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To What Extent, If Any, Does BMG have a “Liberal Blind Spot”?

Sunday think piece. To partially answer GGW's question, I'll quote our rules, which have been pretty much unchanged since we started the site in 2004: "The purpose of Blue Mass. Group is to develop ideas that will invigorate progressive leadership in Massachusetts and the nation. Robust debate is an important means to that end. We welcome bold, constructive observations." We've always welcomed differently-winged contributors, some of whom have been with us since the very early days. - promoted by david

Warren’s first (?) official-ish act

Hey Suffolk? Want a do-over on Florida?

2 Paths for Obama Squeaker

Will People’s Pledge Win This For Warren?

How Might Warren and Brown Target Independents?

The dichotomy in the polling has to be seen as a huge opportunity for Warren. How can she best capitalize? - promoted by david

Rick Santorum leading in national polls? Really?

Just when you thought the GOP primary couldn't get any more embarrassing... - promoted by david

MarkBail, here’s your second charter school diary

Four Questions for BMG

Hub Killing Spree (reprise from 2006)

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