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New Documentary on Whitey Bulger Trial Points Fingers at Boston Media

This film is getting a good amount of publicity. Should be fascinating to watch how things play out. - promoted by david

Attorney Christopher J. Bulger Acquits Himself and Indicts Judge Robert Mulligan, Attorney Paul Ware and Supreme Judicial Court In Lawyers Weekly Interview

Boston Globe Praises Its Former Lawyer/Gaming Commish Jim McHugh for Being a Legal Genius Then Ends With Evidence of McHugh’s Ignorance

Commonwealth Magazine Teams With Howie Carr – Soccer Is Not About Us Massholes – A.G.’s Race Should Be About Proposed Wiretap Law – Dem. Gov.’s Race Should Be Too – Prof. Moe Nails It

El Prez at Barstool Lost Me As a Fan Today, Turns Out He’s a Just Another Suburban Wuss from Swampscott. What a Shame!

Ron “The Kingmaker” Mariano Tells Martha “The Coldhearted” Coakley: “Don’t Mess With Quincy” – Watch Out Ladies, Gloves Come Off Grossman and Tolman Come Sunday – Alan Dershowitz Called Out

Time For AUSA Fred Wyshak To Investigate Massachusetts Judicial Nomination Process for RICO Violations – Commonwealth Magazine’s Herald Like Reporting of the Probation Trial

The Nine Year Old Fashion Designer Is The Balls! – RIP Zim, A Real Dogman!

IMHO The Feds Released Marathon Bombing Suspects Pictures Hoping It Would Get Them Killed – Sports Radio WEEI Taking Radio to New Heights In the Afternoon

Hey Father William P. Leahy, S.J.! Listen To Me On This, Here’s How You Look Good and Boston College Brings In Money