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Please Governor Baker, Our State Troopers Need Your Help In Protecting Us From The Bad Guys. The Police Need You To Watch Their Backs

Explaining the McDonnell Decision – Calling Out Mass Bar Association & Martin Healy – Not Sure Even Elizabeth Warren Can Save Hillary

Globe Ignores SCOTUS Decision on “Honest Services”. I Wonder Why? Oh Right, Fred Wyshak Would Be Mad – Republican/WASP Good Government is Irish/Democrat Corruption – Quiz

Hey Charlie Baker, Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me With These SJC Appointees? Do You Have Any Respect for the Justice System?


Attention 12 Step Folks: A BMGer Wants My Comment About The Mayor Being AA Banned Because I Violated the Code. True?

Three Questions: Aren’t Many Progressive Dems (BMG types) Also Trust Fund Supported? That Would MakeTheir Self-Interest The Same As Wall Street’s, Right? And Doesn’t Hillary Have Strong Wall Street Ties?

WOW! I Point Out There Are Progressives Out There Who Will Vote for Trump and Hilleryites Say I’m a Trump Voting Misogynist

Hillary and Donald Trump Are The Sidney Wicks and Curtis Rowe of Their Parties

IMHO, the numbers of voters that Ketcham describes is very small and unlikely to affect much in November. That said, there remains a faint possibility that the GOP will indeed refuse to nominate Trump, most likely by rejiggering the rules to unbind delegates on the first ballot. Which would throw everything into chaos, per the video at the end of this post (which you should watch as a trip down memory lane). - promoted by david

Bernie Has To Take This to the Convention and Liz Warren Has To Withhold her Endorsement Until After Convention Vote