway , I can’t blame you. You joined the military and they did we the taxpayers pay them to do: turn you into tool. They did a great job, and remember It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault, it’s not your fault…

  15. OH SHIT!! Your right (0 Replies)

    Arthur T’s lawyers were corrupt. Arthur T’s side stole hundreds of millions from Arthur S. side and were forced to pay up and not steal again.
    I will do post clarifying and remind people of the interesting history.

  16. Ya know what lynpb? (0 Replies)

    Skip it. This isn’t the forum and if your so busy helping others don’t worry about John.
    But really Jane Bond, asking him on BMG what plan he needs executed tells me you are most likely a pain in the ass and John would prefer if you keep away.

    Your welcome John.

  17. Who said they plan on it? (1 Reply)

    From my reading of the details Arthur faction has been working to take control since they won the law suit. It finally happened. They think he’s a thief.
    You remember the trial don’t you. Three lawyers who represented Arthur S. were DISBARRED from it. Not suspended from practicing for awhile, but DISBARRED.
    Two very big time lawyers. A former assistant U.S. Attorney and partner at a white shoe law firm named Gary Crossen and the former President of Nike (You heard me Nike) and big Jack Kennedy guy (not Ted, but Jack) by the name of Donahue should have been indicted for the shenanigans they got doing to the benefit og Arthur S.
    John Gotti was loved in his neighborhood.
    In the late 80s early 90s we had a big time gangster named “God”. he’s doing life now. They made a movie about him.
    Anyway he was loved in the neighborhood. Paid for Fourth of July parties and all the usual tricks. All with money he stole.
    Arthus S. owes it to his former employees to level with them and tell them to go back to work.
    The new management should start the firing Monday 7:00 a.m.