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OMG, I Can’t Believe What a Bunch Of Whiney Selfish One-Dimensional Prune-Face Bunch of P*****s This Backwater Jerkville We Call Boston Has Become. Bloody Embarrassing Ole Chap. Calm Thoughts on Snow and The Olympics

If This Video Gets 100,000 Views $15,000 Will Go To Special Needs Kids and Wounded Vets Playing Sled Hockey & BTW It’s Laugh Out Loud Funny

Hey Ipswich Firefighters, You Suck! – Put the T in Receivership

Is Snow a Game Changer in Mass Politics? State Reps Better Watch Their Backs – Tsarnaev Venue + O’Brien Appeal + John Connolly Getting Out = Moakley Couthouse a Joke

Ernie poses an excellent question re Tsarnaev: if this case doesn't warrant a change of venue, what case does? - promoted by david

Scot Lehigh Says Blizzard of ’78 Was Tougher to Clean Up Than The Three Storms We’ve Had. HMMM

I tend to agree that Lehigh's comparisons to the Blizzard of '78 are silly - and, if anything, show the city's efforts this year in a good light. 1978 was one really really bad storm. This is multiple bad storms with very little time in between. Yet, in 1978, the city was shut down for two weeks, for heaven's sake. Also, some MBTA equipment (Red Line in particular) that was running in 1978 is still running today, but it was almost 40 years younger then. - promoted by david

Compare Charlie Baker to Marty Walsh During Snowgate, Shall We?

Reporter Jan Ransom Uses Space Savers to Explain Boston Globe’s Unadulterated Dismissiveness of Local Working Class Better Than Anyone Else

Winners, Losers, and Loozahs in Demolition of Speaker Term Limits

One woman's take. - promoted by Bob_Neer

When it Comes to Credibility and Entertainment John Henry’s Sports Page Can’t Compete With Dave Portnoy’s Web Page.

Bad Song + Jim Braude + Shut-Upgate + Deflategate = A Big Nothing