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  1. I Did Write the 4Th (0 Replies)

    see how far their power extends. I’m telling you, these guys are that good.

  2. The Globe's Already Published a Myopic Opinion Piece on the Decision. (0 Replies)

    Who’s this tool Alan Wiszbicki? He works for the Globe and within minutes of Wynn winning the license this opinion piece appears on Bostonglobe.com
    This propagandist picked one small portion of the many legal and factual problems the Everett site has and concluded that the mayor or anyone doesn’t have a caee and they’re idiots for trying.
    Baahaha. The facts that we all know indicate otherwise. The Everett deal has the appearance of being a bag job with a healthy dose of underworld characters figuring into it. The law is very clear about the perception never mind it being fact.
    It really must suck working for the Globe. Talk about being tools. It was one thing when they were tools for whatever self-rightous cause they were promoting but to be tools of Steve Wynn? Kill me now. Right Peter Canellos?

  3. No. (2 Replies)

    the argument is the Dems have created a corrupt system

  4. JUst reviewed this comment. What An Idiot I am (0 Replies)

    Brain fart. Deval was in office four years already I know. Sorry.

  5. Jim, they either saw the film or purposefully did not see it (0 Replies)

    The police had it. The NFL should of had it. It existed and today is unthinkable for a complex like the casino he was in that had cameras everywhere did not have them in the elevators.
    Would Bob Kraft dod a business deal on speculation of what happened in the elevator? Of course not. He’d get the tape and if you told him it didn’t exist he’d assume it showed the worst.

  6. Wrong Petr. Rice was already sentence for this crime (1 Reply)

    Rice won’t be indicted. He was given a pre=trial probation like sentence for this.
    Everyone pretended there wasn’t an elevator cam. That’s how the system including the police, the NFL, and the sports media dealt with this.

  7. Deval had no record when Baker ran against him (4 Replies)

    Coakley had a long run and those that know her history don’t like her.

  8. Oh Striker, u r so cute when you try (1 Reply)

    Martha took over from Harshbvarger and pulled all sorts of crap to keep the Armireults behind bars.
    She even said she would agree to the release of the mother if Tookie changed lawyers.
    That’s scary shit my friend.

  9. 1970s - The Good Ole Days (1 Reply)

    the 1970s. You kid climb a billboard in Kenmore Square and watch a ballgame.
    You could run on the ice after the Bruins won a Stanley Cup and get Rick Smith’s stick.
    Ten people could go anywhere together as long as they had one average American car.

    Kids could leave the house in the morning and not come home til well after dark without ever having to call home or touch base or give parents the truth of what they’re up to.

    At The Boston Marathon, Head of the Charles, St. Patricks Day Parade, Championship celebrations, movie theaters, bowling alleys, street corners, city parks, graduations, work, church, moving car and every place else people could drink as long as they kept it down.

    People didn’t need crosswalks to walk to the other side of the street. They knew getting hit by a car would hurt so they avoided them.

    You couldn’t become a junkie unless you stuck a needle in your arm or went through a whole rig-a-ma-roo to smoke it. Now you can mistakenly think a pill is a Flintstones chewable and boom you’re an addict.

    Store clerks put the coinage in your hand first then counted out the bills when handing change back. Now they hand you the bills without counting then throw the change on top making it awkward to separate.

    And finally kids weren’t raised to be pussies.

  10. Right Tom...Tim Burke Wrote the Burke. Question? (0 Replies)

    former head of Suffolk County D.A. Homicide.

    Hey, anyone know why this blog got taken off recommend list even though it has 9 recommends and was posted after one I did that has 2 yet is still on the rec list?

  11. The the dumbest thing I've ever heard Mark (0 Replies)

    Do me a favor and stop watching those stupid cop shows. They gut you all fucked up.

  12. During the 70s Boston had a serial killer going after "CO-EDS" (2 Replies)

    The headlines said “co-ed” everyday in the papers. The guy was named something like “Louie the Quahog”. It was definitely the quahog. Crazy bastard that had a boat in Revere in I think.
    Lenny the Quahog. That was it. Lenny. Sick bastard.

  13. No Ryan My Blue Collar Schtick is an honest blue collar (0 Replies)

    not phony blue collar which is what the Artie T. thing is.
    I hate neighborhood gangsters who use fear and intimidation to get what they want then throw a block party for the kids.

    This wasn’t blue collar movement it was an attempted extortion that failed.
    Artie T. borrowing 1.5 billion from his sisters, his real estate, and venture capitalists does not make him the winner.
    Now he has to run the store without free reign of money that doesn’t belong to him. He was able to do that with Arthur S. et al. but now he has the 1.5B monthly nut and real businessmen to answer to.

    Artie T. is on a losing track and it will be fun to watch when they throw him the hell out. The workers won’t be going this time.

  14. Quit Lying Ryan (0 Replies)

    In different opinions the SJC has found that
    1. Artie T. attempted to pay an individual two million dollars if he would lie under oath for him. (That’s criminal Ryan)

    2. Artie orchestrated the attempted blackmail of a young lawyer to say something bad about Judge Maria Lopez. (that’s criminal)

    3. Artie T. and his father systematically and over years wrongfully took the 50% interest in the company owed by his dead uncle’s estate.

    These are not allegations but findings by a judge and the highest court in out state.
    So really Ryan, I know you think differently but please don’t lie about it. These aren’t allegations they are proven facts.

    Ryan, you really need to get out of mother’s basement more. There’s a big world out there and it ain’t black and white. That’s why you need life experiences my friend.

  15. Now Christopher.. (1 Reply)

    you know you can’t add anything to the class unless you’ve done the required reading.
    The previous posts citing law cases dictated the thievery and attempted thievery of Artie T.

  16. Wow! Says a lot about you kirth (2 Replies)

    it’s about what’s right is right.

    Why should I care about cancer if I don’t have it? Why should I care about victims of violence if I haven’t been hurt? Why should I care about third world starvation when I’m here in the United Sated? Why should I care about children being educated when I already have my diploma? Why should I care about military families turned dysfunctional because of inhumane multiple deployments and call-ups for political purposes when I’m a civilian? Why should i care about transgenders struggling emotionally, physically, and socially because society hasn’t yet fully appreciated the medical science when I’m not transgendered? Why should I care about Martha Coakley and Fred Wyshak abusive prosecutions when I’ve never been their target?
    Shall I go on Kirth?

  17. Right, it didn't go down like that (0 Replies)

    instead they forced Artie T. to buy it a premium or bale. Now he’s a tool of Wall Street and the 1.5 billion dollar nut will have to come from revenue or costs or both. Lose lose for employees and customers.

  18. Thanks for pointing this out kirth. (1 Reply)

    this strange visitor from his own mind has certainly entered yours.
    It would be nice if you defend your Artie T.-is-jesus-christ position with an articulate position based on facts when addressing his well documented history of blackmail, extortion, suborner of perjury, and devious business partner
    Other than your misplaced glee what can you contribute to the discussion?