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  1. I'm no more anonymous than... (1 Reply)

    most people on BMG and other blogs. Only difference is I usually have a point of view different than yours john hosty grinnell, if that is your name.

    And hey, about those anonymous no good so and sos up to no good during WWII? You remember John, the members of the French Resistance.

  2. You Miss One Important Point. (2 Replies)

    One the media never mentions. After the Globe Spotlight story came out the legislature passed and the governor signed probably the most draconian law ever when it comes to pols interfering with jobs.

    Point being the smoking stopped years ago but the Surgeon General still needs to feel important I guess.

    David Bernstein et al use this false argument. We needed the indictments and convictions to stop patronage.

  3. Hey Christopher, (0 Replies)

    rather than a down rating how about articulating a response?

  4. Johnk you are as guilty as the media (2 Replies)

    you say
    “Young denied all mistrial motions, so that tells you something.”
    That statement shows you know nothing of the law and rules of court. Mistrial motions have nothing to do with guilt or innocence.
    You make my case.You, like most readers, are not knowledgable enough to form opinions without some information from experts; Like you do with medical issues.
    Wouldn’t you like to know what legal experts are saying?

  5. Hello Maura, Are You There? (1 Reply)

    I would think your campaign can answer this. This is a related question that is on point with your post and also topical? Can you tell the Blue Mass Group readers if you agree with Martin Walsh’s position on the Beacon Hill wheelchair ramps?
    If not having ramps is in violation of laws wouldn’t the A.G.’s office have jurisdiction to enforce?
    Thank you

  6. I disagree Jim (1 Reply)

    Without citing legal precedent or research but rather his own unqualified opinions is a disservice to the readers.

    Let me throw this at you Jim. Suppose there was an epidemic that hit Massachusetts. Suppose doctors and a huge majority in the medical establishment listed precautions and cures which involved prescribed medications.
    Now suppose the local media refused to report what the respected medical establishment was saying but instead went with the state’s health commissioner who recommended infected citizens cover themselves in leaches.
    The press wrote this in different convincing ways over and over with help from the daft health commissioner.
    Meanwhile, the rest of the medical community is shouting yet nobody will hear them because their opinions, though more worthy than journalists, contradicts the now invested media’s narrative and thus is ignored.
    In other words, there are serious legal questions here which have been raised by many in the legal community and David Bernstein says he disagrees yet ignores their in depth arguments in his amateurish one.
    David promotes leaches.

  7. Wait a second. Ryan, are you out tonight? Atta boy Ryan, atta boy. (0 Replies)

    you can respond when you get in.
    I gotta call your mother. She’ll be so happy to hear the news.

  8. Thanks (0 Replies)

    well if the local police say the need it I’m sure it’s necessary. At any cost.

  9. Hello Ryan, Are You There? (1 Reply)

    I’m patiently waiting for you to point out the lies and such you and others say i have reported.
    My good man, I am waiting your reply.

    Thank you

  10. But good question (1 Reply)

    I went for the smart ass reply before I read the post. What the hell is a fusion center? Doesn’t sound kosher to me.

  11. You're Mistaken Ryan (1 Reply)

    I’ve printed facts about Arthur T. What allegations are “Highly suspect” to you? Please point to them and I will respond in kind.

    Thank you

  12. More Unfounded Allegations Ryan? (0 Replies)

    As opposed to “founded” allegations like Arthur T.’s father and later Arthur T.
    committed civil fraud and wrongfully deprived a group of stockholders of hundreds of millions of dollars.
    Ryan, you believe they don’t deserve anything because Arthur T/ worked hard to grow the business and he’s nice to employees. Is that your argument.
    The majority shareholders should not be able to exercise their rights?
    Do you think Arthur T. is legally in the right?

  13. LOL So I You Agree You are Wrong (0 Replies)

    Sorry Ryan, you lose if this was a debate a club. You accused me of lying about the allegations that were never arbitrated.
    Now you agree, right?
    Ryan, how come the business and corporate law that apply to every other shareholder in a close corporation and and every other corporate officer should not apply to Arthur T. and Market Basket?
    Because he’s a nice guy and you believe his cousins are assholes.
    This isn’t Russia, is it Noonan?

  14. Attention Kirth, Ryan, SomervilleTom, Fenway, and HR Kevin (4 Replies)

    Why do you make it so easy for me to show everyone how stupid you are?
    All but one of the allegations in the document I linked to happened in 2013. The document was filed in September, 2013.
    Not “several years ago”.
    These matters were never arbitrated. More shit being thrown around by Arthur T.

    And you want my post deleted because Arthur T. disputed it with a blatant inconsistency.

    Go back to your mothers’ basements and stick with video games, will you please. You’re not equipped to play in real life and this proves it.

  15. I Agree Christopher (1 Reply)

    A founder of a company should never have his company stolen from him by a greedy board.

    Exactly what did Arthur T’.'s dad did to his partner/brother/Arthur S. and family. He stacked the board with greedy people like him and stole the stock his brother earned.
    What would you say if the member of the Walton family who were working for the company (receiving salaries of course) decided that since they do all the work their cousins should not receive stock dividends and other such ownership rights?
    The guys a thief. Just like John Gotti. Gotti was very good to the people in the neighborhood like Arthur T is to his employees.
    The guy’s still a thief.