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Governor Baker Will Appoint a Majority of the SJC in the Next 21 Months

Important. - promoted by david

Outstanding Achievement by a State Agency in Evading the Public Records Law: The Award Goes to…

The Deal on the Repeal

News you can use. Find out how to reach your state rep at this link. - promoted by david

The GMO Labeling Bill: Doing Nothing is Doing Something

My general view is that it's hard to state a strong case against the disclosure of accurate information. That said, the left does need to be careful not to get carried away on GMOs, IMHO. - promoted by david

Who’s Going to Get Fulfilled at Amazon’s New Fulfillment Center?

Food for thought, delivered instantly. Any real profits from the center's operations will flow to Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered. Then again, the center won't have many of the social demerits charged to another recent much discussed source of new jobs: casinos. - promoted by Bob_Neer

The Bond Between War and Football: It Started Right Here

Honoring Veterans (By Accusing Others of Dishonoring Them)

Draft Wolf

OK. Wolf's decision not to contest the ethic's commission's absurd decision does not speak well to his political fortitude, but America is the land of second chances. - promoted by Bob_Neer

The Dog Ate My Homework: Water Conservation Edition

Heads up. - promoted by david

The Making of the Sales Tax Holiday, 2015

In which the whole sorry mass, like an excised tumor, is laid out for public inspection. - promoted by Bob_Neer