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  1. Then again ... (0 Replies)

    Maybe “Deliberately cozying up to Russia” is enough.

    Denis Voronenkov, who fled Russia last October and has criticized President Vladimir Putin’s government, was killed in Kiev Thursday, in an apparent assassination that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is reportedly calling “state terrorism.”


    When he fled Russia, Voronenkov did so along with his wife, Maria Maksakova, who was also a former lawmaker. She was seen at the site of her husband’s killing today, being restrained by police and emergency workers.

  2. Nunes should recuse himself (0 Replies)

    As several people have pointed out, the investigation is heavily focused on the transition team, on which he served. His conflict is at least as direct as the one that made Jeff Sessions recuse himself.

  3. Hmm (1 Reply)

    I concede that I may be understating the case. That’s sort of the point.

    Could you elaborate on this?

    several federal laws and constitutional article subsections

    As President, Trump makes the foreign policy. Why would it violate the Constitution for a candidate to ask the party to change the platform to reflect his view?

  4. Pointless comment to draw attention to my post (0 Replies)

    Or is a comment to draw attention to my pointless post?

  5. I support all primaries against everyone (1 Reply)

    As a matter of principle.

    I think Manchin is (sort of) playing a game. He’d probably have an easier time as a Republican, but he runs as a Democrat and (usually) votes with us because … I don’t know why, but presumably something sincere.

    What I would do as Benevolent Overlord is not challenge him but run a candidate in every race downticket from him in the hopes of base building, but if someone wants to challenge him, more power to them. Primaries are healthy, we have become weirdly superstitious about them in the last 15 years or so.

  6. Sure (1 Reply)

    Say you’re Joe Manchin, and your identity is “anti-Obama Democrat.” Your opponent says “Joe Manchin says he’s independent, but he votes with the Democrats 99% of the time.”

    If Manchin can point to a high-profile “bipartisan” vote, like confirming Gorsuch, that charge is still made but it doesn’t quite stick. And Manchin can defend it to Democrats that object by saying that Gorsuch would have been confirmed anyway.

  7. Worth noting (1 Reply)

    Dem votes don’t matter. If it comes down to it, they will rewrite the rules to pass Gorsuch.

    So any Senator who votes “Yes” is doing so for political reasons, maybe to inoculate themselves against GOP attacks.

  8. I agree (1 Reply)

    I could add that “It’s the economy, stupid” didn’t help … but that probably wouldn’t help the discussion.

    Tom Birmingham put it better: “We’re a society, not an economy.”

  9. "Lines" are not the issue (0 Replies)

    There is speech, and there is action.

    At the same time, I think we need to think very carefully about what constitutes “speech”, “action”, and then associated things like “treason”.

    Fair enough.

    If the text is computer software — say a piece of malware that will be used to target Americans and American infrastructure — is that text “speech” or “action”?

    It is quite clearly action, if the software does something and has an intended target.

    I think that this distinction between “speech” and “action” is much harder to draw today.

    No; it’s much more important, because the world is more complex, but it’s just as easy to draw as it ever was.

    What does “aid” and “comfort” mean today? Is knowingly passing credentials of a secure server to a Russian agent treason

    Yes. Quite clearly yes.

    Is knowingly using information stolen from a breach of a political opponent “treason”?

    Probably not, but it is “collusion” with a hostile power.

    Suppose the Donald Trump campaign and now family and staff is — for whatever reason — doing the (indirect) bidding of Vladimir Putin. Does that cooperation constitute “aid and comfort”? Is Russia an “enemy”? How about China?

    Yes, it does constitute aid and comfort. Russia and China are not enemies but they are adversaries. We’d rather that people didn’t help them. As to whether that’s treason, that’s why we have courts.

    But Trump, even as President, can say nice things about Putin even though they make no sense. That’s called free speech.

  10. Baker has backed off this (0 Replies)

    WBUR reported today that he plans to keep weekend service, after the public outcry.

  11. I'm baffled by this discussion (0 Replies)

    Why do we need to group horrible things? We can hold two horrible episodes of history in our heads at the same time.

    In my experience racists find cover wherever they look for it (cover that satisfies them anyway). The truth will set us free.

  12. Well (1 Reply)

    Are you reacting to this by any chance?

    I think it’s enough to say slavery was slavery. I agree that we’ve romanticized it too much (romanticized the South, anyway), but that doesn’t happen as much as it used to.

    Also, we did have genocide in this country.

  13. ^ (0 Replies)

    “the heart” of our system.

  14. In a word (2 Replies)


    Free speech is a pain in the ass sometimes, but it’s heart of our system.

  15. Comey confirms investigation (2 Replies)

    … of Russian meddling, and collusion with Trump campaign, according to several sources.

  16. That said (0 Replies)


    I encourage everyone to watch the video. It’s like he forgot where he was and what he was supposed to do.

  17. No she isn't (0 Replies)

    She’s barely hanging on to Germany.

    I don’t like it either, but Donald J. Trump is still the leader of the free world.

  18. Oh my (1 Reply)

    Never thought I’d see the day, and here we are.


    Wow, hard to admit it. But it’s true. We are no longer the leader of the free world and to my mind, been on this path for many years.

    Which is it? You never thought you’d see the day, or we’ve been on this path for many years?

    (Ask Merkel if she thinks she’s leader of the Free World, by the way. I’ll bet she says no.)