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  1. Petr arguement is to confuse people like you CentralMassDad (0 Replies)

    Somerville is served exteemely well by the T when compared to other neasr by poorer communities.

  2. It's Like the Billion from the Feds was never there (0 Replies)

    Capuano’s argument is flawed.

    What he’a really saying is,

    “You sons of bitches! I’ve been busing my balls on this thing trading favors and politcal capital because you guys wanted this. Now you tell me you don’t want it. WTF”

    and scene

  3. Brunt of What Drasticly Increased Traffic? (1 Reply)

    Tell me more about that. So this is a mitigation project for a passed hurt expereinced by a few as opposed to a transportaion project for the greater good of the whole community?

    Also, wouldn’t a Blue Line ext help with the historically over-crowded Lynnway and a few other roads? Could you tell me the exactly where in Somerville and Medford traffic would decrease with a Greenline ext.
    I just don’t see it.

  4. Question Tom. (3 Replies)

    From your name I assume you live in Somerville. Currently what are your MBTA choices for getting in town?

    It seems to me that the Somerville Green Line ext. is now only about developers in Union Square and other places who can jack up their already high-priced housing. Instead for walking 2 blocks and taking a bus or walking to an already existing T station Somerville and Medfordites, who can afford to pay the rents can live around the corner from a T station.
    Most will be young yuppies gone long before their kids hit junior high. No roots.
    You want to do a good thing, take a small chunk of the money the state was going to pay for the greem line and let the subways and certain bus routes run until 3:00 or later.
    That would be a big help to the low wage earners, mostly immigrants, without whose help the city would fall apart.

    BTW Boat loads of these people love in Lynn. Send the Blue Line to Lynn.
    Oh wait, we can’t. The line would run next to the existing train tracks. They run over marsh land.
    There’s no place for developers to build along there. Nobody for the powers that to cave to.
    But the GreenLine project. So many of the right people will benefit.

  5. Mikey, this headline is a personal Attack. Against the BMG Rules (2 Replies)

    ‘a sad pathetic excuse of a human being”

    Wow, if that doesn’t break your own personal code of conduct that yu insist evryone follow than what does?

    Are you a hypocrite? Is this evidence of a lack in your ability to think through things logically? Or are you forgetful? Forgetting what you lecture others on?
    I’m worried about you Mikey. Your posts and comments suggest there are some memory and perhals some socializing problems?

    The BMG is a close knit community. Should we call a doctor for you.

  6. Thanks for Letting Us Know This Mike (1 Reply)

    Makes sense to me. Your politicaal hero is a fictional character created by Hollywood with only one thing in mind; profit. They suck people in who don’t know what the real world is all about but believe they do.

    The country is full of them. It’s all about ratings, remember? American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, NCI Cleveland, all crap. American pop culture. Guilty pleasures. We all enjoy them.

    But they are total bull shit. Like all the cop shows. My goodness they are fraudulent. Barney Miller was closest to reality.

    Any way good luck with your ongoing education there MIkey.

  7. It "hole" in the ground Mike. Plus your post breaks BMG rules. Please Follow the Rules (0 Replies)

    Perhaps it is time that someone who doesn’t know the difference between the United States Constitution and a whole in the ground,

    That is a personal attack. No place for that on this blog.

    I strongly urge the editors to suspend you for this. I also think you should take your personal attacks and insult else where. I for one do come here to read juvenile petty outbursts from un-informed and uneducated yet self-appointed enforcer of civility.

    Plus you stink!

  8. ut oh (1 Reply)

    i meant not allow them further use of the data base but access to everything that had up to that point. That’s where the Cliton sleaze came in. Real Roger Goodell like.

  9. Disagree on this point Paul (1 Reply)

    The proper thing to do was for Debbie Wasserman to allow them futher use of the DNC data base but allow them to keep all the info they have up to that point along with the work product they put in to it.

    The fact that campaigns use the DNC data as a foundation to build on means that the DNC cannot deny the campaigns their work product plus the foundation for that work product. The DNC can shut them off from further use.
    That is the appropriate remedy.
    This is an exampe of the sleaze type shit we will have again with a Hillary as president.
    These people hurt regular dems that you and me Paul.

  10. Not the same Porcupine (0 Replies)

    We have a Martha Mitchell situation here. Not so with the dynamic duo from Brockton. Completely different. Different branches. Let the boy run for Stan’s seat when he leaves it or run for rep.
    This guy craves the spot light. No double standard. The media is what the media is and would be all over this if instead of a male it was Stan’s female gal pal. Same age, same quotes, same history, same everything.
    Stan would pronbably be laughed at more but because if the gay factor many feel threatened if they point out the obvious problems here.

  11. Yes, Let Them Eat Cake.... (2 Replies)

    after the full buffet we’ve been feeding them.
    Never enough is it.
    Can yo comment on the main point, that currently this area is well served by public transportation.
    BTW, I forget to mention the Purple line and the buses to Leachmere.

  12. Reddington says it all about creating a perjury charge against her. (0 Replies)

    If she testifies there is not a thing on earth she can say, no matter how truthfully, that Wyshak won’t create an indictment from.
    That is what he does. He manufactures evidence and scripts his witnesses.

  13. Umm, That's Not Vindication Fred... It's What Everyone Already Knew (0 Replies)

    Sure she can delete personal e-mails. And Charles Manson could have sent his roomates down the street to borrow a cup of sugar from Sharon Tate. If that was the truth then Manson would be innocent.
    Problem here is once again Hillary and too cute by half. She wasn’t some mid-level manager at the RMV trying to also run a home with 3 kids and mean-well-but-doesn’t-get-it-husband.

    A President Hillary Clinton is a president that we can’t trust. And that’s based on her record. Like this e-mail shit we have to deal with.

    Let’s not forget the Clinton Foundation and all the international moiney flowing into it when she was secretary of state.

    But if the guy in charge of a state motor pool buys fan belts friom a third cousin Fred Wyshak will indict him.

    I don’t trust this woman at all.

  14. Thanks (0 Replies)

    I think Bill Simmons will tear into the NFL when he gets to HBO

  15. Petr, Please Do Not Comment on My Posts (1 Reply)

    Your comments add nothing and do not follow logic. Please go away. Find someone else to troll.

  16. Tom, Please Don't Comment on my Posts (1 Reply)

    You do nothing but troll me and it takes away from thje debate.