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The 2014 Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Results, By the Numbers

Great, great stuff. Campaign strategists, take note! - promoted by david

The Progressive Case for Steve Grossman: Another Voice

Another helping of Grossman. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Big Win: 10th Circuit U.S Court of Appeals Upholds Decision Finding Utah’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

The 2014 Mass. Democratic Convention: My 2 Cents

I don't want this point to get lost, from the other side of the fold:
"3. I also won't join the chorus characterizing the Worcester delegates as "insiders." That's just lazy journalists pandering to lazy voters. Some of them, many of the ex-officio for example, are indeed "insiders." Others, especially this year, are anything but. Many of Berwick's supporters are first-time delegates who haven't been involved in local politics much. In some places, in fact, the Berwick people packed the caucuses with sufficient numbers that local Democratic committee officers were not elected as delegates. Some of those Berwick people, idealists who've voted Green for years and aren't involved with the local Democratic committee at all, would be pretty surprised to hear themselves characterized as "insiders." In any event, from my own experience moving back to Massachusetts after years away, it's ridiculously easy to get involved and be deemed an "insider" by some journalists. A willingness to show up at meetings and knock on some doors will suffice in most cases."
I had a conversation with a Berwick supporter who was a first-time delegate from western MA -- just basically strolled right into the system and got elected a delegate. To refer to these folks -- volunteers, idealists, people trying to make a difference in their communities, jes' folks showing up -- as inscrutable, shadowy "insiders" is inexcusably lazy journalism. I'll bet Scot Lehigh sat in there, listened to the speeches, and then went and wrote the column he was going to write anyway. That's a disservice to anyone who pays for the Globe. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

House Passes a Minimum Wage Bill, But It Falls Short (Updated)

A Modest Proposal: Let Us Resolve Publicly to Leave Behind Us the 2010 Senate Race

Raising the Minimum Wage in Massachusetts – An Update

About That “101.8% Tax” New Jersey’s Imposing on Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl Pay…

Caucus season’s a-coming – who are your candidates and why? (UPDATED)

It's never too early! :) - promoted by david

Which “Tea Party” tactics should be out-of-bounds for the Left?

Well worth a read! - promoted by david