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Field Notes from the Constitutional Convention

This Wednesday at the State House: First Vote on Millionaires’ Tax

Sen. Bruce Tarr’s Take on the Transgender Bill: Paperwork Can Resolve This Controversy

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Senate Charter School Debate Today

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What Drives Us Crazy about Chad Gifford and Bank of America

Another Progressive Dem Gets Primary-ed

Bumped -- for the self-introduction sent in by candidate Mike Bloomberg, which we appreciate. Candidates' comments always welcome. - promoted by hesterprynne

Transparency in the House of Representatives: “If it’s good for the Goose…”

Bumped, because we had the scoop. The new edition of Commonwealth Magazine, out today, features a story about House Speaker Bob Deleo's vise-like grip on that chamber, with a lengthy for instance detailing how a Republican amendment cutting back on a bill to reduce civil penalties for drug convictions came to be adopted with no debate whatsoever. BlueMassGroup hates to brag, but we had that story a month ago. Plus, our story included the video. - promoted by hesterprynne