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  1. Affleck is Thing is Uncommon but not Unusual (0 Replies)

    He had the money behind him.
    More likely than not Affleck lost a lot of money when he started out. He got pissed and his competitive juices took over making him play and play and play exercising his mind in the art of counting cards and learning all the idiosyncrasies of ‘the book”.

    Unlike the 99.9% of gamblers who can never match the house or just quit before it gets out of hand If Affleck played black lack long enough, is smart, has a memory better than most, and last and most important, has the money to keep on playing.
    It then became a matter of wager management. Getting on a streak and betting as high as possible.
    Unfortunately we won’t have anyone playing the MA casinos like that.
    I’d want a duck boat parade if I got banned from a casino for beating them at the table.

  2. Watch Out for sabotage!! (0 Replies)

    They will have phony volunteers who will take lists to screw you.

    If possible you want to have as many people in the same place making the calls. With cell phones it is not necessary to have a number of land lines. The group effort is also good for moral, future organizing, and more likely to get it done.
    People with best intentions have to be pushed to follow through.

  3. Petr, You want me disciplined for saying Jimmy Carter sucks as Pres and Ex. Pres.? (0 Replies)

    You are kidding em, right? he did suck as a President. He may have said the things you liked to hear but his execution was juvenile.
    As for his ex=presidency, a strong case has been made by many scholars that the guy is a lone wolf who imposes himself in International affairs far beyond what is acceptable for an ex-presudent and usually not in line with Democrat, Republican or US policies.
    As Barney Fife would say, the guy’s a nut!

    Billy and Miss Lily were cool though.

  4. Jimmy Carter is The Devil so Yes.. (0 Replies)

    this is about accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
    I doubt anyone on BMG would disagree with.
    There is only One True Lord, Mike. REPENT!!!

  5. Jimmy Carter Sucks! (2 Replies)

    He sucked as a president and sucks more as an ex-presient.

  6. The Globe? Bahahahah (2 Replies)

    Give me link if u want to read. Then go ask the scores of people working who Fitzpatrick would deal with during the course of a game and ask if they ever saw him again after Anaheim. The answer is NO. They don’t need the Globe to tell them that.

  7. Nice Try Bob but You Are Still Wrong (1 Reply)

    After the sign incident Fitspatrick never worked again. I don’t care what the Globe reported. THAT’S A FACT! The Sox never let him work again. That doesn’t mean they didn’t allow him to retire. Remember this was just one allegation at the time and years before the world starting showing concern for child sexual abuse.
    Who cares though? The guy never came back to work after Anaheim.
    BTW Funny how the new ownership chose a guy who’s been dead for 20 years (the club counsel) to blame the past on.

  8. Correction: (0 Replies)

    he never came to work again after the sign incident.

  9. Oh Bob, Your so cute when you try and argue (2 Replies)

    I don’t know nor do i care when the sign incident was “mentioned in the press”. Within 24 hours shitloads of people knew about. And who cares how the guy left, he came to work again after the sign incident.
    You confuse cover-up with a private company doing everything it should except calling a press conference announcing they suspect they have a pedophile in their midst.
    And BTW it was just an allegation without even a criminal charge when the Sox made sure he wasn’t working assuring he wasn’t around any more clubhouse kids.
    So what is your beef again Bob/
    And what do you think of John Henry’s record on employing African Americans in non-babseball jobs/

  10. You're talking about Don Fitzpatrick, Bob. (1 Reply)

    Don Fitzpatrick worked for the Sox and moved up to replace Vince Orlando head equipment manager when he “retired”. (see above)
    One day, two or three years after Fitzie got the promotion, the team was in Anaheim. During a batting practice a gentleman sat behind the Red Sox dugout and held up a huge sign that couldn’t be missed.
    It said something very similar to the following:
    “My name is XXXXX. Red Sox Equipment Manager Don Fitzpatrick molested me when I was a 14 year old clubhouse kid in Winter Haven Florida.”
    Fitzpatrick immediately put on plane back to Boston and never heard from again. He had a liken for young African American men and favored them in hiring. Others came forward and with complaints and the Soz settled with all of them.
    The molestation he was accused of occurred in Florida and he was prosecuted down there for it.
    So as for scandal Bob, it’s more like they were ahead of the game and unlike the Catholic Church they dealt with head on and nipped it in the bud.

    This all happened years before the priest abuse changed the paradigm.

  11. There You Go (1 Reply)

    Yawkey listened to the baseball men he hired.

    Higgins may of been a racist but a 1950s white guy using racial slurs is not the problem but a perfect excuse for the ignorant writers of today who use current standards to to judge people of years gone by.
    But, yeah Higgins was a problem. But does that mean Yawkey overruled on him on specific players. If his baseball man said that “this kid Jackie Robinson doesn’t have it” who’s he to disgree.
    Yawkey didn’t scout these guys. He was more of a benign patisie.

  12. I Did Write the 4Th (0 Replies)

    see how far their power extends. I’m telling you, these guys are that good.

  13. The Globe's Already Published a Myopic Opinion Piece on the Decision. (0 Replies)

    Who’s this tool Alan Wiszbicki? He works for the Globe and within minutes of Wynn winning the license this opinion piece appears on Bostonglobe.com
    This propagandist picked one small portion of the many legal and factual problems the Everett site has and concluded that the mayor or anyone doesn’t have a caee and they’re idiots for trying.
    Baahaha. The facts that we all know indicate otherwise. The Everett deal has the appearance of being a bag job with a healthy dose of underworld characters figuring into it. The law is very clear about the perception never mind it being fact.
    It really must suck working for the Globe. Talk about being tools. It was one thing when they were tools for whatever self-rightous cause they were promoting but to be tools of Steve Wynn? Kill me now. Right Peter Canellos?