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Dan Conley Is Lying To Public About Prosecutorial Discretion. He is Dangerous Man and Needs to be Replaced. (Plus He’s Stupid. Really Stupid. Makes Him More Dangerous To The Public)

Don’t Let The Hillary People and The Republicans Fool You, Sen. Elizabeth Warren Is No Sen. Barack Obama. She’ll Win Over Reagan Dems. Establishment Scared to Death

An cogent case for Warren 2016. If Warren runs I suppose we'll finally discover what does happen when an immovable object meets an irresistible force. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Attention Local Charities: Thanks To Stadium Bob Kraft Is Giving More Money Away Than Ever Before. Better Grab When The Grabbin’s Good. Tom Finneran Negotiating With Kraft?

Tsarnaev Trial Raises More Questions Than Answers. Who Is David Margolis? Who Is Winston Wolf? What Is The Justice Department Hiding?

You can read a good write-up of the testimony Ernie describes in the Guardian at this link. WBUR also covered it in less detail. Interestingly, a quick Google search did not reveal any Globe reporting on the embarrassment of this FBI agent beyond some sporadic tweeting. Huh. - promoted by david

Why We Can Have The Olympics. We’re Not Push-Overs Like Vladmir Putin + Ut Oh, Two Clowns Named Mike Moran and Aaron Michiewitz Want The Olympics To Know Who They Are

Hey Elizabeth Vizza and the Other Elistist Snobs Running the Boston Common, Shut-Up You!

Liz Vizza is the Executive Director of Friends of the Public Garden. According to The Globe, "Vizza said the Friends of the Public Garden aren’t against bringing the Olympics to town, and they welcome an open dialogue about alternative ways to use the parks if the city is picked to host the games." - promoted by Bob_Neer

OMG, I Can’t Believe What a Bunch Of Whiney Selfish One-Dimensional Prune-Face Bunch of P*****s This Backwater Jerkville We Call Boston Has Become. Bloody Embarrassing Ole Chap. Calm Thoughts on Snow and The Olympics

If This Video Gets 100,000 Views $15,000 Will Go To Special Needs Kids and Wounded Vets Playing Sled Hockey & BTW It’s Laugh Out Loud Funny

Hey Ipswich Firefighters, You Suck! – Put the T in Receivership

Is Snow a Game Changer in Mass Politics? State Reps Better Watch Their Backs – Tsarnaev Venue + O’Brien Appeal + John Connolly Getting Out = Moakley Couthouse a Joke

Ernie poses an excellent question re Tsarnaev: if this case doesn't warrant a change of venue, what case does? - promoted by david