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Cambridge pre-K/K teacher: My job is about testing and data. I quit.

A sad commentary. - promoted by david

Walmart’s interesting choice of music

Sweet Caroline?

A little empathy for the cynics

BMG performance

Stanley Cup Final Game 1

1-0 for the good guys after 1. Rask is a monster (in a good way). LET'S GO B'S!!
Bumped. 2-1 B's after 2. - promoted by david

MA House – Any update on leadership bill today?

For the real devotees, the live-stream is available here. You can also follow along on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #NoJWM ("No on the Joint Ways & Means bill"). - promoted by david

The media appear bored with the Senate race

Another TV met mentions climate change

" An undeniable link in the cog has been established. And we're left to wait it out", says Bouchard. Very interesting. Climate change = "Global weirdness" in a lot of ways, not simply warmer for everywhere at all times. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Kerry confirmation vote set for Tuesday, 1/29