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  1. Fair enough Chritopher (0 Replies)

    Your answer answer is a white flag in the Artie T.’s a thief department. Fair enough. You believe Artie T is a thief but big finance people are bigger thieves and it takes one to know one.
    Fair enough Christopher

  2. I see no evidence of that (2 Replies)

    You are saying they are going to chop up the company and sell it off.
    Wrong. They will be run by another successful company that pays employees competitive salaries and benefits. Not talking bag boys and part-time cashiers here but management and others.

    And because Artie is the real one changing the status quo because he doesn’t has the dough to buy the whole thing so he will be answering to creditors for the first time in his life.
    He should have walked away and let the new guys do what they planned which was not a dissolution of the company. That doesn’t make sense.
    None at all.

  3. I don't agree Arthur S. side is full of dicks. (1 Reply)

    I’ve seen no evidence of this. NONE!!!
    Declaring dividends does not a dick make.

    Arthur T.s past misdeeds are directly related to his troubles in getting acceptable financing terms.

    As for Artie T. getting punishment for his misdeeds, well, that has never been my point.
    My point is that this is a nefarious guy with a record to show it yet because he has done a great job of drowning out negative noise the ignorant masses and vast majority of local media have bought into it and carried his water.

    Sucker born everyday j.

  4. Hey Tom, You're on the Clock? (0 Replies)

    You shouldn’t be reading any blogs during work hours.
    Do you work for the government or an entity funded by the government?

  5. Wrong Centralmassdad (1 Reply)

    What EBIII doesn’t understand is that no one, and especially MB employees and customers, give two shits about that.

    The only people that matter are the ones who will be funding Artie T.’s purchase. These past episodes and others we do not know are certainly in the equation for potential investors when negotiating terms.

  6. Sorry Mark but... (0 Replies)

    I’m low bow and a good “blow me? beats obscure foreign language references. I play to the seventh graders out there not the brie and wine crowd.

  7. Wrong Jim (1 Reply)

    The law applies to legislation not executive actions. If it was clear cut it wouldn’t be done. Martha admitted so.
    You examples are ways to circumvent the law. This is different. The law doesn’t apply but Martha want to try a novel approach and say it did.
    Brennan would not have put himself in this position if he thought it violated the law.
    He reported it.

    Also lobbyists are necessary in a free government. It’s not a bad word.

  8. That doesn't make sense Ryan. (0 Replies)

    Under your theory anyone can buy it as long as Arthur S’s side takes a note from Artie T. using the shares they sold to him as collateral.
    Ahh, yeah. I hate to tell you this my friend but it doesn’t work that way.

    You weren’t a business major were you Ryan?

  9. Where's Artie Getting the money? (1 Reply)

    He doesn’t have that kind of cash. Reports are that financing terms are hanging this up and Hannafords is part of the talks

  10. They Will never own 100% (1 Reply)

    They will be partners with Hannafords at best

  11. Tom, Tell Me Exactly What DeLeo Did (1 Reply)

    You are convicted he is guilty of a crime. What exactly did he do which in your opinion are criminal.
    That will make the conversation easier.

  12. Yes (0 Replies)

    and not so sure he couldn’t represent a developer doing a Norwood project.
    It’s state business he has to watch out for.
    Just a dumb move by Harbor Towers and Rogers.

  13. Mistake No. 2 Noted, and Thank you (3 Replies)

    Hmmm, Could of sworn I read they were German.
    What’s worse I have nothing on the Belgium’s. If they were French, well there’s a good 15 minutes of material right there.

    Can anyone out there help with me with Belgium stereotypes?