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Check Out The Trailer For Wahlberg’s Marathon Bombing Movie – Over Indulgent Junk With Bad Cliches (including a shot of Fenway Park) and Worse Accents -Anyhow the Trailer Is Fucking Awesome

Colin Kaepernick Needs To Be Copied By Many More – Can The Globe Be Anymore Trashy In Its Needless Reporting Of The Sex Records of the NH Murder Victim?

Tim Kaine Is Chris Christy’s Better Looking, Smarter, and Nicer Brother. Too Bad He’s a Fraud. Don’t Believe Me? Ask The 13 People He Executed

Gearing Up For An Election Pitting Cops, Cops’ Wives, Cop Wannabees, Cop Sniffs, and Trump People v. America

What’s Creepier? The People Speaking At The Republican Convention or The Globe Printing A Story That The Half-Man George Regan Is Suing His Condo Association

New Englanders Owe Roger Goodell A Big Thank You. A Really Big Thank You.

Huffington Post Declares “The Boston Press Has Lost Its Mind”

Let’s Bring Back “Don’t Blame Me I’m From Massachusetts” Bumper Sticker – Indy Car Race Shows Exactly How Lame Boston Media Is

Please Governor Baker, Our State Troopers Need Your Help In Protecting Us From The Bad Guys. The Police Need You To Watch Their Backs

Explaining the McDonnell Decision – Calling Out Mass Bar Association & Martin Healy – Not Sure Even Elizabeth Warren Can Save Hillary