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Now I Remember Why I Don’t Trust Hillary, The People Around Her, and Her Democratic Sycophants

Calling Out Stan Rosenberg For Blaming Homophobes For The Attention His Obnoxious, Self-Centered, Politically Ambitious Boyfriend Recieves. And BTW He Sucks as Senate Prez. Time To Go

Baker Assigns 67 Year Old Innkeeper to Run Convention Authority; Very Welducci Like – In MA It Is Not ‘Who You Know’ it’s ‘Who You Own’. Right Draft Kings and Wynn and John Henry?

John Henry (a racist?) and The Mrs. Ramping Up The Globe Propaganda For Personal and Financial Gain – Judge Janet Sanders Says Mass Gaming Commission Could Be A Sham – Dan Shaughnessy in Hall of Fame?

ESPN, I Mean The Boston Globe Is Lying About Roger Goodell’s, I Mean Paul Ware’s Investigation of The NFL, I Mean Probation Department and Tom Brady, I Mean Bob DeLeo – Seaport District is Not South Boston

Peter Koutoujian for D.A. – Blue Line to Lynn – We Can Root For The Red Sox Again – Where is Our John Welch to To Go Against Fred Wyshak? – Tax Credits, Duh!

If Ever There Was a Transit Project Not Needed It’s The Green Line Extension

Commonwealth Magazine So In The Bag For The Local Power Brokers That It Prints Their Promotional Material For Free

Fantasy Sports Showing Us How Power Works Once Again – Team Bob Kraft and Martha Coakley

Holy Revenge Batman! Will Catherine Greig’s Criminal Contempt Trial Expose The Wyshak/Margolis Criminal Enterprise?