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Expand Democracy by Eliminating the Electoral College

Let's make the Senate population-based, like the House, and impose term limits on Supreme Court justices, while we are at it. The Constitution badly needs updating to make it more democratic. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Senate Map 50-50 Without New Hampshire

Debate Predictions Open Thread

Moderator is a Republican, so we can expect a healthy dose of misogyny, racism, and rich-get-richer economics from him, if the party's nominee is any indication. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Look, All I Ask Is that the Democratic Party Be as Good as the Patriots

Senate 50/50

“Phantom Donations” Made by Trump Foundation

Both Candidates Slightly Nicer to Press

Privacy for All: No Body Cams for Cops

Open Thread: Primary Eve

At the water cooler ... - promoted by Bob_Neer

Clinton’s Not-Yet-Scheduled Press Conference