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Check Out the Just Released Ray Rice Elevator Knock-Out Video Which Cost Him 2 Games. The NFL Has No Morals

This is a crime. Ernie is completely correct. You can see the video here on Boston.com. Roger Goodell should resign or be fired. UPDATE: Ravens cut Rice, and NFL suspends him indefinitely. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Boston Globe Tells Gaming Commission to Give Steve Wynn Casino License and It Will Give Them Cover. Why? Money Baby, Money. IMHO

I’m Voting for Maura Healy for Attorney General (Yeah You Heard Me Right, Maura Healy)

Baker Getting Ready To Go Sonny Corleone on Martha Come Tuesday Night – Casino Foes Need To Focus on MA Corruption – Would Deval be a Good President?

I agree on gaming tactics: with the second-largest casino in the U.S. just an hour and 40 minutes away the morality argument is hard to make. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Attention Boston Area Back To School Co-Eds: You Don’t Need Your College’s Procedures For Reporting Sexual Abuse. You Need My Procedures.

Is Kevin Cullen In The Tank Again? – Do The Numbers Give Grossman a Chance? – Has Greg Sullivan Lost Touch? – Does Warren Tolman Need My Advice?

Artie T. Finally Gave In. But You Know He Doesn’t Like It

Wynn and Gaming Commission’s End Run on Boston’s Host City Status, With Help From Deval and MBTA Perhaps?

The EB3 Players Present “Big Al Visits The Corner Bar” or ‘Artie T. Earned the Boycott”

Market Basket Deal Being Held Up Because Artie T. Demands Arthur S. Trust Him. Good Luck With That