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Transition at Mass Dems as John Walsh to Step Down

Young Democrats to honor Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Ellen Story, and activist Harmony Wu at Roosevelt After Dark fundraiser to support Emerge Massachusetts

What type of Democrat[s] are we?

Obviously I agree with this. Lynch is famously "pro-life", of course. But it was his dithering, incoherent, and embarrassing Hamlet act on health care which sticks in my craw especially. It was as if he just really Couldn't. Figure. It. Out. That's not what we need. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Why I volunteer, and why I believe you should join YDM’s Youth Boots program. A #Demdoors diary

“I believe in an America…”

Elizabeth Warren to Keynote Young Democrats Convention May 26th

There are an estimated 300,000 Young Democrats in the Commonwealth and as of 2010 474,798 Republican voters who were less mature. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Breaking: The Scott Brown Radio Report. Money to spend, but nothing to say.

In a related story, today's Globe reports that the Brown campaign paid Brown's daughter Ayla nearly $10,000 to perform at three campaign events. Now, Ayla is a professional, and I (of all people) certainly do not begrudge her being paid to sing. Nonetheless, it's a bit eyebrow-raising that (a) she doesn't choose to sing at her dad's events for free (and I'm sorry, but campaign manager Jim Barnett's lame explanation that it's not about Ayla but rather about her bandmates is, well, lame), and (b) Brown's campaign donors are now expected to subsidize Ayla's music career. - promoted by david

SOTU Watch Parties

Republican political aide in Maryland guilty of voter fraud.

Well, I guess voter fraud does happen after all - just not in a way that "Voter ID" laws will do anything about. - promoted by david

Be a Champion for Equality.