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Donald Never Thought He Could Win – John Oliver Laughs at Dan Conley – Dan Kennedy Epitomizes Lame Local Media – No Need for Bike Laws

Boston Globe Extorting Local Businesses For John Henry and Taking a Page From Half-Man George Regan. Boston College Should Sue Fenway Sports Management

There’s Something Happening Here. But What It Is Ain’t Exactly… Bad

Elizabeth Warren Let Us Down

If This Is The New Order Then I Don’t Want My Kids to Grow Up In It. Time to Move to Canada

Good News First: There is a TV Ad Guarenteed to Win The White House for the Democrats – Now The Bad News: Ain’t Gonna Help Hillary’s Negative Numbers or Bernie Being a Socialist (Democatic Socialist too)

Should The Democratic Party Nominate Someone Who Will Lose the Presidency? Just Asking

In the comments, lodger posits that "emotions are ruling the electorate," and that therefore there's a serious risk of what EB3 suggests - that people who wouldn't normally vote for someone like Trump will do so in order to "blow the whole thing up." A serious risk? - promoted by david

Tell Hollywood, Wahlberg and BPD That We Don’t Want Their Marathon Bombing Movie

Is Mark Wahlberg trying to rewrite history? Why? - promoted by david

Hillary Is The Starting Quarterback Despite Injury

Part of the BMG Super Tuesday Endorsement Blowout. - promoted by david

Okay, Time for the Wahlbergs to Stop Using Boston As Their Personal Cash Cow