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I Think the Gloves Might Be Off

What’s the Counterargument?

Open All the Primaries

This is an important issue. In principle, I have no objection to closed primaries. Why is it, exactly, that a person who chooses not to enroll in a political party should nonetheless have a say in deciding that party's nominee? However, the ridiculously early deadlines in NY, and other reported problems there, are serious cause for concern. - promoted by david

New York

Bumped, for the results. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Meta Open Thread

Gun Positions of the Remaining Candidates

This issue was an important reason I voted for Clinton over Sanders in the primary. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Easter 2016

100 years ago. - promoted by david

The GOP Convention Decides

Much popcorn will be consumed watching this year's GOP convention. - promoted by david

Time to Pivot

Clinton Leads 660 to 457