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Biggest Game of Our Lives on November 4th Against Casinos, Media, Mobsters and Politicians. We Can Beat The Big Boys. Have to Work as One

A strategy is proposed. - promoted by david

Open Thread – Steve Wynn Gets License. 3 −1 Vote. Judge McHugh Votes for Revere

We have a Wynner. Ha - see what I did there? - promoted by david

Globe Editorial Page Editor Peter Canellos Leaving. Another Renee-Loth-I-Don’t-Pimp-For-Casinos Move? Why Today Peter? Why Today?

Law Suits We Can Expect After Gaming Commission Issues License Decision This Week

Pass the popcorn. To answer Ernie's question in the first paragraph, I'm not exactly sure what the hook for federal jurisdiction would be in any of these scenarios. Caesar's sued in federal court alleging deprivations of due process, but lost (the case is on appeal). Diversity of citizenship would also be a possibility for out-of-state corporations suing the Commission.

Also, Caesar's complaint is here. - promoted by david

Hey Charlie Baker! Marty Walsh Just Gave You The Issue To Kill Martha With. You Better Get On It Because Nobody Else Will

Provocative advice from the Sage of BMG. I'll be fascinated to see (a) whether Baker chooses to go down this road, and (b) how Marty Walsh's role in all of this continues to develop. - promoted by david

Whose Side Is Steve Crosby Really On? Yours or the Mobsters? Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Thing Going On At The Gaming Commission If You Ask Me

And how was Mr. Crosby chosen, inquiring minds would like to know. Bumps, and bests, my Joke Revue, sigh. - promoted by Bob_Neer

There Won’t Be a Boston Casino License. Street Kid Marty Walsh Gave The Gaming Commission, Steve Wynn, The Mob, The Globe, and Scores of Downtown Lawyers a Haymaker Today.

Walsh has been very impressive on the casino matter, and the gambling commission so incompetent and shady -- no deadlock, guaranteed! -- they've probably blown through 10-15 points on the referendum, putting the entire future of casino gambling in MA in doubt. Amateurs. Mark Arsenault reports in the Globe. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Gaming Commission Tells Wynn To Build Roads in Boston. Funny, There’s No Casino Proposal in Boston – Jim McHugh Thinks He’s Frank Lloyd Wright

Stop Buying and Wearing NFL Merchandise. Send The Message But Keep It Simple

I’m Calling Out Bob Kraft for Supporting the NFL Commish on the Ray Rice Video. Kraft Is The Problem. Time For Protests At NFL Games