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  1. "Since when do we treat every one as a potential terrorist?" (0 Replies)

    How about the TSA?
    How about the people being led out of houses with swat team automatic rifles pointed at their heads like in Watertown?
    How about our tax dollars paying foe the all these law enforcement types with big time toys riding around our streets?
    How about metal detectors everywhere?
    How about the unnecessary hero worship and self-congratulations of law enforcement as part of the propaganda to never question them?
    How about the fact that based on specious terrorist threats the government has made a cash economy obsolete? (Remember when you cash checks places?)
    The lockdown was inching us further. I suppose “Lockdowns” are suppose to become acceptable and commonplace.
    That is what they want.

  2. Scout, Please go back and check stuff (0 Replies)

    Now don’t confuse the ridiculousness the evidence against Whitey for the murders of Callahan, Wheeler, and the two women. Whitey was a bad man. But the feds never told us the truth about.
    Hitler never invaded Australia. If someone says he did and I argue he didn’t that doesn’t make me a Hitler apologists.

  3. Tough life J (0 Replies)

    how do u manage?

    You are making this a false black and white narrative.
    You going to school with the bombers means shit.
    You knowing cops means shit.
    You knowing a few non-poor whites and blacks who got jammed by the cops means shit.
    You have proved Tom’s point by crying over and over about your personal experiences.
    Yet you have not provided one logical point in defense of the keystone cops fiasco.
    Oh wait, you did. You know cops and Muslims and black people. Never mind.

  4. Jim I suggest that by releasing the photos the FBI... (0 Replies)

    knew that there was a possibility that the two would end up dead by an over zealous law enforcement types.

    The Unabomber turned out to be a hermit whose existence the FBI was unaware of. That’s why all they has to go on was a sketch.

    Here the FBI had photos, files, and agents that spoke to at least one of them at least on one occasion.

    What the FBI did is dome in the movies all the time. Get someone rightfully or wrongfully pissed off at someone else and then watch him exact revenge.

  5. Questions (0 Replies)

    Given the same facts would indict Tim Cahill and/or John O’Btien et al as martha Coakley did?

  6. j "it's about me" conway has it wrong here (1 Reply)

    I never used the word conspiracy.
    It was more like leaving shit loads of booze and drugs where teenagers hangout.
    No need to tell them about it. Just sit back and watch.
    Likewise the FBI’s release of the pics.
    But anyway, j’it’s about me’ conway gives carte blanche to break the rules because worldly j “know(s) members of the Cambridge and Boston fire and police departments” , and, (get this)
    “maybe they don’t have to live with the fact that the lead bomber was in their yearbook as (he)does.

  7. Remember, Red Sox Minority Owner is/was NYTimes (1 Reply)

    Jim, do you remember the Tommy Harper MCAD case. It resulted in an agreement with the state, the Sox, and the NAACP. Sox went all out in hiring.
    Sox are probably in violation of it now.
    BTW, all this was the result of a Globe story.

    Since Henry bought the team the number of employees have grown substantially yet no new African Americans and all but two who were there when he bought the team have left.

    BTW Jim, what do you think of Mark Bernstein’s argument below in opposition to my post?

  8. WOW!! (0 Replies)

    Mark, your response is so Larry Lucchino that a full response will be in a separate post. But let me say this my son, you did a good job with the crap they gave you to work with. (“They” meaning the Sox or Larry Rasky, but only a paycheck could have written that)

  9. Good Point kirth (1 Reply)

    I am sooooo guilty of that. But somehow I fot the impression that Cullen was telling people “Jackie” was O’Brien’s real moniker. “Jackie” is more Boston. More Southie. More scally cap, more guy-at-end-of-bar, more dumb-Irish-Catholic-lazy-piece-of-shit, more no-show job, more phony comp case, more racist, more Louise-Day-Hicksish, more….

    When I do it everyone knows made it up. That’s not what Cullen did.
    But maybe I have rabbit ears.

  10. Handled the Appeal (2 Replies)

    she had sole discretion and chose to pursue well after others jurisdictions were releasing and apologizing.

  11. You are right petr (1 Reply)

    It is because Martha is a woman I do not want her in the corner office.
    This has been a come to Jesus moment for me.
    Thank you

  12. I believe they get tax breaks (0 Replies)

    there is a financial benefit for them but they do lose some control. I could be wrong. But hey, me wrong? C’mon.

  13. Correct But.. (0 Replies)

    there are limits on what can be done to the place thus lessening its value. Money needed to build a new park. Because guess what, the taxpayers aren’t contributing a dime to a new baseball stadium.
    Good luck with that when Larry and John sell the thing

  14. What!!!! Coakley Admits to Her Mistakes? (1 Reply)

    Tm Cahill, John O’Brien, paying her sister tens of thousand’s of dollars, hiring her brother-in-law as the office librarian, defending her probation job recommendations for friends, neighbors, and campaign donators, because, unlike the others, they were women and they were qualified?

    That’s dangerous talk from a prosecutor who wields the rawest of power over our civil liberties.
    How about her actions in the Fells Acres trial. Compare that case with how the rest of the country has dealt with aftermath of the slew of wrongful prosecutions of day-care providers based on junk science.
    Martha is alone in defending the prosecution and the junk science.

    So as far as Martha being the apology type I must respectfully disagree when you apply it to a person, like Martha, who does not understand the difference between right and wrong.

  15. Ahh, The Coakley False Narrative (0 Replies)

    Coakley’s campaign is a referendum among the dems for forgiveness. For the learn-from-mistakes- platform. The earned-it-back agenda.

    Hi-jack the narratives before it becomes a referendum on her pathetic career.
    Yet so far none of her Democratic opponents have taken on the elephant in the room. C’mon gang.

  16. Grasshopper, You Raise a Good Point (0 Replies)

    The Massachusetts General Laws are lengthy and detailed. They cover a wide range of issues including criminal acts. But criminal acts are a small part of the laws. Civil laws. Not criminal.

    If an audit was done on how many laws are being violated by government agencies and private entities I would be surprised if any gets a perfect score.

    Point being there are remedies, civil remedies. Injunctions and so forth, to rectify the worst of the accusations against O’Brien et al.