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Christie Won’t Release Results of Pay-to-Play Investigation of Charlie Baker’s Firm

Gosh, you guys are such cynics. I'm sure the Nov. 6 thing is totally coincidental. - promoted by david

Senator Warren: The Game Is Rigged

Great stuff. And she's not running for President, for God's sake. One does wish the media would get over that particular obsession. - promoted by david

Uber: Surge Pricing, and an F from the Better Business Bureau

Fascinating analysis from former UberX driver doubleman in the comments. ... - promoted by Bob_Neer

Coakley for Governor: The Small Differences That Matter

Noteworthy. - promoted by david

Clinton Aides Follow Reporters to the Bathroom

Casinos and Collateral Political Damage

Intriguing counterfactuals for your Sunday cogitation. On a related topic, don't miss the amusing front-page story about Steve Wynn in today's Globe. Wynn promises an endless fount of hilarious quotes as long as he's building a casino here. Today's gem, about when Wynn's project won the Boston license:
When he finally won, “I turned to my wife, [Andrea,] and I said, ‘Oooh, Mohegan Sun, tough day.’ ”
That said, I respect Wynn's view on the casino ballot question. He's consistently welcomed it, and he did so again in today's article.
[H]e said he is glad the question is on the ballot. “If there is a vocal group that is antigaming, that has to affect regulators and everybody else, whether they admit it or are aware of it or not,” he said. “It colors our presence. The idea that the citizens of Massachusetts are actually going to speak on the subject makes life simpler.”
- promoted by david

The Progressive Case for Steve Grossman

Here you have it. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Globe Endorses Maura Healey for AG

Uber Hires David Plouffe

Hilarious. We can all look forward to David Plouffe bringing the full firepower of the Obama campaign machine to the next public meeting of the Cambridge Licensing Commission. - promoted by david

Call Me a Cab