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  1. Hey Bob, (1 Reply)

    when can I start blogging.
    Defaltegate and the hearing on the injunction the Pats will apply for get soon in Norfolk superior must be addressed.

    For the love of God, man, Tom Brady needs me.

  2. To Sum Up: Stan Rosenberg Wasting Everyone's Time (2 Replies)

    First Off: There is no legislative body closer to the people then the house of reps. It protects us from the elites taking over. There is deep historical and political thought that speaks of the neeed for a house in the federal and stae governments.
    So David Bernstein can take his elitist view of government and his cry to abolish the MA House of Reps and keep it in Virginia, the place he calls home.

    As for Stan the man Rosenberg I have obne question. What are his bargaining chips? Why on earth would the House ever give in to Senate’s wishes to change the rules of the joint committees and change the “money bill” staus quo.
    Oh wait, Blue Mass Group and the Boston Globe say it’s unfair and the House, the closest to the people, should just give up some power because , why again?
    Oh, Stan’s a liberal’s liberal so he is a good person and anythibg he wants is for the good of man.

    Stan Rosenberg has done nothing but insult the House since he became Senate Prez. He wass a failure as a chair of Senate Ways and Means because and so far I see no reason to believe he will be any better as Senate prez.
    He does like the celebrity of the job and that’s not good either.

  3. Great read David. BTW (1 Reply)

    when will I get my posting privedges back?

  4. You all know Cullen is an obtuse fraud from Malden, right? (0 Replies)

    Guy hasn’t had a creative thought since he called figured he could everyone by pretending he’s from Southie and has cred with the darkside of life.

    He doesn’t. he’s just a tool for certain people.

    Everyone knows that, right?

  5. Tim Cruz Should Be Removed (0 Replies)

    It’s patheric that he released these e-mails for no other reason to than to screw her because she had the audacity to testify truthfully and under oath for the defense in a criminal case.
    Cruz’s office is known to be full of nut jobs,
    The prosecution of the day care worker seems outrageous to me. Never been done before and the evidence indicates that underings (who also have mandatory reporting requirements I believe) reported the abuse to her and she reported it to her bosses. Why only her?
    And they’re going after her husband’s police job because he exercised his constitutional right and didn’t cooperate with the police. (But he did lie to them and say his wife wasn’t home when they came to arrest her.)
    This case should come back to bite Cruz in the ass and he should have a solid opponent next election. IMHO

  6. Also "81"members (1 Reply)

    81 members needed to vacate the chair.

  7. Motion to "VACATE" the chair (3 Replies)

    Thta’s “vacate” the chair. Vacate.
    As you were.

  8. Five Questions David (1 Reply)

    1. Why do you mock DeLeo for seeing to it the House the same term limit rules as the seante prez?
    2.. Can you think of any possible valid reason why Speaker DeLeo would favor this?
    3. If DeLeo did support it can you think of any possible valid reason why at least 161 members of the House would still vote for this?
    4. If DeLeo did support this for how long after would he remain as Speaker?
    5. Are you familiar with the term “motion to cavte the chair”?


    because Tom likes to go at with me and after some give and take I eventually tell him to screw? Basically.

  10. I"VE BEEN SUSPENDED from writing posts for3 months because... (1 Reply)

    the the things I said to SomerveilleTom in this thread.
    He complained to the editors and after being bullied kirth, abd SomeervilleTom some more, and Christopher, the reacted.

  11. BTW Mark (1 Reply)

    you phoney poltically correct fraud. Why did your wife have to take kid to work. Why couldn’t you stay home w2ith kid or take kid to your work.

    FRauds, all of you. Frauds.

    carry on.

  12. So Boston City Council Meetings is same as back office (0 Replies)

    sorry mark, this is the same as bringing the kid to pitchers mound. Just the hour or so he’s on the mound. Same aqs council hearing. The hour or so the hearing lasts.
    Not the same as your wife and her private not official public business stint. I’m only talking the hour she was in the meeting.
    Respect fopr council mark. You are selling yourself shot. You would be real happy if you appeared before council trying to ecpalin something very importaqnt to your business/home/client and she’s gut the kid up ther.
    Where do you fit in?

    Don’t be a fool. This is not a parenting issue.

  13. On BMG is main poinnt u make (0 Replies)

    of course on BMG. The blog read by many pussies with testaicles. Helicopter parents. Appearance counts more than anything.

  14. Kevin, the powerful people I attack like Fred Wyshak know who I am (1 Reply)

    and I don’t have the Boston Globe or somother big time publication with lawyers and money to protect me. Guess that makes me a pussy.

    Do you reaaly thin k I care if you or the other gilie men on here know who I am? Like what the fuck could you do about it? Call me a jerk? WoW!

  15. Sorry Tom, (1 Reply)

    Helicopter parents have created a generation of pussies. Big problem at colleges. Openly talked about.

    BTW I just never have been around woman recieving constantr calls and texts from husband reminding her about things she has to do re: kids.

    Howver, I have been with fathersd who get text and called all day long from mom reminding themabout kid errand she doesn;t want him toi forget.

    But you can go ahead a feel good about yourself Tom. Deny reality.

    Glad your femine side kicked in when rqising kids.

    Many a man doesn’t have the chemical make-up you do. They’re stck acting like men.
    Unless of course the mother is a nutjob. We all know those stories. Then the father has no choicer and jumps into the roll. Does it all.
    I’ve seen it.
    But day to day shit. In general the mother knows whats going on and the relevance. Dad knows that mom knows so it’s fine.
    Sorry, i grew up in reality, not a poltically correct cocoon pretending the world is the the way you wish it.