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Congrats to BMG and johnk

Would Pres. Romney cut Medicaid funds for program Gov. Romney asked for?

This is a great question. Someone should ask Romney. - promoted by david

GOP Legislators Draw a Blank on Fiscal Policy

Scott Brown, Voter ID backer, decries “insult” to discrimination victims

Next Week on Beacon Hill: Webster v. Webster Smackdown

Hilarious - a perfect example of the incoherence that is the Massachusetts Republican party. - promoted by david

Scott Brown’s Buffer(in) Zone

A Tsunami of Truthiness: Anatomy of one House of Representatives Debate

Good comments below the fold. More debate does not necessarily = better debate, but that's democracy for you. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Clark Rockefeller Republicans

This is really fabulous. Encapsulates very nicely the myth of the "moderate Republican," which really no longer exists in any meaningful sense. - promoted by david

Scott Brown’s Tin-Ear-Marks

And who could forget Brown's decision in 2001 to support taxpayer dollars for a golf course in Norfolk, while in the same month voting against financial aid to 9/11 rescue workers because we couldn't afford it? - promoted by david

When Scotty met Mitty (for like the umpteenth time!)

Another fabulous find from the archives, by Hester. - promoted by david