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Question for AG and other candidates

Disclosures For Newer Posters

Recuse don’t Excuse

Congressman Lynch

International headlines – Russia takes down US Drone

Holyoke St. Pat’s Day Parade – “Happy!”

BBJ Exposes MGC

Revere votes tomorrow on whether to invite Mohegan Sun into their town. Disclosure: I am working with the Repeal The Casino Deal legal team. - promoted by david

Senate President Therese Murray Stepping Down

Big change in the Senate! - promoted by david

The Politics of Sochi

A fine Sunday diversion. My own view: all things in moderation. The Olympics should be primarily about the athletes - they have worked hard to get there, and each country is justly proud of its representatives. But, at the same time, by undertaking to host an Olympics, a country knowingly shines a huge international spotlight on itself, and it seems silly to ignore what the spotlight shows. If Putin didn't want everyone looking hard at Sochi and thousands of people checking into half-built hotels, well, he didn't have to host the Olympics. All's fair. - promoted by david

Pressley Moving and Shaking

Our old friend Garrett Quinn has the scoop at MassLive!

Oh, also: Ayanna for President. This is such a no-brainer. - promoted by david