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  1. Opinion vs. Facts (0 Replies)

    Charlie: Lets keep opinions separate from the facts. VMT is not a “tracker plan”. That sloppy sound bite distracts people from the discussion we need to have. VMT does not track or retain origin and destination data – it only logs miles traveled on specific roads – anyone can google the results of the significant pilot program implemented in Oregon – VMT didn’t “track” anyone’s origins and destinations. I don’t mind having a debate about VMT but I do mind debating it on a false premise. Lets stick to the facts please.

    Also I want to get your income tax idea straight: if I take commuter rail, I get a fare increase (in 2012) and an income tax increase (in 2013). If I drive my car the same route I just get the income tax increase. I think that is how your idea works. Do your readers/bloggers view that as transit friendly, or progressive thinking?

    Jim Aloisi

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