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The Coming Impeachment Battles

"Impeachable" is scarcely even a question. "Impeached" is another thing altogether. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

The White Working Class, Authoritarianism, and the Future of the Democratic Party

Another interesting discussion. Jumps off from Bob's post on Thomas Frank's theory that a populist backlash against liberalism is going on. Should progressive Dems try to win back our authoritarian-leaning siblings in the interests of greater numerosity or should we say goodbye to them in the interests of greater ideological coherence? - promoted by hesterprynne

Key Numbers for Super Tuesday

I have never quite believed people who say that they made an electoral decision on the day of the election (I made my mind up early for Obama in the 2008 primary), but I may be turning into one of them. The arguments for both Clinton and Sanders that their BMG supporters have made strike me as equally persuasive -- today I've been boomeranging between Bob and Charley's endorsements of Clinton this morning and Rye's endorsement of Sanders this afternoon. So here are some polling predictions and other useful information for Super Tuesday (I also recommend paulsimmons' latest WonkPost). These numbers are leading me to conclude that Clinton most likely will have the nomination wrapped up tomorrow, and so I should send her an anti-corporatist message and vote for Sanders. But it's only 6:00. (Plus I am unenrolled and so I could pull a Republican ballot, but I would have to leave it blank, and that seems pointless.) - promoted by hesterprynne

A Good Day for Equality, Perhaps, but a Bad Day (and Past Few Years) for American Democracy

"Keep an eye on the big picture." It hasn't been such a great two days for equality if you're trying to vote in a Southern state. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Thanks, Tim Wakefield, for a Great Red Sox Career!

A giant, now and forever. - promoted by Bob_Neer

The Problem with Recent Criticism of Obama

A debate well worth having. - promoted by david

Fixing the Budget

(BMG and the mission civilisatrice. - promoted by Bob Neer)

- promoted by Bob_Neer

MA Unemployment Drops Again

(A small crack in the Red Wall of Silence? - promoted by David)

- promoted by david

Charlie Baker – Running on Fumes

Progressive Rhetorical Failure and the Decline of Faith in Government

(Cambridge management slammed in the comments. - promoted by Bob Neer)

- promoted by Bob_Neer